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Eric Sprott Buys 9 Million Ounces : "We Will Go Public If They Don't Send Us Our Silver"; also : on QE4 & Student Loan Bailout

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Eric Sprott's "We Will Go Public If They Don't Send Us Our Silver"

"Today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about his latest silver offering and how much physical silver it will vacuum out of the market. He also issued further warnings on the crumbling financial system. This is the third and final in a series of interviews with Sprott which reveals what is going on behind the scenes with the increasingly desperate Western central planners and their gold and silver price suppression scheme[...]"

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Eric Sprott Interview : "Silver is Suppressed or it Would be $150 an ounce."


Eric Sprott has $10 billion under management, and it's no secret Mr. Sprott is a long term bull on physical gold and silver. He says, "I can make a compelling case the price has been suppressed." If it wasn't, Sprott says, "Gold would be $2,500, and if the ratio was 15 to 1, the price of silver would be $150 an ounce." Mr. Sprott also says, "The economy is already taking a cliff dive and that is before we hit the cliff ... It's hard to imagine anyone being optimistic going forward here." If there is war in the Middle East, Sprott says, "Oil would go crazy, gold would go crazy, anything physically real would be in demand."

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Nice post


good stuff.

good stuff.

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Check out, also, "The coming silver price eruption"

Check out, also :

The coming silver price eruption - Gold Money, December 2012, by Mark Twain :


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