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Moscow Times: U.S. will collapse the same way the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia did

For many Russian conservatives who still mourn the collapse of the Soviet Union, the "secession" movement in the U.S. has offered some misguided comfort, if not schadenfreude.

After the Nov. 6 U.S. presidential election, more than 500,000 Republicans, Tea Party members and other opponents of President Barack Obama signed online petitions in nearly all states saying they would like their states to secede in protest of four more years of Obama. Although the so-called secessionist movement is a creative and provocative form of protest, nobody in the U.S. is taking it seriously as a threat to the country's territorial integrity — and it certainly shouldn't be taken seriously in Russia.

Yet many Russians got excited about what they believe are serious cracks in the U.S. federal republic.

Prominent television journalist Maxim Shevchenko told Newsland.ru that Russia should give grants to the U.S. "separatists" to help develop human rights in the U.S. What's more, "the leaders of the movement can become leading experts on Russia Today [state-controlled television]," he added.

Shevchenko is not the only public figure to lend support to U.S. separatism. In 2008, Igor Panarin, a former KGB analyst and author of the book "The Crash of the Dollar and the Disintegration of the USA," famously predicted that the U.S. would collapse into six parts by summer 2010. He instantly became a darling of the Kremlin-friendly media, giving several interviews a day for weeks on end. Panarin predicted that after the U.S. collapses, Russia will not only grab Alaska back, it will finally regain its status as a superpower.

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I remember Nikita Khrushchev

I remember Nikita Khrushchev speaking to America and saying that the USSR will never fire one shot at the united States.It will fall from within.This was in 1957 and we talked about his speech in Civics class.We asked our teacher whether or not this could happen. He assured us that America was too powerful.It could never happen.

Bob Marshall

For however they may be accurate insofar as the end result...

...Russians do not have the ability to view politics in anything but collectivist terms, even today, regardless if from the left or the right, with the exception of a few who have a vague perception of oligarchy and political patronage.


Have another vodka.


In Russia

Vodka has you.

I rememeber one

Russian sientist predicted in 2006/7 that USA will break up into 4-5 separate parts.

But future speculations are idle. The tradegy of Russian people was that after the USSR collapse, Russian young politicians and scientiests came to Harvard, US and Cambridge, UK to learn about capitalism.

American and UK best brians gave them what they thought they knew the best - corporatism. Russia, always creative, adopted it with a mafia twist. But Russia, with its vast natural resources, will survive any local political system as long there are countries outside Russia to trade with.

Cyril's picture

Yes, the USA may very well collapse ... BUT

Yes, the USA may very well collapse ...

... BUT I'd kindly point out to our Russian observer friends that if TPTB crooks, thieves, traitors, and criminals get defeated eventually - God Help ! - it won't be long before the USA becomes a superpower again, and a peaceful and very prosperous one at that, that time around.

See, here is the United States of America People's ULTIMATE WEAPON AND SHIELD AGAINST TYRANNY :


That's THE ONE the TRAITORS are still so busy stealing from The People. Or even - destroying.

But as long as THERE IS IF ONLY ONE MAN defending and using that weapon and shield in this country ... the USA cannot die.

Just wait till The People get their foundations back.

The collectivists and their central planners - FILTH OF HUMANITY - BETTER NEVER SHOW UP - EVER AGAIN, then.

Dear Old Russia :

you BETTER choose which camp you support - or at least whom you won't fight against - NOW.

For The People WILL remember.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

thnx for the article.

[RT] Perestroika: From Re-Building to Collapse