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Movie Video clip - WWII Soviets executing Japanese POWs


Gulag Camps - forced to fight NAZI's

Where is that New Jersey professor? ...

"the battlefield is khakov, the soviets practically use POW/slaves as human shield to fight against the NAZIs before they build enough T34/76 at urals/siberian manufacturing plants to fight against the nazi"

One of the comments there.

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Japanese military people

Japanese military people during that time were just as monstrous, if not worse. Gang raping women, tying people up to stakes and ripping their colons out with long wooden sticks while they're still alive, literally eating human organs after killing them. Part of their training was to kill live rabbits by biting them, like savages or something.

Must be...

an Asian thing of the period.

ie. Soviets/Russians were/are mostly Asians.

The Soviets used human shields. That is despicable imo.