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Angry farmers in the EU hose riot police with fresh milk (Video)

Angry farmers protesting at falling dairy prices in the EU have sprayed fresh milk at the European Parliament and riot police in Brussels.

Thousands of dairy farmers, accompanied by hundreds of tractors, descended on the Belgian capital on Monday for two days of demonstrations. Disruption has continued, with EU officials hindered from reaching their offices by tractors blocking roads.

Farmers want an increase of up to 25% in their prices to cover costs.

Video at link

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I liked them spraying milk on the jackbooted thugs

BTW - I'm all for free markets but what are the farmers to do when the ECB does like the FED and debases their currency and then mandates how much the farmers can charge for their milk? Inflation and price controls are a very bad combination. I think it deserves a hosing of milk on the Statists. :)

wow, i thought this was going

wow, i thought this was going to be a legitimate cause, like something pro-raw-milk, but alas, it is just the dairy industry's pawns looking for more inflation.