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RAPTURE Theology and America's election of evildoers...

I have mentioned this peppered into some of my earlier posts, specifically how the "Left Behind" dogma has paralyzed the "Christian right" so much so that ignorant(or hypocritical) Southern Baptists in South Carolina voted for the Baptist-converted-to-catholicism Newt Gingrich OVER Ron Paul back in there primary; to perhaps prove the point that dumbed-down Christians simply do not care enough about the solemn charge of our founders as to our responsibility to place ONLY men of high moral character in public office, over obviously vile and ignorant hypocrites and outright haters of God.

The fruit of the Left Behind Hollywood buzz for the past decade can now be clearly seen....it basically has professing Christians content to DO NOTHING about choosing "good government" to rule over them, because, Jesus is gonna come back and take us out of here when the suffering(which we COULD actually buffer) gets too much to bear for "God's chosen".

Anyway, recently I came across this sermon, where this bold lead Pastor of a church by Fort Bragg held a discussion asking "where is the rapture found in Christ's Olivet Discourse?"

I think they have some very VALID scriptural arguments in asking how did the second coming of Christ get split into two separate events, with a 7 year gap inbetween; and how did every church "father" miss this before either Darby or Scofield find this within the past 200 years?

The fact of the matter is, "good men" are doing NOTHING to throw off evil in our nation's politics, most likely because not only are they serving SELF and money rather than our Creator at the moment; but, because lazily they think Jesus is gonna come back and smite all of His enemies like they see on the silver screen....when in fact, God's people always go down with the ship when we ignore His warnings and His commands to REPENT and turn from our wicked ways....

I believe in the Second Coming, but I also believe we're gonna be here through the Tribulation period based on what I have seen in the last decade of lazy Christians and their lack of study and discernment. Have a listen if you're interested...


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The Devils cleverest work

is being done within the "Church".

i wanted to hand out

i wanted to hand out information to them. i still might go. they want new people there, so i might as well try to hand out stuff.

i bloody hate these churches. they are the furthest away from God. i'm glad i can laugh about it and not care what happens to humanity.


no doubt, i was thinking

no doubt, i was thinking about going one on sunday, but then i thought to myself: they are full of sh*t


I listen to

Pastor Arnold Murray on Shepherds Chapel. www.shepherdschapel.com
He connects what is happening in the world with biblical prophecy and he DEFINITELY doesn't believe in the rapture.

They don't want Christians

They don't want Christians doing anything about what is happening so they tell them there isn't anything you can do about it because it is all a part of God's plan and that you will be raptured away from it all anyway.


Even for folks who are truly convinced of the pre-trib rapture being implicit in Scripture, how ridiculous it is for them to stand down in the face of evil and wait to be beamed up, when it's obvious that they could very well go through A great tribulation without it being THE great tribulation. To the Christians tortured and killed in the Roman persecutions, to those burnt at the stake as heretics for preaching the Word, to the Christians being slaughtered today in the Middle East, to all those non-Christians and Christians alike who have suffered and perished under wave after wave of tyranny and war and pestilence -- it may as well have been THE tribulation from their perspective. There is no excuse for apathy and laziness (and I'm preaching at myself here!)

(As a sidenote, I am leaning more to the post-trib/mid-week view as I study it out more.)

oh? now Alex Jones is on board with this?

...so I hear..


I'm so glad he gets to make $$$$ of it ...

It has been discouraging to me as well

that most Christians have the attitude of "why bother" because Jesus is coming soon anyway crap.

If they would only read their Bibles for real instead of relying on someone standing at a pulpit do it for them they might discover that there is not going to be any "rapture". They would also soon discover that modern day Israel and Zionists are not "God's chosen people" either.

They might even get away from "religion" and discover FAITH!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss)

Ties with Israel, too

This type of theology also leads Christians to support war-mongering, even calling for things such as preemptive strikes against any country they've been told is an enemy to dear, secular Israel. In order to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians), they take the Scriptures regarding "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee" (Gen. 12) so out of context so as to believe that to say anything against Israel's policy of aggression is to incur the wrath of God. Furthermore, they basically have to throw out the entire teachings of Christ - the Prince of Peace!

