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These are the Marijuana arguments that make me shake my head.


My comment

I have to completely disagree with this assessment. There are many, many things overlooked and implied in these arguments. The first is the underlying principle of liberty. While this country is decayed from within by the widely accepted and sometimes encouraged abuse of alcohol a plant that has been proven significantly less harmful than the former is demonized by the uninformed.

This results in the liberties of one individual infringed upon by another due to differences in opinions of vice. No matter how you look at it, it is wrong to do this. Any intelligent person who has done any sort of research in this matter knows that the reason Marijuana was outlawed in the first place was to protect the wood and textile industry with the use of propaganda that when examined now is completely laughable. This is a civil liberty matter. The one difficult thing about liberty is that people may do things that you do not approve of but advocating the violent use of the state to imprison these people with horrible, tyrannical, and overly brutal laws that vilify non-violent people is not honorable in any way. I personally think that alcohol is a disgusting drug that is one of the major causes of this moral-less society we find ourselves in. Yet we encourage it, laugh about it, tie it in with almost every leisurely activity but I would never advocate bustin' the skulls of the users and tossing them in a cage because of a personal opinion.

The use of children as a shield to continue this disgusting police state and the completely failed war on drugs is also very wrong and leads to a slippery slope. Of course children should be protected against any drug but when we use the child argument it scares people to actually take an intelligent look at how we address this issue currently. The war on drugs causes so much more devastation on this country than believed. People are going to do what they want whether it's drink vodka or smoke a joint. When something like this is outlawed it opens up a huge black market that is therefore taken over by murderous criminal networks that profit in the billions due to the demand of the illegal substance. This is why we are seeing the Mexican drug cartels chop each others heads off over control of the lucrative black market. These cartels are the ones supplying the illegal drugs to the dealers that in turn psh it on the kids to create a large customer base. You take away the black market, you take away the profitability of the drug and therefore put them out of business for good.

Why not take a more intelligent approach to looking at our current system and then you may see that actual devastation caused by our drug laws themselves are what is perpetuating most of the nastiness involved. My job as a parent is to teach my children about the dangers of drugs and not sugar coat anything. One of the greatest problems is the lack of honesty between parent's and their children. We fear so much that we shelter our kids from the dangers of the real world and expect that being scared of jail will be enough to deter their use. When, they are of age and are faced with a choice to get drunk, smoke a joint, or do nothing at all then they will be prepared to make these choices. As of now we are tossing them to the wolves for the education that we should be giving them.

I apologize for taking over this but I am honestly tired of hearing these arguments with no basis in reality. These arguments are meant to hit people where they are more willing to just hand control over to the state when it has been proven over and over agin that non-violent drug offenders do not belong rotting in a cage. We need to take some responsibility as a nation and deal with these problems with a more intelligent approach instead of perpetuating this disgusting, tyrannical system that feeds the prison industrial complex.

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