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Confessions of a RINO

As the loosely organized Tea Party emerged onto the national scene in advance of the 2010 midterm elections, hard-core conservatives mounted pressure on the less ideologically pure Republicans. As in decades past, the pejorative term ‘RINO’ was widely used to convey that certain party members were Republicans in name only.

I myself used the label when opposing the re-election efforts of former (woo!) Senator Bob Bennett during that same election cycle. Bennett, an establishment Republican whose constitutional infidelity was quite pervasive, was considered an early scalp taken by the Tea Party as they attempted to flex their newly discovered political muscles. Conservative purists countrywide began a coordinated campaign to purge the Republican Party’s ship of its moderate, big-government barnacles.

The RINO term was quite applicable in these circumstances, describing those who were members of the party though were ideological apostates from its platform. In 2010 and before, I called others a RINO. Since that election, however, I have come to realize that I myself am a RINO.

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Most "hard-core conservatives" are paid puppets themselves.

Show me a "hard-core conservative" and I will point you to where his money comes from.

The same is happening with Koch Libertarians. They are attempting to infiltrate YAL and C4L with people who are paid to lobby us on behalf of the Koch funded organizations.

The Koch funding is used to overemphasize certain issues and to set us up to drive wedges between us.

If you have people involved in your local YAL and C4L groups who brag of being sent to you from other groups then ask them the names of those groups and ask them who pays their salary? Ask them who funds the organizations that pay their salaries to travel around and act like libertarians.

These are the very people who purport to hate Rand Paul and speak hate while falsely pretending to praise Rand's father.