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Why is Israel our ally, some even argue the greatest of our allies?

We have all heard of it, Israel is our ally, we must defend our greatest ally, Friends don't let friends get nuked, the list goes on.

So here's something to discuss, why is Israel our ally at all?

I have not heard of anyone who gives a reason behind their statement: "Israel is our ally" Friends, family, politicians, or media talking heads. It was simply given to me as a fact.

What have Israel ever done that is in favor of the United States, but is not directly in their national interests? Because I am sure the USA have done that in many occasions.

Why were they considered an "ally" to begin with?

Where did the notion of Israel being an ally even come from?

I hope anyone who comments can help to shed light on this matter

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That's true

There are people in Israel who don't agree at all with what their government is doing just like we don't agree with what our government does. It may not be the majority but they do exist just like we do. I like to think of us as the vanguard of human evolution, moving mankind further away from savagery.

they're an ally because of

they're an ally because of zionist jews and christian zionists in this country that occupy positions of power.

next question should keep you occupied like palestine..

what have they done for the usa? see:
-lavon affair
-uss liberty
-the most relentless and extensive espionage of any country. (kadish, nozette, pollard, aipac, etc..)
-siphoning of untold sums of taxpayer monies

911 and the Israeli Spy Ring Fox news 2001 part 1 of 2.
911 and the Israeli Spy Ring Fox news 2001 part 2 of 2.

The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers

..and this is just the stuff you're allowed to talk about..

oh, wait. did you say "in favor of the United States"? nothing that i'm aware of.

Maybe I can put forward us Australia as the U.S's greatest ally

Because we are the only country that has sent troops to every war the United States has been involved in since WWII.

Okay so maybe it's not the best record to have but it is a pretty good reason to argue that we are your greatest ally.

Spread the news we need the good publicity!

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

You are correct

Except that all of the British commonwealth countries who are made up of Anglo-Saxons are our main allies. We share all information with them. England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are our only true allies. And it seems to me honestly that Australia and the US have much more in common than the US and England. But in the end these 5 nations make up the greatest alliance ever known.

As far as Israel goes we know why they claim they are our greatest ally even though they spy on us and kill our citizens and wreak havoc all over the world. It's because Israel is a supposed Jewish homeland and our banks, our industry, our communications and our government has been infiltrated by the zionists.

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All US intelligence agencies agree...

(and I can't believe that I am agreeing with them)....that Isreal is the greatest threat toward normalization of America with all of the "hostile" nations of the world.

Interesting to see the CIA and the DIA and the DEA et al, weighing in on this.

My personal opinion is that they are trying to spread the blame, but this is interesting nonetheless:


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Franklin Lamb is not so credible

Why doesn't he release the actual report? Why would he divulge that his source is a CIA research staffer?


That's a nice photo of him with Samir Kuntar. The "Palestinian hero" that kidnapped four Israelis including a 4 year old child whose head was bashed in by a rifle. Perhaps Mr. Lamb is a bit biased?

And in 2009 he claimed to have a similar CIA report that was discredited and no one could verify (he provided no evidence).

Because Israel is God's Chosen People! (according to some)

America must unconditionally back Israel or, according to the neocon Zionists, God will destroy us. "Blessing" Israel will cause God to "bless" us.

Don't think about the fact that even though America bends to Israel's every wish, we are on the verge of total economic collapse and are losing our freedoms.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

The opposite argument can be made just as easily.

Harry Truman was a Baptist. He was influenced by Baptist theologians and pastors who supported a Jewish state in Palestine. After the United States voted in the UN to create the Jewish state and recognized Israel as a nation, this country experienced prosperity like no country in history including ourselves throughout the 1950s. I have read it argued that the 50s prosperity was proof that God was pouring out his blessings on America for supporting the creation of Israel. ....... We did prosper in the 50s. Pure coincidence? Maybe.

Economic growth was actually

Economic growth was actually greater in the 19th century! And the US was the dominant power post ww2 cause Europe and Asia had been destroyed. That opened the path for dominance, not "the Lord."

