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The constitution supports it.

I honestly don't care. If a constitutional amendment calling for the end of the EC came up, I wouldn't shed a tear over its demise or keeping it.

The Constituiton also

The Constituiton also supports slavery too. The Constitution is not perfect at all.


I've read through it several times, don't remember it saying that slaves are cool to own. Do youind sharing where you read this? What part of the constitution I over looked?

Read about the 3/5th's

Read about the 3/5th's clause, or read about the part that refers to Native Americans as being "savages." The Constitution was a compromise between the North and the South. The framers had to keep slavery in there so the South would stay in the Union.

We have a Republic, if we can keep it.

Get rid of the electoral college and the Republic is doomed.


But the electoral college is

But the electoral college is so unfair. Larger populated states have a bigger voice and sway elections. If a population of state are pro-statists like California and NY, they can easily silence the more libertarian populated states because there would be less of them, which would be a smaller voice.

Do some general math.

If there was no electoral college, what states would decide elections?
California Texas and New York are the most populated.
The coast lines are far more populated than the rest of the country.

Running up big margins in big states, a candidate could ignore the rest of the country, just like they do now.

California would have given Gore the presidency in 2000, NH(NOT FLORIDA) gave it to Bush due to the Electoral College. Perfect example of how the EC helps small states.


looking for what Ron Paul or Rand Paul, thinks!!! Figure out what YOU think!!!


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I want

to vote this up a million times.

He supports it

You can view his arguments in favor of it here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul226.html