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Senate passes Merkley ( D-Ore) amendment to withdraw from Afghanistan

Senate backs Merkley's amendment calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan

Reflecting a war-weary nation, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday for an accelerated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan after more than a decade of fighting.

The strong bipartisan vote of 62-33 sends a clear message to President Barack Obama and the military as they engage in high-stakes talks about the pace of drawing down the 68,000 U.S. troops, with a White House announcement expected within weeks.

Although the vote was on a nonbinding amendment to a defense policy bill, its significance could not be discounted amid the current discussions.


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It's always been in their power

Alls they have to do is de-fund it.

if they couple it with defunding

then it would have teeth! SO, we will see how serious they really are. They did get 62 votes for this much so it is an improvement.

end this war

ok, I realize it has no teeth. But at least these kind of quotes are making it into the MSM.

“It is time to end this war, end the longest war in United States history,” Merkley