Yeah, if you look at net increases in economic growth,

the 1880s were more prosperous than the 1950s - the 1920s as well. But, I'm talking about gross improvements in people's standards of living. There are many different reasons why we prospered. A vacuum of prosperity in the rest of the world because of war effects does not guarantee prosperity in the U.S. The point Zionists would make is that the conditions for massive, economic growth were created in this country, causing economic prosperity because of our recognition and support of Israel in the late 40s. I'm not saying it positively is connected, I'm just pointing out there IS a correlation.

Not anymore there isn't. I

Not anymore there isn't. I guess it would be easier for the brainwashed Christian right to read a few out-of context verses in the Bible placed in front of them by non-Christians than to learn about Business Cycle Theory though.

Ventura 2012

I understand business cycle theory.

The 1950s however, unlike the 1920s was not the upswing of an artificially-Fed-created business cycle like the 1920s and 1990s.

The 1950's was the positive

The 1950's was the positive side of the cycle after the fed-created and government-prolonged great depression. They theory accounts for good economic policy too, ya know.

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correlation ≠ causation

correlation ≠ causation

Santa Maria, Ca

That's not always the case.

Progressives will argue that when it comes to the correlation of unregulated capitalism in the late 19th century and the massively, increased standards of living at the turn of the 20th century as compared to fifty years before.

We've been supporting them

We've been supporting them since its inception, are we blessed now? Maybe we'll get the "blessing" once we give a blood sacrifice of several million Persians for Israel. I'm a Christian by the way...a real one that follows "we are neither Jew nor Greek" and doesn't froth at the mouth over killing even though I was raised in an evangelical church that did exactly that!

Ventura 2012

If the Abrahamic promise does in fact apply

to the descendants of Jacob A.D., then I don't know where you're getting the idea that God would bless a nation for killing the Jews' antagonistic neighbors. You can bless a people group without going to war for them just like you can harm or "curse" a people group in many ways without directly making war on them. In the Old Testament, Israel's neighbors didn't fare so well if they crossed Israel. Sooner or later, God destroyed them. However, nations that lived at peace with Israel experienced peace and prosperity. I don't remember God cursing a nation for not coming to Israel's aid when Israel was being attacked, but, then there may be that instance. Then again, God is not dealing with the Jewish people the way He did with the Israelites before Christ came. Their prosperity, health, and peace as a nation is not dependent on how well they keep the Law like it was then.

So, I'm not sure.I'm not saying the the promise DOES apply to the descendants of Jacob A.D. I'm kind of undecided on the matter. I can see strong arguments on both sides.

The Bible...

...is so clear. The whole New Testament makes it clear that if you belong to Christ, you are Abraham's seed. The children of Abraham were always those by faith, not by blood.

It's time for American Christians who are caught up in this Christian Zionism heresy that's infiltrated the Church to bless the actual Seed of Abraham, who is Christ.

"And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to the promise." ~ Gal. 3:29

game set match

game set match

Ventura 2012

Here is my theory:1. When in

Here is my theory:

1. When in doubt, go with Jesus and the New Testament.

2. God will judge you on your conscience and not condemn you to hell for misinterpreting Old Testament verses that weren't even written to you.

3. If all of the Old Testament rules still applied, why did Jews need Jesus?

Like I said in another post, when you hear Christians speaking the double-speak that Jews will go to heaven without faith in Jesus, against His explicit Word, you can be sure propaganda is at play. And it shouldn't be too hard to figure out why Christian Evangelicals were a target.

Ventura 2012

Oh, no!

Of course, a person's opinion of Jews and Israel has no effect over where that person will spend eternity. I've personally never met any Christians that actually believe Jews go to heaven because they're Jews, although I've heard of them.

Read John Hagee

Read John Hagee. I don't think people would be so excited about this "Abrahamic covenant" stuff if it was for some hellbound A-Rabs, ya know?

Ventura 2012

I would. But, I've got a pretty weak stomach

and limited puke bowls. (:

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Uh huh....and that Baptist...

...authorized the completely unnecessary mass murder of of about 200,000 innocent Japanese citizens, who died HORRIBLE burring deaths, with many more hundreds of thousands to die from radiation poisoning and complications after that.

Japan, having their war resources depleted, was already going to surrender...yet we rubbed it in any way, in a horrific and hellish way!!

What a "Christian" move. You know...violate one's own principles and commandments from God about things such as "Thou shalt not kill"...when in terms of "national security", the "enemy" needs to be vanquished and exterminated.

Disgusting, revolting, and DAMNABLE.

I can guarantee and assure you, that Harry Truman may have been a Baptist, but, also, as the worst mass-murderer in recorded history, I doubt very seriously he is enjoying his afterlife experience.

This is not the first time that purported "religious" people who may profess something on the outside, but on the inside they are "whitewashed tombs, full of dead men's bones."

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Totally unrelated.

None of that has anything to do with whether or not God's promises to Abraham apply to the way nations treat the Jewish people as a whole (not necessarily as individuals) affect the way God deals with those nations.

As far as dropping the bomb on the Japanese....I would have probably supported it if I were alive then and you most likely would have as well. Whether or not it was right??? I think we did a lot of things in that war that weren't right. But, then again, most countries in most wars do.

"Japan, having their war resources depleted, was already going to surrender." I've never heard that before. Your source?

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Well...that makes you a mass murderer, by extension, too.

How Baptist, and Christian, is that?

The jury is out as to whether or not I would have supported it even then. Probabyl (most likely) not.

I have a pretty strong faith...and comittment to the Truth...wherever it may lead us.

(Sometimes the Truth hurts...especially when it challenges our pre-conceived beliefs.

And the Ten Commandments for me, are real.

As far as the sources for this oft-forgotten fact about the false flag ops of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings...all you have to do is google it.

Unless you want to close your ears and not believe the truth just like the people did before they stoned St. Stephen in anger.

Here are a few for you to start researching...unless of course, you already have your mind made up about the official government-sponsored "story".


And this from the good President Eisenhower himself:

DWIGHT EISENHOWER, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe

"...in 1945... Secretary of War Stimson, visiting my headquarters in Germany, informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act. ...the Secretary, upon giving me the news of the successful bomb test in New Mexico, and of the plan for using it, asked for my reaction, apparently expecting a vigorous assent.

"During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of 'face'. The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude..."

- Dwight Eisenhower, Mandate For Change, pg. 380

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Thanks for the link.

I had never read any of that before. But, that does not prove that Truman knew Japan was capable of being convinced to unconditionally surrender without dropping the atom bomb on them. I can understand wanting to force the Japanese to accept a government dictated to them by the U.S. and not accepting a partial surrender in order to avoid a resurgence of Japanese imperialism. But, hindsight is always 20/20. I imagine Truman's insistence till his death that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary was partly his effort to convince HIMSELF that they were necessary.

But, the points you were making transcend the atomic bomb. By your reasoning, we shouldn't have made our B-29 raids on Tokyo. What makes you think the Truman administration would have been any more open to negotiations of a surrender with the Japanese government if we did not have the atomic bomb? Had we not dropped the atomic bomb, we would probably have killed and maimed the same amount of Japanese civilians through more B-29 raids throughout the fall of '45 in an effort to pound the Japanese into submission. Then Mark Weber's article would no doubt be entitled "Was Tokyo Necessary?"

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Was ANY of it necessary??

That is the question for the ages.

None of this....should have never EVER happened.

Disgusting as to how many sympathetic people are willing to risk life and limb to make it happen...even if THAT in and of itself, is INSANITY.

The Age of Authoritarianism is OVER...and just in time...before we destroy ourselves and our children's children and theirs.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Of course it was necessary!

Obviously, war with Japan and Germany too for they matter could have been avoided if FDR hadn''t been determined to provoke the Japanese. But, after Pearl Harbor the choice was simple. 1. Make Japan howl for mercy. 2. Let Japan make us howl for mercy.

Both stink, but, comparing our form of government to Japan's at the time, option 1 sounds a lot better.

Sharkhearted, u r such an

Sharkhearted, u r such an amazing truth warrior! u r fierce!