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Spreading the Message

So this is my first time starting a new topic. I'm relatively new to the site but been following Ron Paul for the last 4 years not as closely as I have this last election cycle. I visit the site everyday and basically use this to get most of my news and I've learned a ton from the DP.

So about spreading the message... I recently found this website called Politix where there's a lot of discussion going on and I think it would be a good way for us to spread the message of Liberty. I'm not sure if someone's posted about this website before or it's already well known, if it is I apologize for wasting all of y'all's time. I try to spread the message by word of mouth as much as possible.

Anyway if there's any other good ways I can spread the message of Liberty around please let me know, I'm very new to this and would like to get involved a much as an 18 year old college student possibly can.

Thanks in advance,