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Alex Jones taken to the wood shed

The link below is a video posted yesterday (11/30) on YouTube by a Ron Paul supporter (Ry Dawson) and is currently trending on YouTube. I have been a daily visitor to Alex Jones' website infowars.com for the past 8 months and I have the perception he is fighting for liberty and exposing the truth. However, recently I have heard a lot of conflicting info on him that he is actually working for the so called "neocons" and the "NWO" crowd using disinfo. Is this true, and should I stop visiting the site, because I actually think there is some good coming out of it as far as "waking people up"?



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Spinning words/video’s is a popular way to try to discredit

an organization. I have followed Alex's coverage myself on the issue and most everyone he's interviewing and also the views he expresses have been against the aggression altogether. Alex and his guests point to the "military industrial homeland security intelligence congressional and last but not least media complex" as responsible for profiteering and instigating the conflict, regardless of which side people are on. So I really don't understand how this guy thinks he can dupe everyone. Here's an example... "Profiteering on Gaza Conflict: Business as Usual for Military INC" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wMy_AN0UaE&list=UUvsye7V9psc...

I’m sure Alex appreciates the exposure which will only drive more people to his site to see for themselves his alleged views as some may find this guys minced clips of Alex to be insufficient at proving his point.

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

Where Does This Guy

get all this info on Israel and Gaza etc. I would like to know.


I think AJ is genuinely on the side of liberty...

...but, that said, I do think that sometimes he let's his quest for ratings take precedence over his quest for the truth. And sometimes he jumps to conclusions a little too quickly. I don't listen to him anymore myself. But, altogether, he's definitely had a positive impact.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


What media personality has promoted Ron Paul more than any other?
Who has educated more people about the atrocities of the US govt?!
How about we focus on the real issues...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

AJ's wife

is Jewish, maybe that has something to do with it.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I Completely Agree with the Serious Questions

raised by Dawson. I've listened to AJ and read his website for about 8yrs. now, and have always questioned his misdirection from the Zionist's who are destroying not only our country, but the world. Yes, he does provide some good info, but he greatly exagerates this info, which makes you also question his intentions. When any of his guests bring up the Zionist's or Israel, AJ will 'sometimes' give acknowledgement to the accusations, and will always quickly change the subject. The ultimate question should be, if he claims to be fighting the 'infowar' to get to the real facts, then why does he avoid the empirical facts when they implicate the Zionist Jews? Why aren't more people questioning why the 'Jews' are the only 'untouchables' for criticism, implications or anything negative towards them throughout the majority of the world, and especially in the US? If you research their 'secret' books of Judaism, the Talmud and for a lesser extent the followers of the Zohar (Kabbalism), you will find all the teachings, that are being implimented in the various ways our Nation is being destroyed, whether it be by Hollywood, the Fed/Banksters, MSM, secret societies, racial groups, and our Government. Do all followers of Judaism follow the teachings of the Talmud or the Zohar, no, but those with great wealth and power follow them, and implement the teachings into other secret societies and in our government where most are too ignorant to know it. To conclude, if those like AJ avoid and misdirect from the source of our dilemma, then they can't be trusted. In the times we are facing with the destruction of our Constitutional rights and eventually our Republic, we must seek the Truth, because only the 'Truth will Set You Free'!

No way to be sure

To be fair, I do remember that in some documentary of AJ's he extensively covered the Israelis trying to sink the USS Liberty, and also Israelis poisoning non-white Jews. That's pretty strong evidence against his having a pro-Israel agenda.

I like this analysis either way. Important to proceed with caution when dealing with a slightly bizarre character like Jones. Who knows? He could be an establishment shill positioning himself to mislead a significant number of people at a crucial moment.

I'd say, after you get AJ's point, that the people in power are insane, best to move along to less hysterical sources of information. Not healthy to go through life in a state of panic.

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What bothers me most is the attempt by ardent AJ followers

to ridicule, belittle and shut Ry D up, just because he is critical of a few aspects of AJ's viewpoints.

