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My Father's Outrageous Prison Sentence!

Please help share my father's story! He is currently serving a 60 year sentence for a nonviolent drug offense.


Please consider signing this petition! http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/florida-governor-rick-...

UPDATE: I am putting together a site to donate for his legal fund. Stayed tuned!

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Our Justice system is SO warped!

This is so completely unfair, that I almost can't believe this has happened to him. It's a nightmare. If I were King for a day, just one day, I would release 100% of all NON-VIOLENT drug users from prison. Judges and juries have no business putting these people behind bars----and for 31 years?

Are you kidding me? This is a total nightmare. I wish we could help him. I really do.

Agonzo1---when a person is addicted, they have a hard time quitting, and unless they move away from "friends" who use, they will be put in situations of danger, that is, danger of being arrested.

If I were King for a Day

There wouldn't be any need for prisons period. Well except maybe for the likes of the elite and all those evil judges and juries.


Serve on Juries

Juries are where your vote really counts.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Maybe we should call

Here is the link to the parole commission website:

Which one do we call? Tena Pate perhaps.

Stomach Turn

This story makes my stomach turn. How much more ridiculous do things need to get before we are able to see how backwards our society is?
Interesting how a nation is able to look back on their past, and then declare how silly it was that humanity could behave that way, as though we are now evolved. No doubt that will be the case in the future, seeing how silly this war on drugs was... Sad...

Utterly ridiculous.

He might need some counseling - but not prison.

This country's drug laws are criminal in themselves.

I hope he can get out soon.

I do not support putting anyone in prison for any drug-related, victimless "crime."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

How to help

How could we help? Did you write a petition and have it signed by lots of prominent folks and send the story to the TV...? Are demonstrators standing or laying in front of this prison demanding his freedom? Do all you can and believe!! God is with you.

Gerald Mangold

Just goes to prove that the

Just goes to prove that the government does not like competition. This is such an injustice. Murderers, rapists, and child molesters get short sentences while this man didn't violate anyone.

Our military is still

Our military is still protecting and patrolling the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Before the US invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban had reduced the opium trade to 10%. After the US occupation in Afghanistan in a few short years the trade increased to 90%. You can see videos and pictures of our troops still protecting those fields today.

Bob Marshall


Im speechless and so sorry we have let our government do this to you.
We are trying to correct it and Im really really sorry and I hope these people, who think they hold power over us- one day pay dearly for the abhorrent system they play in and commit felonies to protect.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


What is worse, is that you are paying for it through taxation. Paying the judge's salary. Paying the prison guard. Paying for the record to be written and the sentence to be carried out.

Thank you all for your kind

Thank you all for your kind words!

CIA Brings the Blow into the US

Clinton, W, and Obummer have all admitted to using Cocaine. (Blow was still legal in the early 20th century but now it all of the sudden is so bad that someone gets put in a cage for 60 years?) Clintons brother did time for selling coke but, he was pardoned by his brother. Whats truly amazing is our leaders can take us to war and kill millions based on lies, they control the airspace over Afghanistan but C130's filled with poppies fly out to Turkey regularly (for processing into opium and heroin and loading on ships to Russia, Europe, and the US), and our so called leaders have pillaged at least 16 trillion dollars from us, our kids and the unborn, and THEY get a FREE PASS????

The world is INSANE! Dude should be let out of prison (should have never been sentenced to jail time) and our so called leaders should all be held accountable for their crimes.

Ron Paul 1988: George Bush “Deep Into” CIA Drug Trafficking


I sympathize

With the sentence, but even if nonviolent crimes are decriminalized, there will still be laws against drugs. There will still be fines, penalties and other sorts of punishments.

I know there's backlash against the so-called prison industrial complex, but what would replace it? People are calling for rehabilitation of these people, will that be done by the state? Another social program?


It's been estimated that the avg person commits 3 felonies a DAY

You, like every other American, is a criminal that hasn't gotten caught, yet.

If you "sympathize" with this outrageous and unjust sentence, I hope for your sake fate doesn't have an ironic sense of humor.

What three would that be?

I am unaware of any felonies I am making at all.


As entertaining as this is

I still have no idea what three felony's Silverstein suggests I'm committing

One big difference

is that the so-called 3 felonies we commit everyday are likely those that are seldom go enforced, whereas it's no surprise to anyone in the united states that those breaking laws concerning illegal narcotic use are highly enforced, and highly punished depending on how close an election is coming.


It's a surprise to me.