Here is a page over at Lew Rockwell's site that contains an archive to articles written by Laurence Vance, an evangelical libertarian author. Here you will find tons of excellent articles on such issues as these: http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance-arch.html.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry


How can all the recent tweeted pics of dead children in Gaza not prick a true Christians heart?

When I saw David Barton of Wallbuilders sharing a stage with John Hagee on a Glen Beck panel, I immediately remembered when Glen Beck had once had the Left Behind authors on his show when he was on CNN....at the end of that program, they had said one third(2 billion) Christians would be taken up in the rapture; well, that flies in the face Christ's words in Matthew 7:13-14 where He said "few" would be saved.

The fact is, ALL the birds of the air have indeed made their nest in tree of Christendom that grew from the mustard seed!!!

Christians who do NOT study to know if these things are true, are easily swayed by those who by fair speeches and swelling words, deceive the hearts of the simple for filthy lucre's sake.

I am concerned that my children be afforded their LIBERTY to become all that their Creator has gifted them to become; but self-preserving professing Christians stand in MY WAY by following liars and theives who only seek to destroy America as wolves in sheeps clothing; because they serve only the temporal things they can see, touch, and feel(that will be transferred to another once they die), rather than the Gospel that can change an enemy of God into a testimony of God's goodness for the benefit of mankind!

We didn't achieve our prosperity by twisting God's moral truths into 3 points and a poem; we used to do right, in fear of the Lord; and He blessed that...now...once again, He will take it all away and destroy the generations who murmur and complain against His moral instructions, as though He doesn't want the best for us; but rather think He is a tyrannical cosmic killjoy.

John Hagee

is an EMBARRASSMENT to me as a Christian! He literally makes me sick. I can hardly believe the masses of so-called Christians that follow him and his teaching. Recently, something that was so unbelievable to me was a discussion I had with someone about the sufferings of the Palestinians. I go to an evangelical church where the woman in charge of women's ministries actually argued that Israel has the "right of conquest." Then she tried to spiritualize her answer when I pushed my points, "What about the teachings of Christ? What about mercy? Aren't we to be peacemakers? And what about the fact that some of these people are Christians? I thought the Bible says that we are to 'do good to others, but especially to those of the household of faith?' " Her phony-baloney, spiritualized answer: "Well, we only think we know what mercy is. God's definition is quite different than what we may think it is. His ways are higher so therefore I will continue to bless and stand by His people Israel, the apple of His eye."

Then she, in essence, shut me down by saying that I make compelling but not convincing arguments. Oh my goodness - I wanted to literally cry. Is this what is meant by the verse that says that people's love will grow cold? THIS is what the church of Jesus Christ has become? The body of the One who purposely reached out to the hated race of his days when He not only spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well ( a major no-no), but then also stayed in their village? The One who told a parable about being a good neighbor and used the hated Samaritan as the hero of the story? The One who once commended a Roman gentile (another hated race of the Jews) for having faith such as He'd never seen before in all of Israel?

Wow - I am truly blown away by what I'm seeing in the church. First I wake up in regards to politics and embrace Ron Paul and his ideas; but now I find that those ideas are taking me down roads of equal disillusionment with what the American churches are believing about the world and how they should behave in it. Beliefs have practical implications. If you literally believe that you must support everything Israel does (or else!), then you might as well just skip the entire New Testament and its teachings. You might as well forget being Christ's representative on earth because you know nothing about what He is like!!!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

I've had similar concerns

for years--since I was in high school ('88 - '92)--about how the "already saved" mentality of *some / many* (not all!) Christians is actually irresponsible and dangerous, where evil is tolerated because its existence and/or growth is merely a matter of "fate".

I've never read / heard anyone else express that concern. How refreshing!

It is a valid concern, and I hope those good religious folks among us can take deep breaths and give it some thought before becoming inflamed.

