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OathKeepers made a breakthrough

My name is Daniel Faubion and I am a Private First Class that felt the same way. My new contract is up in 2015 and I was wondering how I would make it with my strong views. I fought an uphill battle for bringing the Constitution back into the hearts and minds of US soldiers for YEARS. From the second week of Basic Training I was questioning those in command on the lack of education we received (the non-existence of it rather) about the one thing we swore to defend. Well I am proud to announce that I now (as a PFC) teach a class to COs, NCOs and enlisted soldiers on "Keeping the Oath. What happened to the Constitution." Ask your officers to let you teach those around you. They may not want you to know this but you CAN make a difference.

Also, join me in being an OathKeeper.

If you don't feel right though you have that chance to get out. In the words of Napolean Dynamite

"Follow your heart"

(This was originally posted by me as a comment to another soldier's question.)

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Repeating my question from my earlier reply

Again, thank you. Can you answer this? Or tell me who can?

I have a serious question for you, though: Who prosecutes treason? Who files a charge? How does an investigation get started? On 9-12, a FELONIOUS destruction of a crime scene played out on global TV, whoever ordered that clean up needs arrested. Anyone involved in the clean up needs questioned - who gave them the order?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I've been in the Marines for

I've been in the Marines for 10 years and have been wrestling with finding a way to edjucate my fellow Marines about this subject on a larger scale. I would like to use your Power Point for some ideas on developing my own class. Thanks for your efforts.

Wonderful Idea!

This would be good for the National Guard as well. I really appreciate your efforts to educate our military. God Bless You.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

This is an Awesome Idea

Excellent job & great leadership.

I am a lawyer in San Diego and I also teach classes at USD Law every now and then. If you are in the Southern California area (e.g. Pendleton, 29 Palms, etc.), and would be interested, I would gladly volunteer to help teach a course on the Constitution. Totally free.

This goes for everyone too; if you are in the San Diego area and would like to learn about the Constitution I'd love the opportunity to teach you.

If you're not near San Diego, please feel free to message me if you have any Con Law questions, and I'll do my best to answer all questions.

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Keep going strong

As an NCO I applaud your work. Keep going strong. You are not alone in the Army. Remember, tact and how you approach individuals about this stuff can, at times, make or break your case. Especially at your rank and with all the boneheads we have in the Army.

I produced the class

I have the powerpoint that I made still. Maybe I can post it so you all can use it

I produced the class

I have the powerpoint that I made still. Maybe I can post it so you all can use it

Are there teaching materials posted anywhere?

I would like to help make this easy to disseminate to like minded soldiers. If not perhaps we can get a "dropbox" going or something (which i am just starting to understand myself.)

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Take your pick :-)

Link, email, print, distribute:

I see, you wanted teaching materials from the OP. Well, maybe you can still use the links.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Absolutely, I will study them all, perhaps the instructor can

use some of it too, thanks. This is a terribly exciting project, let's try to find Oathkeepers at every base in the nation to teach a class and become the vanguard of duty and honor in our military. Coming from a military family I have always so looked up to our soldiers, and it breaks my heart that treasonous generals are teaching them to fire on Americans. I hope the history of Posse Comitatus is part of the course.

This is exactly what we need because believe me we will start arresting the banksters and believe me they will not go quietly, without one last false flag to lash out with, to foment social crisis and institute martial law.

Occupy Wall Street scared the hell out of them. The end game is near. Remember what your grandfathers fought for. A way of life, and your rights.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Sue, if you get pulled over and get a ticket

make sure you hand the officer an Oath Keepers business card :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

To answer one of your questions

This was a formal class for my entire detachment. It is called an NCODP. I was ecstatic after a long battle to finally ask my Company Commander for the opportunity.

This is precisely what our

This is precisely what our military needs.

A few years ago I talked to a friend who was in the army for maybe 2 or so years at the time. I asked her who decides when the US goes to war. Her answer was the President. I was a bit surprised at her incorrect answer considering that she had taken an oath to our Constitution.