It seems to me that a rational human being would enforce the laws against violent crimes much more diligently than the victimless crime laws, even if they are on the books.

Hey agonzo1, once again for your sake I hope the IRS agents don't decide to come ruin your life and enforce their tax laws on you. You know those laws against tax fraud are highly enforced and everyone knows it, yet few people report every single transaction they make throughout the year to the IRS...

I'm not arguing

on who is being rational as far as law enforcement goes.

I'll forever be as compliant with the law as humanly possible. I won't be knowingly using illegal narcotics ever in my life.

for your sake I hope you aren't smoking pot and other drugs and simply crying foul if someone is getting in trouble with authorities because you find it "victimless".


TwelveOhOne's picture

Seems you intentionally misunderstand

Laws with broad overreach can affect innocent participants. In other words, you might not ever touch drugs, but the officer can plant them on your property in order to convict you (or shoot you for "resisting"), if they "don't like you". Allowing such behavior is dangerous; therefore, these laws should be eliminated.

But I'm just talking logic, and from your posting history on this thread at least, you seem to be trolling.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I personally hope

that the guy gets out, he seems to be a rehabilitated man. But its no surprise to anyone that cocaine is an illegal substance.

now let me just add an aside..the article mentions he started on Marijuana...then led to cocaine. Gateway drug? Seems that people can point out articles that show marijuana isn't a gateway drug..but it looks like in this case...it was, and led to a very long sentence.


The "gate-way" drug argument is a myth

Saying "marijuana is a gate-way drug" is little more than a poor justification for an unjustifiable law. There is no such thing as a "hard" drug and a "soft" drug. These are arbitrary, meaningless classifications used to hypocritically demonize certain drugs. Hardness has to do with a material's resistance to abrasion, not how offensive it is to prohibitionists.

There is no sane or logical justification for marijuana prohibition. NONE. Drug prohibition, particularly marijuana, which grows abundantly on the Earth and has been used as a food and medicine for thousands of years, is the STUPIDEST LAW THAT HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN AND ENFORCED. I mean this with 100% confidence. The war on drugs is the stupidest thing mankind has ever done (with a possible exception for slavery, but the two are not mutually exclusive).

Authorities, having no logical argument for their prohibition, had to come up with these stupid psychology terms as an attempt to "scientifically justify marijuana prohibition. This theory has been debunked over and over again, yet people still promote this prohibition propaganda. Alcohol is found time and again to be the first intoxicant people are exposed to. Some people use different intoxicants after alcohol and some don't. Other skip right to the so-called "hard" drugs from the beginning.

By the way, cocaine is not a big deal. At all. There are literally hundreds of other chemicals that have very similar effects to cocaine that humans use "legally" with hardly a second guess. Saying "it's no surprise to anyone that cocaine is an illegal substance" just shows that you are detached from reality. Human actions that harm other people are supposed to be illegal. Not inanimate goods and certainly not peacefully and voluntarily consuming and exchanging these goods. Every drug, without exception, has positive and negative side-effects, including water, which is fatal if over dosed. Making some of these drugs illegal, and assigning different punishments for each chemical, is hypocritical and moronic. It is the epitome of anti-intellectualism.

it's a myth...

yet it's how this gentlemen got pushed to hard drugs.

some myth


Oh you like logical fallacies?

I have a theory called "gate-way porn theory." If a person looks at "soft" pornography on the internet, like a topless woman, it will lead to "hard" pornography like pedophilia.

Many pedophiles first saw a picture of a topless woman before they became pedophiles, therefore my theory is sound.

Agonzo1 I'm guessing you have seen at least one "soft" pornography picture in your life, so according to my theory you are already through the gate and being pushed into pedophilia and other hard pornography.

Aren't logical fallacies awesome?

Dr. Paul talks about treating

Dr. Paul talks about treating drug offenses with compassion and rehab. We throw in massive amounts of people with non-violent drug offenses. Who benefits? The prison industrial complex. The point is people committing atrocious murders are getting only 20 years or less (even given a chance at parole) while we're throwing people away for much longer who should be given the opportunity for rehabilitation. We treat alcoholics like this; why not drug offenders? Yes, it's the current law but not all laws are just.

Yep. If this guy was a cop

Yep. If this guy was a cop that executed an innocent individual, on camera in front of 200 witnesses, he would only get 11 months or so in jail... But a non-crime drug offense will get a peasant 60 years.

war on drugs should be called it's true name

-- war on the people.

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Wasn't this already

The law of the land? What's the outrage? Nonviolent offenses can still have harsh sentences. That's the law.