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Just bought 20 acres of farmland.

Deal is still being worked out but the seller verbally agreed to my offer. The land is zoned for agriculture and has paved road frontage. I plan to have free range chickens. Just need to figure out how to keep the predators out. I will eventually build on it but since I paid cash for the land, I will not take any loans out on it and risk losing it to some bank. This means it might take awhile to complete.

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Cool! Good on ya!

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i have seen some cool things

done with shipping containers as far as economical living quarters go.

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UPDATE: I have now paid the


I have now paid the cash for the land and out is now recorded. Just waiting to get title in hand now. I hope to soon be a net producer of food.


Wonderful news!

Here a few posts for inspiration.

Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm (Video Library) - This library covers how Joel Salatin raises livestock using grass based, holistic methods of animal husbandry.

Backyard Beekeeping (Video Library)

Global Gardener (Video Library) - Permaculture, Forest Gardening, Urban Gardening, etc.

Natural Sequence Farming (Video Library) - Peter Andrews and his system of Natural Sequence Farming for converting salt-ravaged properties into fertile, drought-resistant pastures.

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More power to you.

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Congrats, DuaneV!

May your land yield bountiful harvest and joy to you and yours!

that is one huge step to

that is one huge step to independence. good for you.

You Might Consider

building yourself a cob house.


REMEMBER Paulville in Texas? During the Ron Paul 08 Campaign?

It's a great idea. This was in 2008 during the Campaign and begining liberty movement. They still have the site up? I guess we can email them to see what's up. Texas is a great state!



Recent Interview with a Chicken Farmer

By Dr. Mercola:


It's several 'tubes linked together, and fascinating. Deals with predators (including bears, wolves).

From this page: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/11/2...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Diggin yer own well violates state law?

Diggin yer own well violates state law? Pshaw! Komoko didn't care about state law, or what anyone else thought. He just started diggin.

Of course, his house was set alight and was gunned down as he ran from the blaze. That's how they roll in Utah!


"Smith owned Adobe Flat. He leased it to Komoko. He figured he had cheated him because you gotta have water to raise anything. There never was any water on Adobe Flat.

"Komoko dug a well. He must have gone down sixty feet. He got plenty of water. That made Smith pretty sore. He didn't like Japs anyway. The day after Pearl Harbor, Smith went to enlist. He got turned down.

"Well, when he got back, he was pretty sore. Around ten o'clock, we all started drinking. We were all drunk. Patriotic drunk. We wanted to go out to scare the Jap a little and have a little fun.

"Well, when we got there, he heard us comin' and he locked the door. And then Smith started a fire. And the Jap - he came running out. His clothes were all burning. And then Smith shot him."

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Additional information

The land I am buying is in Utah, I'm currently a resident of Las Vegas. I'm paying $8,500 for the whole 20 acres! I will have to buy water rights separately but I've found some for $2,600 per acre-foot and don't imagine needing more than 1 acre foot. The land is raw, meaning that there is no municipal water or sewer. The nearest power is 1/4 mile away and the power company says it will cost $12,000 to get power to the land. I will have to put in a well so that will probably cost about $10,000 unless I drill my own in violation of Utah state law. Hopefully, I can work out a deal with a local well driller. The land is flat across the entire lot but I will want to grade some of it and fence it in.

I found a house plan online that I would like to build out there. It's near perfect for my prepper mentality. Here is a link to the home plan I want to build: http://www.dantyree.com/plans/jilyn/ I'm very good at many levels of construction so I plan to build most of this myself. I will be using insulated concrete form construction (ICF) since 6 inches of reinforced concrete can take direct fire from 7.62 rounds. I want to have a basement and make a few mods to the plans so that there aren't any first floor windows on two sides. "Think anti-siege castle" or in other words, reducing the chances of an easy breach.

I've got the heads up on some additional land in the area that is going for similar prices. It's kinda out in the middle of nowhere but still about a 40 minute drive to a decent sized city.


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Sounds like a paragraph out of

Little House on the Prairie - a true homesteader you are!


"I'm paying $8,500 for the whole 20 acres!"


I tried getting 20 acres here, and the lowest price was 50k, and it was all rocks and pines!

Best of luck with the property!

Exclamation point!

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Care to share what state you

Care to share what state you are in?

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Own, folks, own !

And/or stack on :


... while we can.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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i am looking at a 100 acre

i am looking at a 100 acre lodge withhuge hot springs heated swimming pool and a 5000+ square foot lodge for a bit under $3 million.

Anyone interested in investing? am going to look at it in 2 weeks and I need letters of intent .It is in the Pacific Northwest.

It also made $250,000 in

It also made $250,000 in revenue in a year, so as an investor, you do nothing and you'll get a share of the profits every year. I will be running it. I am good at internet marketing and other types of marketing and I think it should be a big winner. Please contact me if interested asap as I am going to drive there. thanks. can send pics, etc.

sent you a message

sent you a message

$3 million and only grossed

$3 million and only grossed $250k?...you are overpaying, unless you are in california or NY or something.

Well Done

I salute you.



Grats!! where at and how much

Grats!! where at and how much per acre??

Llamas make good guards for all sorts of animals

I don't know about chickens but a single llama is good insurance to keep all animal predators out. Sometimes they will even start defending against the human predator.

I just bought some sheep to replace my dying bee business (thank you Monsanto) and found that a single gelding llama will bond with them. I bought the llama 1 week ago and so far it looks to be working. I was always worried since I don't live on the property yet.

I run across one website where 1 llama protects the whole farm from all predators animal and human. Also llamas seem to have it in for the canine family, they will go out of their why to go after them.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

my dad

Had a gaurd llama that killed a couple sheep while trying to have "carnal knowledge" with them. Great Pyranese ended up being our choice gaurd animal.

There has been some cases where gelded llamas try

to mate with the ewes and harm them, but these are very rare cases. From what I researched it happens with young llamas that were just castrated. I won't have to worry about it until next summer as all ewes have already been with rams. Also when the llamas have been exposed to new born lambs they get very protective of them. Many ranchers reported the llamas would lye down next to them to protect them from cold wind.

I am happy to have a sheep sitter on the cheap works for hay, and hasn't asked for a raise yet. I only had the llama for a week and already they seem inseparable.

The dogs are good my sister had two with her sheep, but she still lost sheep to coyotes. One big disadvantage with dogs they need different food from the sheep, and I read that over 50% of the dogs were dead after 3 years on the job. Once a llama figures things out they are good for 15 years, and have been known to confront bears.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I think that might be why he

I think that might be why he went with a gelding llama.



That is a dream of mine, especially the paying cash part. Good work:)

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In area

where I live, taxes on land and regulations on business kill all profits.

Wish you luck.

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Isn't this where we all live?


Don't have chickens, change your diet: www.pcrm.org/pdfs/health/vsk.pdf

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org