She didn't believe me when I told her she was wrong. I had to show her the Constitution & point out how she was wrong. She was really surprised that it is the Constitutional duty of Congress to decide when we go to war and that only Congress has such authority. She explained that she received ZERO training about the Constitution, yet she was required to swear an oath to it.

DFaubion, you're doing a really good thing. Something that our military definitely needs. Keep up the good work and I hope that others follow in your footsteps.


Big bump

Good to see this on the front page.
Thank you Daniel.

LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15



What would the Founders do?

A truely inspirational story

It's far past time we try to correct the 12 year system of intentionally ignoring the teaching of our Constitution. No kid should get out of high school without being able to pass an extensive test on the Constitution much less to be able to take an oath upon something they have virtually no knowledge of. Hmmmm, isn't that termed deniable plausibility?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.


who thinks that his government occupation is importanat (because he himself acts properly and worse people would replace him) lack courage.

I understand those who are trapped in the career they cannot quit. But given a chance, most enjoy trade union or government perks and have no desire to switch to private sector for equal or less pay.

Government is growing. Thanks, GovernmentKeepers.
Keep in mind, I do not blame you - any society needs its hangman, tax collector and policeman. But there is nothing heroic in that. People just tolerate necessity. Today's sheer size of the government is untolerable unless one himeself joins it.

My story...I receive no

My story...

I receive no Health benefits from the military nor does my family. I pay for my own healthcare through my civilian employee out of pocket.

I was denied military paying for my education. I took the whole cost on myself to help lower defense spending in anywy that I can. I still have never been in debt! All out of pocket once again.

On average I make below minimum wage in the military. I learned my libertarian views after I joined as hyper 17 year old. I was raise a neo-con.

There is a reason I'm still a PFC. I challenge authority. That doesn't get me very far

Sounds very good

until you go out in the real world.

You make below minimum wage. You pay for healthcare and education out of my pocket. That wont give you good healthcare (if you needed) or education to earn high salaries (unless you have specific skills.) There is absolutely no reason not to look for a job elsewhere.

Your mistake is as follows: it is not very productive to challenge army (there is no individual liberty in public places or government offices.) Without good people in politics and army, the latter's degradation will be even more visible to the public. You should stop worrying about others (country, society, new generation) and only think about your own wellbeing as a free man. Escape collectivist longings that make you feel like a martyr.

Thank you, Daniel!

What a wonderful role model you are, showing that we do have the capacity to make a positive difference within our individual spheres of influence, whatever they may be. And, really, how inappropriate for the government to *not* ensure that soldiers fully understand what it is they take an oath to defend. This story just makes me so happy, thinking of how many others will now be more conscious of what the Constitution actually does say. Maybe it will even inspire some soldiers to one day go into politics, once they realize the total *disconnect*. Thank you for speaking up. I can't wait to pass this story on.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Well done!

This is something all of us active duty need to replicate. Why didn't I think of this?

Few points/questions I'd like to make/ask:

1. This needs to stay a private individual/Oathkeeper thing. Do we want the government coming up with the curriculum to "educate" the military on the constitution? I can only image how many times the words "unless" or "except for" or "but" would be taught when talking about our oath. We may need to petition Oathkeepers to write a good curriculum for this and get it to spread throughout the military.

2. How'd you start this and is this a "formal" class or did you just get a few people together?

3. One of my favorite Jefferson quotes that is on a bumper sticker on my laptop case along with my "I love guns and coffee" sticker relates perfectly:

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson




You are a true patriot!

A soldier who died fighting the British thanks you from heaven for honoring his sacrifice, I am certain.

Good For You, Young Man

One individual at a time, questioning, pushing back, educating and demanding adherence to the Oath. A fine narrative.

I am an Army vet, a 20+ year Peace Officer at command rank and a Founding Member of Oath Keepers, yet I am here to tell you that such stances and actions can, at times, require a price to be paid or extracted from you.

Working within the belly of the beast is incredibly difficult, yet utterly necessary. It is like a hive-mind, relentlessly set on expansion of power, mission and authority. A young man such as yourself ensures a disruption of the collective thought and general-wisdom and creates a ripple-effect that will yield results...not many, but a few. Each one reached will (hopefully) have an epiphany and begin the process anew...Thus, a movement takes root.

Stay strong and stay focused, young man.

I Have a Question For You

How much time was spent on the Constitution during your Police Training? Do you know if the training is the same now as it was for you or are Law Enforcement Officers getting much less Constitutional Law instruction? It seems to me that they must be getting Less.


Fair Question...

Very little when I attended actually and even less in our 'modern' Academy. There were no blocks of instruction specific to the Constitution. There were classes on 'Constitutional Law', instruction on 'Search and Seizure' relating to Amendment IV and other blocks of instruction that touched on other specific areas of the Bill of Rights.

Understand that the areas of 'constitutional instruction' were tied to powers & duties of police and on the do's and dont's of 'process'. Any discussion of the role of police in siciety was purely dependent on specific instructors...and largely still is.

I stayed connected with recruit training my whole career and acted as a Recruit Training Officer (RTO), a general instructor tasked with teaching various blocks, a Class Training Sergeant, A lieutenant over Training Staff and even as Interim Academy Director.

I made it a point to be specific on instructing reference the proper role of police in society, strict adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the mindset and application or being a Peace Officer vs being a 'Law Enforcement Officer' (LEO) and respecting and protecting the liberties of the populous in performance of duties.

This was purely due to my efforts and focus, however.

I cannot speak to academy instruction in other states, but in mine, the Constitution and Liberty protection take a massive backseat to 'enforcement' and court-sanctioned rulings/case law that 'allow' police to exceed the text of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Predatory law 'enforcement' is the rule of modern policing and the role of simply 'keeping the peace' and enforcing law only as necessary to do so, is all but eradicated.

Predatory, aggressive 'law enforcement' is what is expected, demanded and taught. Peace-keeping is largely looked at as laziness and is reviled by the vast majority of line-staff, supervision, mid-management and executive staff.

Sad, but it is a natural response to societal expectations and societal acceptance of collectivism. Government always grows itself and grasps additional powers, duties and authorities by whatever means necessary. Policing is no different.

Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism.

Thank you

For responding with a soul-searching answer. I feel sorry for these new police officers going up against an awaking Civilian population.People are calling them out and they don't seem to know how to handle it. Is there anything that you can do to explain to the Police Chiefs how inportant the Constitution is to the citizens of the U.S.? How important it is TO YOU?


You Are Welcome

People ARE increasingly calling them out and rightly so.

Sadly, the frequent reaction is to fall back on 'enforcement' for 'failure to obey', 'failure to comply', 'disorderly conduct' or by escalating the situation (wittingly or not) to where some such 'catch-all' crime can be charged, rather than taking a reflective step-back and reassessing what they are doing and why.

As to raising awareness among chiefs and sheriffs, I have actively been making that attempt, consistently, for many years. I openly promote constitutional adherence, consistently contextualize and exemplify behaviors and actions in a constitutional manner, speak out at executive meetings and at training where and as appropriate, make recommendations and decisions openly based on constitutional criteria and by other means.

I am largely viewed as an anachronism by most who accept enforcement predations as normal, as conventional-wisdom or as an expectation. Frequently I hear responses such as 'there he goes again' or 'watch out, you'll get ol' **** started'.

I find that I am not often included in planning, due to my demands that our operations, policies and actions comport with the Constitution and citizen-liberty in mind, rather than 'industry standards' and 'allowable' case-law.

Of course, I am well respected by a certain percentage who are so inclined and all recognize and acknowledge my unwavering consistency in focus and advocacy.

As to how important the Constitution is to me, well, I have taken an Oath to support and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic...twice. I do not take that Oath lightly and it has no expiration date on it, since it was me who swore to it. Liberty and constitutional issues are a central part of my professional and personal life, both for self, educationally to the public/profession and by contextualizing and exemplifying current events and government & societal actions/desires, to others.

Excellent work! Thank you so

Excellent work! Thank you so very much! I am an admin for the Oath Keepers group on facebook. Not sure if you are on facebook at all but if you are please join us there. We'd be thrilled to have you in the group and you'll be in very good company.

Blessings )o(

You GO bro!

That is what it is all about.