We see this "you are with me (totally, every step of the way) or you are my enemy" BabyBush mentality against Rand P and other pre-Nov election last-minute-Romney-supporters as well.

Why don't we focus on our liberty cause of NOW and our next move and not be nit-picking sticklers of labels and past sins :-)

Why doesn't Jones have a documentary on this?

Yeah he's mentioned it a little bit and Infowars has featured a couple of articles on it. However the magnitude of the info in Ryan Dawson's documentary below merits WAY more attention than Jones has given it. The amount of attention that AJ has paid to it simply doesn't make sense.

This doesn't take away from the good that Jones has done. That being said we still need to get to the bottom of why he's not making the info in Dawson's doc common knowledge.

Also, Ryan Dawson deserves a much larger following. Alex Jones fits the stereotype of a conspiracy nut in his demeanor to your average person. Ryan Dawson has the ability to cut through more people's conditioning. IMO Alex Jones is something to cut teeth on for a certain kind of person. Not graduating from strictly Infowars is debilitating. Peppering them in to your diet of info is about as far as it should go after a certain point.

I hear people like this and

I hear people like this and it just makes me laugh.

Seriously, who cares what Alex is or is not. Alex has the best platform around. He has some of the most interesting, open minded, and intelligent guests I have ever heard on his show... THIS IS WHAT MATTERS!

Thankfully though, Alex has sparked others to do the same. You have Joe Rogan, Lew Rockwell, and others now launching their own platforms with some very interesting people.

Alex is still the king though, but others are rising so if you don't like Alex then find someone you do like.

Remember though, it's all about the guests, because they make or break Alex. When Alex's guest list starts to fail then you'll know AJ is exposed for whatever reason.

I hear people like this and

it makes me wonder why they act like a 6 year old. Alex might be a double knot spy so should I not go to his website or listen to his videos ?? Sounds like questions a child might ask their parent..Grow some, act like a freaking adult, learn discernment !! God help us all,...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I like Ryan Dawson. A lot.

I usually agree with most of where he's coming from, and that's saying alot.

I can't speak to everything he's saying here about Alex. But lets face it:

Alex has a big "showmanship" aspect to what he does. There's a lot of good, solid info that comes from Infowars - so its part of my daily news cycle

There's also a TON of hyperbole, and over-stating / dramatizing to get a reaction out of people.

Alex plays the chicken little act up for ratings.

But I still read the site and use my critical judgement (and further research) despite it.


- I don't believe so much that he is deliberately spreading propoganda, but

- Obviously he needs to get his sh*t straight about what's really going on over there.

It would be interesting to hear him give a definitive statement on this issue. Especially in regards to the way the Palestinians are being treated (like less than dogs or farm animals, pretty much).

Dawson is mostly correct about the Israel/Palestine situation...

...but he's taking Alex Jones horribly out of context. It's really laughable that he complained that Alex Jones takes things out of context. Dawson takes mostly very short clips of Alex and uses them to build his case. If I had enough short clips of Ron Paul I could build a case to make him look evil too. I've watched Alex Jones for years and the picture Dawson paints isn't Alex at all. My thoughts have been that if Alex were a "higher level" of deception then it would backfire against the elite because at that higher level of awareness people awakened by Alex Jones would become more predisposed to check out things on their own (having been fooled all their lives previously by the mainstream media). Consequently they could not be controlled in the same way that the sheeple are who are glued only to the mainstream media.

Now let's look at some of the fruits of Alex Jones. Like this (by the way it's important to know that Aaron Russo is Jewish):


and this:


and the follow-up (2 weeks later):

Pay attention to 56:32 in this last link. You are seeing Alex IN CONTEXT here. Alex is not offended at all when Joel bashes Israel.

So anyway watch these. Do you think the NWO people want this information out at all? I would think not!


Alex is NOT A SHILL!!!!

Keep listening to him. He gives more truth and sticks up for liberty then any other alternative show does. There are disinfo agents to get you away from truth info.

