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Ron Paul's First Interview after Congressional Farewell Speech

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Thanks for the interview Jeff.

When I think about it, Ron Paul introduced me to some of the finest minds that this generation has brought forward.

Free includes debt-free!



Hell no, that's not an interview...

that's a chat.

These 2 guys have known each other for a long time - mostly thru Mises.

And just looking at Ron's office shows his stuff has been boxed and he's out the door from CONgress forever. It is bittersweet. I've already been missing him and now it's official.

But I am ecstatic for him. No more shackles and having to deal with all the psychopaths in DC.

He can hang out and take it easy for a while with Caroll and the brood - before he starts hitting the campuses next month. No one deserves a rest more.

Love you and miss you Doc!

Ron Paul is My President

Man, watching that was bittersweet...

The audio echoes through Ron's empty DC office, devoid of all now but a few pieces of furniture. A single empty hanger hangs from the coat rack behind him. It's scary to think of a Washington completely absent of Ron Paul.

And yet he's earned a hard-fought respite, far away from the federal city; the Imperial See. I for one am happy to see him at long last escape the belly of beast.

May his (and our) greatest strides for Liberty lie just ahead!

Thank you, Ron Paul, for all you have done.

Love Jeff Tucker!

It should be mentioned that this was filmed on an iphone.