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LAX Tyranny


This video is right at the entrance of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). I was there to pick up my sister coming rom Mexico and had no idea if she had a phone on her that would work here (I assumed not since she lives there and is merely visiting for only a day and a half to see our grandmother for most likely the last time) and this made my job super hard on deciding what to do. I decided to unfortunately cut things very short to not miss picking her up otherwise it
would have been a great opportunity to lecture those upholders of tyranny and our growing police state and not consent to anything they say. I missed the opportunity to tell them that I am their boss and everything they say will be used against them so shut the fuck up! Damn... But I do live in lalaland and I'm sure the opportunities will present themselves ;) One thing that did make me happy though is that I was wearing my FASCISM t-shirt with oba-a-a-a-a-a-ma's joker face on it. Long live our r3VOLution!


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I logged in just to say 3

I logged in just to say 3 words....

I Dont consent.

They had probable cause....

...to believe you had a trunk full of freedom!

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson

That's the problem at

That's the problem at airports. Everyone needs to get somewhere and has gone to a lot of trouble for it, including purchasing an expensive ticket, paying for parking, etc, etc. People will put up with just a little bit of raping for the sake of convenience.

Whoever this was did a poor

Whoever this was did a poor job. You have every right to refuse the search and you should have stood up for our rights. We cannot allow them to walk over us, why did you give up?

Read the story, I had a very

Read the story, I had a very special situation and time was my enemy. My friend had to leave the airport when he came to pick me up from LAX when I flew back from Tampa (there for 8 days for the lunacy called the RNC convention). He refused their search and had to leave. To not leave would take getting arrested and then let go of course but as I said earlier, I was not in a position to leave my sister behind (read the body, explains it all).

Do you think you were targeted because of the decals and

stickers? Did you see them "randomly" pull anyone else over while you were there? I had to chuckle when the cop said there had been terrorism at LAX - a murder in 2000. I almost forgot that all crimes are crimes of terror.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

To be honest with u I don't

To be honest with u I don't know. I used to have big magnets on either side of my in addition to whats on it now and have been to that airport like that more than a dozen times and this was my first time ever being "picked." And yes, every time I pass by there is always a car being searched on the side where mine was in the video...

You Did a Wonderful Job!

Love all the bumper stickers and the window decal!!


Thank you, and that's even

Thank you, and that's even without my big door magnets (it war raining and sometimes they fall when that happens so they were in the trunk).