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My Younger Sister is writing about the Patriot Act!

My 19 year old sister decided to write about the evils of the patriot act for an argumentative essay in college. She goes to a very liberal college and is not ashamed in the least over her political ideas (she wrote in Ron Paul as her first vote ever!)

Anyways, of course I am mentoring her on the Patriot Act paper. She is taking it from the idea that we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but she sees it as the government assuming everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

I am helping her develop these ideas, but she would love to hear from you guys to see what you think the most pressing issues surrounding the patriot act are. Be kind, she is 19 and new to the libertarian world, and she is trying to make a difference. She even said she saw this as a chance to spread the word on her campus. So, I know all of you hate the patriot act, hate on it here if you wish and I will bring her some of your comments to consider as far as adding the ideas in her paper.

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