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AA 757 Hits Pentagon-Video

This copy was released in 2009 following FOIA requests for the original re-recordings used by the 9/11 Commission. It is higher resolution, clearer, and better quality, hence why you can see the airliner.

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The damage to the building is not consistent with a 757 impact

And even if it was the plane was nowhere near where it had to be to cause that damage anyway.

"As made clear in the video presentation National Security Alert, it is impossible for a plane on the north side -- let alone one in a significant right-hand bank as described by all witnesses who were in the best locations to observe the plane's flight path as it approached from over the Navy Annex -- to hit the light poles, hit the generator trailer, and/or to cause the required low and level directional damage to the building."

Read more: http://www.citizeninvestigationteam.com/faq-can_north_side_p...

I couldn't see any shadows from the plane.

Why is that?

Why Is It

always BLURRED videos and BLURRED pictures that everyone puts out as evidence when it comes to UFO's BIGFOOT, and that "PLANE" hitting the Pentagon?


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Blurred is probably the best you'll get.

Even if some other security camera caught it, how will a 500 mph plane or missile not be blurred?
Despite being blurred, it shows the shape and color.
We have two choices. Either it indeed is a very fast moving object close in color and shape to an AA 757, or the video is a fraud. If it can be shown to be a fraud, I'll be the first to accept it. Until then, it is icing on the cake when considering the plethora of evidence a large aircraft struck the Pentagon.

Undo what Wilson did

Please tell us!! What could it be?

Reminds me of the whole live news broadcast that day. Blurred and with blue sky, white, yellow, green, gray, mauve, and what happened to the background? The first 10 minutes from the 5 major TV Networks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iUXJXAPUUg

Why Are You

ALWAYS OBSESSING on trying to convince us that 9/11 wasn't an inside job? EVERYWHERE you go you argue with everyone over this.


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Can you show me once where I said 9/11 was not an inside job?

No, because I haven't. That is an assumption on your part. What I have concluded is the Twin Towers collapsed naturally, Building 7 most likely did as well, though it is not as clear as the Towers, and that a large aircraft struck the Pentagon.
The only reason I keep posting is because I keep seeing facts which are skewed, obfuscated, and outright mis-represented. I equate truth with liberty. You can't have one without the other. I place a high value on both. When I see facts skewed in so many ways by a group which clothes themselves with "Truth" and honoring the victims, I will speak out, regardless of the popularity it may deprive me of. Do you think it fun to be rejected and called a traitor by other lovers of liberty? It's not, but that inconvenience is no impediment to Truth.
My message is essentially the same as Z on his thread. If you seek truth, get away from the conspiracy sites and investigate raw data. You will find a very different story. I'm simply relaying what I find.

Undo what Wilson did

The same as Z?

He drew a conclusion that wtc7 was not demolition based on:

- a video of something that supports the OPPOSITE of his conclusion and is support FOR demolition
- a NIST model simulation
- an interview with two people who seem to be in denial about explosions, despite eyewitness accounts and evidences.

Is that your idea of investigating raw data?

looking at the building...

looking at the building... where are the marks on that wall from the wings where they would have impacted? Just a round hole with no marks from the wings.

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About the bodies.

There have been several comments about the remains, and airplane parts.
Has it occurred to you that photos of burnt and torn up bodies have been withheld out of respect for the deceased and their families? There are plenty of eyewitness accounts of bodies and airplane parts:

"Prosecutors showed videos of the destruction and still photographs of charred bodies -- horrifying exhibits in a trial studded with unsettling images."
"Jurors also saw four photos of intact human remains, one showing a charred body under the debris. Maguire said remains were scattered across three floors."

" While on fire himself, and escaping from the Navy Command Center, Lt. Kevin Shaeffer observed a chunk of the aircraft's nose cone and the nose landing gear in the service road between rings B and C.[69] Early in the morning on Friday, September 14, Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue Team members Carlton Burkhammer and Brian Moravitz came across an "intact seat from the plane's cockpit."
"Remains that were recovered from the Pentagon were photographed, and turned over to the Armed Forces Medical Examiner office, located at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The medical examiner's office was able to identify remains belonging to 179 of the victims.[81] Investigators eventually identified 184 of the 189 people who died in the attack.[82] The remains of the five hijackers were identified through a process of elimination, and were turned over as evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."

And from an article in USA Today, "When Williams discovered the scorched bodies of several airline passengers, they were still strapped into their seats. The stench of charred flesh overwhelmed him."

Undo what Wilson did


There were no seats found, no luggage, and no airplane parts bigger than a toaster oven. HOW could the NIST report explain the total obliteration of 30 tons of metal airplane, yet be able to identify human remains and have ANYTHING to perform a DNA analysis on?
Recall in your mind (cause I don't know where to find it, other than during the film 'Zeitgeist')the photo of the men in shirts and ties walking through the grass and through the hole in the building collecting all evidence..and the one photo of a man carrying a fan hub. It looks to be about 2 feet across. A 757's fan is about 10ft...and a cruise missle doesn't have one..it's got a rocket motor (I think). At that time a Global Hawk had a fan motor that would be about that size...pack the nosecone with stuff that goes BOOM and remote-fly it in there! That could explain why a couple GHs were missing from the inventory sheet...the sheet that was blown up along with any other evidence of DoD's "missing" $2.3T.
Recall also the photos of the light poles along the freeway directly in the flight path (as seen in 'In Plane Sight')...they're still standing just after the jet flew through them.
I'm sorry fireant, but try-as-I-might, I just can't seem to see how your arguments on this topic hold any water. There's just waaay too much empirical evidence that suggests no passenger airplane crashed in PA or at the Pentagon. So again, what happened to the REAL people on the REAL flights that took off?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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According to on-site rescue and recovery personnel,

some bodies were found still strapped in their seats.
A Global Hawk has neither the mass nor the speed to cause the damage inflicted at the Pentagon.
There is no evidence of an explosive device or warhead in the nature of the damage. The damage clearly shows something with a central mass, with horizontal extensions of that mass, which contained a volatile liquid, crushed the outer wall of the building and traveled deep within the building on the lower two floors, leaving the floors above relatively untouched.
Dozens of photographs show an abundance of shredded airplane parts.
I'm not sure how anyone can overlook all this evidence, but to each his own.
Now a question. If Rumsfeld were part of a plot to eliminate an office working on "missing" trillions, why would he announce the day before trillions were "missing"? Wouldn't it make more sense to just kill off the people who were "hot on the trail" and shut up about it?

