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Paul Krugman schooled by Austrian School Economist Pedro Schwartz

Or how intellectually fraudulent Mr. Krugman can be.

Starting @ 35:20 mark :


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Very interesting, thank you for posting!

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You're much welcome. Still have a long way to go to disinfect

You're much welcome.

Sadly, we still have a long way to go to disinfect the people's brains, washing away all this collectivist Keynesian NON-SENSE which, STILL, lamely strives on justifying THE ECONOMICS OF THIEVES AND CROOKS, with accomplice, rent-seeking pseudo-academia and political CRONY buddies.

The "Economics" of PARASITES.

Yet another good starting point :


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Thanks for posting this

Did you see where Krugman recently said that Peter schiff did NOT call the housing bubble???h

Also have you seen the socialist love fest for cynthia mckinney here

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