No, he's just a Zionist



This man has done his research and concisely deconstructed Alex Jones regarding Zionism and Israel. It's almost laughable to see how bad he just schooled Alex using his own words.

And of course, a famous Patriot would agree we should have no secret dealings with any nation:

"Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none."
~ Thomas Jefferson

Everyone's expecting perfection

Whether it's regarding Rand, or Ry, or Alex, so many in the liberty movement are expecting an exact replica of Ron Paul. It's not going to happen.

Sometimes people who are doing a lot of good for Liberty will make the wrong choice, say the wrong thing, maybe even believe some wrong points, but we shouldn't cast off our allies just because they don't line up with us 100% every time. Even Ron Paul himself, and maybe even you are fallible. Sometimes we're mistaken.

He's quite the extremist and overly sensational, but Alex Jones has done tremendous good in campaigning for Ron Paul and waking people up to what's going on in the world. As with any news source, watch with care, but I still think we should regard him as a friend of liberty.

Why does Alex Jones insert a

Why does Alex Jones insert a "submit to fear" subliminal message in his movies?

Depends on how you look at things

There is "Submitting to Fear" then there is "Acting through Fear" BIG DIFFERENCE. Educating
after pushing through the apathy and then acting. Typically it's called "fight or flight" I think Alex is on the 'fight" side of the issue because flight doesn't change anything.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow



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link for you


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the first claimed "subliminal message" is a joke. they seemed to need something, anything so they could claim "movies" plural. so the first one is easily dismissed and makes you question the makers mental state and/or motive.
the "submit to fear" text in ps4 seemed to be pointing out that that is what fema is pushing.
the op's video about israel was spot on but this subliminal message stuff is bs just like the tila tequila, Illuminati, cia claims that were recently posted. alex has plenty of things to pick at but this ain't one.

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I think people should have

I think people should have the right to come to their own conclusions no matter what information they are confronted with.

Regardless of WHO Alex Jones

Regardless of WHO Alex Jones is, the way you take the information into account could be what defines whether or not it is disinfo. If his info is scaring more people than empowering them, then the establishment is empowered. If you yourself do not feel scared by whatever Alex Jones brings to the table, then you can take it objectively with intelligence rather than hysteria. Those folks who feel like they know a thing or two by listening to Alex Jones once or twice, then called their congressmen screaming about the NWO or Bilderberger's holocaust plans are not doing much of a favor to the cause of liberty.

It's great that Ry is getting his viewpoint

out there, but criticizing Alex Jones on a single issue isn't the same thing as talking 3 and 4 hours a day to an audience of millions for a decade. All you critics, get your own show. Win your own elected office. Start your own Daily Paul..

Buncha trolls here....AJ is the man!

It's funny how guys like to point out how AJ made a mistake about the YK2. He was 26 years old and he wasn't the only one that said problems were going to occur on that date. In fact companies spent billions of dollars in order to migrate mission critical applications off of the defective code/OS, I should know I work in Information Technology and was a part of it. Alex Jones is a modern day Paul Revere. Anyone who trashes him as working for someone else must be viewed with suspicion.

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I wouldn't "trash" AJ's entire work & person, but rather

"fine-tune" some of his skewed viewpoints, which would ultimately help AJ & his staunch followers. It's better for the liberty movement, when we feel FREE to "fine-tune" each other's opinions.

Have you noticed Jones will

Have you noticed Jones will not have Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who is Jewish, back on his show. Because Dr. Pieczenik pointed out what the Zionist are doing.


This was the last time Dr. Pieczenik was on Jones' show. Dr. Piecenik was scheduled to be back on in 2 days but was cancelled an hour before and has never been back on.

Ry Dawson seems like one the brightest lights...

in the liberty movement. His video on the JFK assassination were spot on.

That said, I think that Alex Jones is overwhelmingly good for our cause. I too sometimes wonder if he's a shill for the neocons, and he may be, but he brings people to this movement and he exposes 9 truths for every BS. The reptilian nonsense has got to stop, though.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.