It is obvioulsy not constructive for ANY of us (religious or not) to kick back and say "Eff it!"

(But I preach to the choir here.... ; ) )

What would the Founders do?


Any Christian who believes in this is an idiot and might as well believe in Santa Claus imo.

As I recall the JW have something similar with their 144 K only being left by God.



Came across a radio "preacher" the other night...

...while sitting in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to come out.

He was talking about the libertarian side of the spectrum being "negative" and gave examples such as "get government off our backs" and "keep your laws off my body, etc."

So, some nerves it appears are being touched.

Thing is, there is nothing negative about wanting limited government. And the trend is now a value for life, particularly in the liberty movement. The station was weak and as soon as we drove off it faded so I'm not sure where he was going with that.

But there are a lot of preachers who aren't even preaching the whole gospel truth that are starting to wake up politically. It will take libertarians, patriots, non religious and religious -all types of people to wake up and come together for the common cause of freedom and liberty.

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

I've noticed a similar laziness

There are times when I try hard to explain to a loved one why we need to actively oppose evil in politics and not just in our personal lives, and they also say something about it being the Last Days anyway, and Christ will come and make things right. It's very frustrating that they're not ready to take that responsibility. I never connected it to the Left Behind series, though. It's good to make that connection, so we can better counter such paralyzing falsehoods that allow evil men to take curtail rights of human beings in general.

I do believe that religion plays a role in what we're doing politically, because what people believe (including religiously) affects what they do politically. We need to advocate and strive for freedom and honesty and all of those other "righteous" principles on all fronts, including religious. We need to change hearts, which of course means religious hearts, too.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

You saw Ron Paul's censorship..

Censorship is far from limited to Ron Paul. This group, like many, want a voice in politics, and they felt Newt would uplift their voice better than Paul because Ron Paul's supporters are seen as anti-government, anti-establishment protest vote, and they are not wanting to merely protest, but they want control.. and Newt had connections, Ron Paul had a fan club.

I believe there are many good men who are limited one way or another.

Like the Founders intention I

Like the Founders intention I prefer to separate my politics with religion. Like the founders I am deeply spiritual but I hold it close to my chest. Seeing religious items on this site is the only turn-off I experience.
But I wholly respect your right of expression brother!

really, you can separate the two?

These are my spiritual beliefs, these are my political beliefs?

So, Christ command; the greatest commandment, love God with ALL your heart, soul strength and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself should be kept OUT of a professing Christian politicians approach to good governance? Like an Obama, a George W., a Clinton, and all other professing Christian legislators, judges, governors and alike?

My point is, as one who personally believes Jesus Christ was 100% God and 100% man(and I respect that you may not), who also received the outpouring of God's holy wrath against all sin, and requires and pleads with all mankind to repent from their sin and turn to Him for salvation; I am offended that Christian politician after Christian leader after professing American Christian of all walks of life are pushing on the people a FALSE Christ, and the electorate doesn't have the moral fortitude or spine to doubt their leadership ability given that their Christian fruit and policy positions are wholly anti-Christ when it comes to the creation and flood account being a scientific possibility, homosexuality being an abomination in God's sight, abortion as murder of their human equal - let alone a lie being a lie, and theft being theft.

Where is our nation's moral compass then for the professing Christian voter? If it is not God's Word, or, even if your "separation" approach between faith and politics is plausible, then why are polticians identifying themselves as Christians at all?

Most of the planet believes in a Supreme Being, a Creator higher than Caesar; how then shall we lie to ourselves and say we can govern ourselves apart from thinking His natural laws(so referenced in our Declaration of Independence) are binding upon His creation.

I do not advocate a theocracy, but this "to each his own" approach to religion gets us nowhere when Ron Paul clearly derived his personal morality, career behaviors and professional accomplishments, and charge to "seek to add virtue and excellence" comes directly from his personal Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ being the Son of God in the flesh, and John 1:1 Creator of the universe and all it's inhabtants; just like our founders, and all other TRUE statesmen before him.

Well said.

Well said.