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10 Insanely Overpaid Public Employees

1. Kevin Broadus, who had a five-year $1 million contract, was let go from his job as head coach for little-known SUNY Binghamton men’s basketball team in 2009 over an ethics scandal. He sued the school for discrimination, and received a $1.2 million buyout to drop the suit. Taxpayers got to pick up all the legal bills too. In June, Broadus was hired as an assistant coach at Georgetown, where he has worked previously.

2. Head of Medical Center for The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - C. Kern Wildenthal $841,557

3. Chancellor - University of Texas - Even with budget cuts, Chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa hasn’t given up his fat salary. The total cost to employ Cigarroa in 2009 was $813,892.

4. Prison Doctor, Jeffrey W. Rohlfing $784,596 High Desert State Prison, CA (In 2004 Rohlfing earned a mere $132,854. His pay hike is especially surprising since Rohlfing was put on probation for five years in 1997 after being found guilty of unprofessional conduct and impairment due to mental illness.

5. Prison Psychiatrist - Fong Lai - $737,057 Stockton, California. Even in prison, shrinks rake it in. Of the $737,057 that Fong Lai received in 2010, $594,976 was for more than 2 1/2 years worth of unused sick time.

6. CEO and vice president hospital affairs - Steven Strongwater - $721,043. Stonybrook Hospital, NY. Running a university hospital makes Steven Strongwater the fourth-highest paid employee in the state, earning six times what a physician at the hospital makes.

7. Prison Dentist - Timothy Malan $621,971 Avenal State Prison, CA Timothy Malan earned $621,971 in 2009, more than half of that was from accrued leave he received in one lump. If he blows that in one fell swoop, he can always rely on his pension, which is 42 percent of his highest year’s base salary, or about $140,429 per year for the rest of his life.

8. Chancellor - City University of New York - Matthew Goldstein. $560,038 As CUNY deals with $205 million in budget cuts, and Chancellor Matthew Goldstein proposes raising tuition on some 533,000 students in the system, he maintains earnings of $560,000.

9. Chief Investment Officer - Thomas Britton Harris IV - $480,000 Teacher Retirement System, TX. A former hedge fund manager maintains his Wall Street-level pay to manage the teachers’ public pension in Texas.

10. Executive Director - Scott Wallace $343,608 Citizens Property Insurance Corp., FL (Florida’s public insurance provider) Scott Wallace was paid a base wage of $343,608 in 2009, one of the highest-paid employees in the state.


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All public employees are

All public employees are overpaid, but I guess that's one of the benefits of being able to force people at gunpoint to pay your salary.