Undo what Wilson did


double post.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Believing These Sources Of Yours

Is like believing Bill O'Reilly. Or, like believing a snake while it tries to mesmarize you into thinking it isn't going to eat you. You have serious 9/11 issues dude.


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Care to show which fact you base that on?

Let's see, we've got a USA Today reporter, a courtroom with a seated jury, first responder accounts, building occupant eyewitness accounts, forensic laboratory accounts, and on. Are all those people lying and part of a conspiracy?
Or do you attempt to impugn the sources because they do not support your conclusions?

Undo what Wilson did

Perception of victims is just as good as real victims

Your eyewitnesses aren't witnesses in the criminal sense where they can be severely punished if caught in a lie. Non of your witnesses can be legally punished if busted. Same applies for the journalists and reporters.

Victims 911 is very important for The War on Terror project. Without the victims they couldn't have gotten this project in the air. No victims=no WoT. And the perception of victims is just as good or even better than real victims. The reason we know that someone was killed that day is because they reported that, on live news, on the radio, in the newspapers, maybe some hired actors put up lots of missing posters on the streets? Our neighbours talked about it. It went on and on for weeks - that's how we know - it was reported. Real or not, it doesn't matter as long as we believe it. Fake victims could be better that real victims. This operation would not become a conspiracy to murder, and it would have been easier for recruiting people to this operation, and the operation management would not have to fight the family members in court.

The simplest way to pull off the Pentagon part of this operation was to blow a hole in the building (after evacuating), hand a script to the reporter and tell him to say that a plane had crashed. Trow some plane parts on the lawn and put the actors on the stage. This would be almost legal, and no one involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is the reporting that is crucial for the needed perception in this operation. Reporting creates reality. Weapons of Mass Deception are wonderful if you have one.


The ministry of TRUTH at it's finest!


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can you make something out of this?


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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I'm calling...


nuff said!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

How refreshing! As little as two years ago a. "911 Conspiracy".

video would be DOWN 40 points (if we had votes then) and this kind of video would be up an equal amount.

Now, if we could get as equally open minded about other subjects, particularly "off topic" postings, we could break this cycle of hypocrisy that keeps us slaves to "conventional wisdom".

"Conventional wisdom" most frequently is not.

Can you say Photoshop????

Is this is a f#*king joke?? Very lame. So lets see... this one frame of video blown way up and BAM there is a plane??? OK OK OK OK... If this is what happened, and the Government is sure, then why don't they release the other 80+ videos that will show in full motion video what it was that hit the building? They can't because it would show something else. So all we get is one frame and a "trust us, we would never lie". Give me a f#@king break.

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Are you aware of The Maguire Declaration?

"The FBI are talking about 85 videos, but this is just the result of an initial search that includes (for example) all videos obtained by the Washington Field Office. If we move on from that then the numbers begin to fall dramatically.
56 "of these videotapes did not show either the Pentagon building, the Pentagon crash site, or the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11."
Of the remaining 29 videotapes, 16 "did not show the Pentagon crash site and did not show the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon."
Of the 13 remaining tapes, 12 "only showed the Pentagon after the impact of Flight 77."
Only one tape showed the Pentagon impact: the Pentagon's own security camera footage, that would later be released."

Undo what Wilson did



...and we are just to take there word on it?

If this is true then why do they REFUSE to release the other tapes. If there is "nothing to see" then release the tapes.
You are a good disinformation bunny... no one knows what is on the tapes but you seam to know all about them and what is on them... Do you work for the FBI ??????

I also liked how you did not "Approve" my comments on your youtube post... what is wrong? Don't like people disagreeing with you? Don't want people to see how many of us think you are FULL OF S#!T ?


And then the plane disappeared or was sucked into a 30 feet hole, with wings and tail: http://i.imgur.com/fwETV.jpg

If I remember correctly....

At that time there were only 5 Global Hawks in existence. On Sept 12th, only 3 were accounted for. To me, the logical explanation would be one lost to the Pentagon and the other to a smokey field in PA. Given the size of the fan blade assembly photographed being carried out of the Pentagon, it would make sense that the object that struck the most secure building in the world, destroying all the evidence of the $2.3T missing dollars, my bet is on a Global Hawk...just small enough to fit between all the still-standing light poles outside the crash zone.
To suggest that this was a 757 is preposteous...no seats, no luggage, no bodies, no airframe parts bigger than a backpack. Yet, the victims were identified by DNA testing? I'd be interested in knowing what type of "Tesla fire" could obliterate a 30 ton airplane and leave human tissue...

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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There was no Global Hawk in existence with the mass or speed

to do the damage recorded at the Pentagon.

Undo what Wilson did

it wasn't a global hawk. it

it wasn't a global hawk. it was a cruise missile.

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What kind of warhead was on it?

It must have been a special kind of cruise missile to scorch the outside of the building 150 feet laterally, crush the building inward, and show no sign of a bomb going off after entering the building.

Undo what Wilson did