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But it does not make a ton of sense. But you can believe in whatever you want and call yourself whatever you want. Labels are becoming more and more meaningless every day.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

As a matter of fact, I know

As a matter of fact, I know many people who are 'democrat leaning' or 'republican leaning'(many whom convinced themselves to vote party line) who are 'fond' of the idea. I don't expect open arms, but it doesn't seem like we're talking to a wall on this issue, most of the time.

I'm not a libertarian

And I believe in sound money, as well as property rights and contract law. Am I confused like the poster below says? Nope, I simply feel that the libertarian philosophy and the libertarian party go against each other.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I would think that

sound money means protection of property rights right down to the monetary unit. If someone believes in sound money then they ultimately are libertarian otherwise they are confused. Other ideologies violate property rights in some way.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

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