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I finally got my Ron Paul talking-action-figure doll!

Sooooooooooooo stoked....I really thought that after waiting 11 months, this was a "write-off" for the cause.

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I hope it's true!

I ordered one too from http://ronpaulactionfigures.com/. I still have not received it. Yes, can you snap a pic to prove it? Wondering which one you got, the black suit or superman?

Prove it.

Can you give us who are STILL waiting some proof? Like maybe a pic of the doll with its packaging? I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble believing this.

Please help.

I received mine today

1/16/2013 - hopefully everyone will get theirs soon, if not already. Dan Backer, DBacker@DBCapitolStrategies.com, took over the project, as it was left a mess by former members of RevolutionPac, and is working to make sure everyone gets their product.

Photos and links to the website please!

Id love a ronpaul action figure

The website to order has been taken down

They are no longer accepting orders, but as of today (1/16/2013) I have received my order. Anyone else waiting should receive theirs soon. Contact Dan Backer at DBacker@DBCapitolStrategies.com if you haven't received yours in the next couple weeks.

Where did you get it and how

Where did you get it and how much?

It was through RevolutionPac.com....

I tried to repost the pic from Facebook, but this old lady isn't too swift with such things. I did "tag" the DP on there though :)

Oh...and it was $100 bucks....



try this?