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AA 757 Hits Pentagon-Video

This copy was released in 2009 following FOIA requests for the original re-recordings used by the 9/11 Commission. It is higher resolution, clearer, and better quality, hence why you can see the airliner.

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This pilot, with captain rating on 737-767, compared radar data

and flight recorder data, put it in a simulator, and trained himself on the maneuver. He found no discrepancies in the flight path, and was able to perform the maneuver after a few tries. He insists, however, the pilot would have to have had actual yoke time on a 757, which brings up the question of training. The flight path, with a 270 descending turn is clear evidence of a visual approach, not remote control.

edit: 757, not 767

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Fireant you are a terrible

Fireant you are a terrible piece of chit. I hope the paycheck is worth it. May history forget that you were one of our countrymen!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Yeah, sorry...

I've seen what my hubby can make things look like when he designs websites... you're gonna have to give me something better than that.

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Amalgam Virgo

Was an annual war game ... The scenario was : cruise missile fired from a barge in the Chesapeake Bay. I saw this description on the website GlobalSecurity shortly after 911. Before I was able to save it the info was all changed to Florida. I will swear an affidavit in court on this ...

The same four frames ?

This is ten years old non - contiguous four frames ... If the Pentagon wants to release all the rest of the frames of this video... Or how about the 70+ surveillance cameras' footage seized by the FBI then maybe I could be convinced that the official lie holds any water. No .. .the cover -up of the crime scenes was really all the proof necessary of

Inside Job

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Sorry if redundant.

I had not seen this clip, which is closer to the original than any of the other copies, and shows much more detail than any I have seen. To me, it's clearly an airliner.
Why this is all the video we have I don't know. What we do have is an abundance of witnesses who saw the airliner, damage consistent with a heavy aircraft (not missile or lighter drone), tons of aircraft debris, flight recorder and radar tracks, DNA of all passengers except one 2 year old infant, and more.
This video evidence, unless doctored in some way, is icing on the cake. No grand jury will open a new investigation based on it not being AA 77 which hit the Pentagon.

Undo what Wilson did

Bad evidence


It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Is this the best Pentagon can

Is this the best Pentagon can do with billions of dollars spent on security equipment? What about the footage from the remaining, say, 199 cameras? It only proves the official story is a lie.

The other 199 cameras will not show anything

They simply blew up the building themselves and REPORTED a plane had crashed.

Regardless of...

what hit the pentagon, too many coincidences point to an inside job.
Where are the rest of the videos?
Why was this side selected? When there would not be any Generals ect... The side hit contained accounting info about the missing money?

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Please source "The side hit contained accounting info...

...about the missing money?"
Let's get the facts right. That story of the accounting office getting hit is repeated over and over, accepted as fact, yet I can find no valid source for it. Additionally, floor plans show impact in newly renovated section, partially empty, with Navy Operations taking the biggest hit. So please provide a source.
Furthermore, the $2.3 referred to was an inability to account for it. It wasn't "missing". In fact, the vast majority of it has since been accounted. The issue has more to do with the inefficiency of hundreds of different computer systems than any missing money.

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How about if you

provide a source to your claims... we'll wait. And why is that even important? 9/11 was never about the missing $2.3 trillion. It was/is about the ambush of the American people by their government.

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Sorry, but I'm not the one making the claim that people

investigating a missing $2.3 trillion were killed in the attack. I have looked for an authentic source for that claim, but have found none. I'd be happy to entertain the notion if someone can provide a source.

Undo what Wilson did


don't believe you would accept anything as valid but I will show you what I found in just a few minutes...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Is there actually any purpose

to your post when it's blatantly clear that what is being pointed out is waaaay beyond the nose of the missile?

Explain how a jumbo jet penetrated the Pentagon without knocking down the columns in this pre-collapse photo.


Cordite smell at Pentagon not kerosine.

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That photo is one of the few which actually shows part of the

hole created by the fuselage, but all photos of it are obscured by smoke. Note there is plenty of height for the fuselage.
The columns you point out were hit by the right wing; they are bent in the direction of travel. You can tell their damage was impact because the floor above, which they supported, has not dropped. It was lateral impact damage. Obviously, the columns won and the wing broke. If you will study the other side of the hole, you will note the left wing did sever some of the near columns. Why sever on the left but not the right? Angle of approach. The right wing hit flat, all at one time, spreading out it's mass. The left wing hit at it's strongest point first.
Only two people (according to your link) reported smelling cordite. Close inspection of the debris, both prior to and after collapse, show there is no evidence of a "powerful explosive device" other than what would be expected from the jet fuel. No one was killed above the second floor, and when the building collapsed at it's expansion joint, it was obvious no explosion damage reached above the second floor.

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You obviously don't understand Hollywood physics

"The jet went in, and the wings folded backwards". Listen to this actor reading the script, Mike Walter @ US Today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0vxc50xAbk

Ah Yes...Fireant...1 of the assigned Media "shills"

for the DP. I worked as a network administrator on a local AFB from 2000-2010. I had a top secret clearance. A 757 did not hit the pentagon.

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Are you saying this video is fraudulent?

Look at what he outlined, then compare to the next frame. What else could that be? The shape and the color is clearly consistent with an AA 757 (traveling about 500 mph).
We are supposed to just take your word you have some "inside" information. If you do, be a man and put it out there.
I'm just an individual presenting facts; I belong to no organization and am paid by no one. If you researched my history on DP, you would know how foolish you look just making such an assertion.

Undo what Wilson did

What would really be nice

Would be video from some? any? of the hundreds of cameras mounted around the Pentagon,or from surrounding business'. Or an explanation from cheney why the STAND DOWN order stayed in effect. or answers to the other 65 million questions regarding 9/11

Apparently the fish eye doesn't distort anything BUT the "plane"

Not changing my mind based on this puny "evidence".



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

No, it is still pretty shitty

No, it is still pretty shitty quality, actually...

Southern Agrarian

You can clearly see in the enhanced video that it was

A flying white stretched Limo that hit the building! and a Humvee Limo at that!

I think this is what you

I want one

I want one

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown