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Cleveland police use 137 bullets to execute unarmed couple with no explanation so far.

Seems one cop THOUGHT he heard a passing car fire what SOUNDED LIKE a gun into the air near the police station.

There happened to be a local TV reporter riding along, or we would not know this much. Watch - this man will begin to allow his own, "eyewitness" story to "drift" over time to support whatever narrative he sees mirrored by the MSM. If you live in or near Cleveland, PLEASE be a citizen journalist and go find out what the hell is going on. I doubt we can trust anything the media will present from here on out.

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Why Does Everyone Refer To These Hired Goons

as "officers"? They are hired goons, and thugs. Bullies, thieves, and mindless jerks. Not OFFICERS!



...normal in countries like China, N. Korea, Russia, etc.



It is important to remember that PTSD is epidemic, not only in returning vets, but in people who live in bad neighborhoods.

The police departments not only hire vets, but their officers experience violence on the job, sometimes. It would be easy to feel like the uniform is a target, and to "shoot first."

Ending the drug war would help. It was common to look on the police as allies prior to the drug war.

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"They have not interviewed a

"They have not interviewed a single police officer who fired their weapon." Probably because they need time to get their stories straight and consistent.

The cowboy mentality

of being able to shoot first and not be asked questions later has gone past the point that it will ever be corrected. We've allowed our police forces to become a militarized occupation force with a pervasive attitude of us against them, not even in our homes are we secure any longer. I'd certainly have to say the "war on drugs" has been a ringing success. For the populace, no, for the tyrants, overwhelmingly and I'm afraid the tyrants are vastly outnumbering the good cops. It's hard to turn down the messianic power of life and death that our courts have afforded them. Wonder when the last time a judge or for that matter a D.A. or lawyer was hunted down and killed like a dog by these guy's?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.


East Cleveland not Cleveland. Small hood, not the city.

I have said it before and I will say it again

Our only saving grace is just how inept these police are.

Hitting their own cars - presumably near missing their own officers then. 137 rounds.

Perhaps they need to go to single action revolvers to slow them down - like the military went from the fully auto to the three round burst.

When are we going to allow private firms to investigate crime scenes? Seems a slight conflict of interest to have the police investigate when they have 28 cars involved.

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the police see ALL "civilians" (military term) as enemies...

That is why the greater percentage of people "on-line" and wired in ALSO see the police as the new enemy...

I mean, for Christ's sake, if the "system" puts you "away" for 60 years for nonviolent drug charges (a current story on the DP) then what else than fight this power are we, the people, supposed to do?

The "power" we fight steals our elections, divides the Nation, kills us with chemicals, pesticides, and shadow government policies and we, the people have no voice. They fill us with propaganda, kill us on the streets and in our homes without justification and we say or do very little or nothing...except here.

Our power is in being "on-line" and synergistic but that will be short lived.

Fight the power. (Raise fist in air.)

Good luck, my friends.

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Living in cleveland myself,

Living in cleveland myself, its a hard pull between the violence here and the police brutality, god knows it exists here.
This case HINGES upon the medical autopsy fiding powder residue on the "victims".
If the coroner finds.it then the police were justified (sorta). If not.....oh boy sucks to be a CLE pd!!!

This is the (in)human version of Africanized bees swarming

I see no indication that a single human being was involved in this gross slaughter of two humans ... except, perhaps, the video camera operator. I'm waiting to see what further video evidence is released.

Have a look at the crime scene with all the bullet holes in the victims' car windshield and the 18+ bullet casings located immediately in front of the vehicle.

Police investigators have interviewed 10 of the 28 officers involved ... none of those 10 fired their guns in this incident according to the video report. So, now we are looking at an average of 7-8 bullets fired by each of the remaining officers ... unless more of them didn't fire their weapons.

This has all the indications of blood sport. Getting a grand jury to write this off as justifiable homicide, or whatever their euphemism-Du-jour may be, will be a feat of mind manipulation on a large scale.

Inhuman pigs with an Africanized-bee gene splice!

I do get a bit testy when I see human life treated so callously

This story struck a nerve with me.

A similar incident occurred VERY near my home almost exactly 7 years ago. It was the deciding incident that convinced me to move to the country.

I also have a close friend who is the child of a retired Cleveland peace officer. I love Cleveland, warts and all. But even rabid dogs don't deserve this sort of demise.

So, I apologize for using the derogatory term "pigs". It is not my intention to further divide our already stressed-out populace.

I could have just edited my comment to remove the offending word, but I won't censor my previous ire.

mob hit

Somebody in organized crime wanted to show off how powerful they were I bet.

It appears to say..... did i hear that right?

That the police were shooting their own cruisers?

Yes - pretty surprising that NONE of the officers intereviewed

so far fired any shots - were they tested for residue?

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Spelling error in the headline.

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eyesight is going.

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