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Teacher Charges Second Graders for Bathroom Breaks (Video)

Teacher Charges Second Graders for Bathroom Breaks (Video)

Going to restroom costs kids "Boyd Bucks" that are earned with good behavior

By Kevin Cokely
Sunday, Dec 2, 2012
Updated 1:03 PM CST

The mother of a 7-year-old Irving elementary school student says her son wet his pants in class after his teacher refused to let him use the restroom Thursday afternoon.

"I was absolutely appalled," Sonja Cross said. "I could not believe it."

The first-year teacher at J.O. Davis Elementary awards her students with "Boyd Bucks" for good behavior. Going to the bathroom outside of the three scheduled breaks costs two Boyd Bucks per trip.

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This teacher is on the wrong side of the desk...

...if they think that how well a child behaves is what determines bladder function.

This teacher is one screwed up person...

No common sense apparently...There is no place for people like this in teaching... The height of stupidity...