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Titanic: The first staged 9/11 ~ Full Length Video

Titanic: the first staged 9/11 ~ Full Length (VIDEO)



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Question, how could they cover up the prior damage repairs?

If they switched the Titanic for the Olympic, which had prior keel and hull damage, wouldn't it be easy to prove? A close inspection of the Olympics keel and hull would then show it had no prior damage repair, that would prove the switch was made.

" ... fighting in the captain's tower," …

There's more story in the context.


"Titanic bears the weight of our belief and our disbelief, our desire for apocalypse and our fear of it, our fatigue, our talkative demise, the unbearable lightness of our being." John Wilson Foster: [17] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Titanic_in_popular_culture

So for me, the devil is not really in the detail.


Notwithstanding, see:





[John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenhuem and Isa Strauss were on that ship. They were among the richest individuals in the world and apparently intended to use their power and influence to prevent the formation of a central bank.]

Desolation Row

"Across the street they've nailed the curtains
They're getting ready for the feast"


What's next, Costa Concordia

What's next, Costa Concordia also staged?

Take some time and actually watch this documentary

the evidence is very compelling. Especially the evidence on the sunken ship itself but also the circumstantial evidence surrounding the insurance and the damage to the sister ship.

One thing though. I highly doubt that this was only a huge insurance scam. The sinking of the "Titanic" was likely designed for political and power positioning reasons as well. I think it was no accident that many friends of JP Morgan (as well as himself) cancelled their tickets on the Titanic at the last minute because they were told to do so. I also think some people were encouraged to take the voyage. Most particularly, there were congress men who apposed enacting a Federal Reserve that died on that voyage. And it is interesting that it managed to pass a year later with them out of the way.

Interesting fact: Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt decided at the last minute not get on the Titanic even though his luggage was already aboard. 3 years later he died on the Lusitania when it sank.

The Rabbit Hole

just keeps getting deeper and deeper thanks to the internet. Not sure what to think of this one. Nothing surprises me anymore though.


Titanic....while staged was hardly the first.

Titanic...I know many who are thinking now. "Are you kidding me? It was an accident! Can't you people give it a rest?"

You just start looking into the titanic and you will see. The nail in the coffin for me was the national geographic issue about the titanic several months back. It had a blurb saying icebergs that break off of Greenland never travel to that low of latitude before completely melting. The titanic sunk around the same latitude as New York and it was April. There would have been no chance for an iceberg especially a large one to that latitude. In fact, they say it had to have help from "unusual moon activity"....right....sounds like the magic bullet theory to me. There were no eye witnesses that saw the iceberg. Some survivors described it like an explosion. The Lusitania sunk 3 years later by a torpedo. I think a torpedo from a sub brought down the titanic too.

"There would have been no

"There would have been no chance for an iceberg especially a large one to that latitude."

According to the documentary, icebergs where very common at that time and latitude.

According to

According to icebergfinder.com -

Approximately 40,000 medium to large sized icebergs calve (break off) annually in Greenland and about 1 to 2% (400-800) of those make it as far south as 48o north latitude (St.John's). The numbers vary greatly from year to year and seasonally as most are seen off Newfoundland in the spring and early summer.


National Geographic stated that the Titanic was found at about the 41st latitude line. Icebergs are known to brake off Greenland in spring time and float south. However, they say about 1% of them make it as far as the 48th latitude line. This was April so not very cold. Scientists can't explain it so they chalk it up to weird moon activity pulling the iceberg further south than it should have been.

it is very rare for an iceberg to make it as low as the 41st latitude. Is it possible?...yes....likely? I don't think so.

Important blurb from the

Important blurb from the National Geographic. I didn't know the Titanic sunk in April, also. This information makes me feel what you conveyed in your "nail in the coffin" statement: I've had enough crap, enough lies.

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April 15TH no less.

it has also been confirmed that the Lusitania was indeed carrying arms, just like the Germans said it was. they even ran an ad in the news paper that they would sink it for that very reason.
it was, and they did.


this kind of stuff just doesen't stop, does it?

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Saw this a few months ago

Thanks for sharing. 10 thumbs up.

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