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Just bought 20 acres of farmland.

Deal is still being worked out but the seller verbally agreed to my offer. The land is zoned for agriculture and has paved road frontage. I plan to have free range chickens. Just need to figure out how to keep the predators out. I will eventually build on it but since I paid cash for the land, I will not take any loans out on it and risk losing it to some bank. This means it might take awhile to complete.

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What type of house would you like to build?

I have some acreage and my hope is to build a log home someday.


Where is this land and how much was it per acre?

Trying to set up a 501c3 to do the same here in California.

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And don't forget about the

And don't forget about the lifetime committment of property taxes, you never truly own your land....! Good luck!

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I Second That !

I own farm land in Oregon and over the years I've paid more in property tax, than I originally paid for the land.