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Mint Valley Elementary School Locking Kids In Padded Rooms Like Prisoners

(Thomas Dishaw) If you don’t believe the public school system is turning into a prison, think again. Children at Mint Valley Elementary School are locked in padded rooms that look like jail cells; training your son or daughter to become accustomed to the prison industrial complex. Thanks to concerned parents, this has become a national story.


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If a private daycare did this they would arrest the owners.

We should arrest the school administrators that funded this room.

- Misappropriation of funds.

- Locking kids in a closet.


I know some special needs kids

who would run into the box to get away from over-stimulation. Everything outside that box is "aversion therapy" to them. So, I might at first conclude you don't know until you've been there, but...

Then they used a very specific term like "aversion therapy" to refer to that, they are using it for punishment because they clearly don't know what the word "aversion therapy" means. What aversion therapy really means and what they are doing is nothing like providing a child a quiet place, with lots of carpeting and nothing breakable to calm down.

And I don't see enough room in there for their aide so I know for sure they had nothing but ignorant plans for it.

Defend Liberty!

This reminds me of a story from my elementary school

Back in my elementary school we had a room in the office called the "white room." It was a very small room probably 6 by 6ft, and was completely white with a single chair and desk in it. If any student got in trouble the teacher would usaly send them to the office where the principle would tell them to wait in the white room. Well one day I was sitting in the office waiting to talk to the principle; (I was a little bastard back in the day) when out of nowhere a division representative came into our office and asked to look around saying he was from the school board. He walks past the room and asks whats this? My schools dumbfounded secretary tells the man what it is and to my amusement the school board rep was infuriated by her response. He goes off saying this is totally not allowed and how could you do this to your students.

Thought I'd add that in for amusement

Basements of Public Schools?

Are there dungeons down there as well?