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Why You May Only Be Able to Get Part-Time Work in 2013

Why You Might Only Be Able to Get Part-Time Work in 2013

Operators of small businesses are going to be cutting full time employees throughout 2013 to under 50, to stay under the Obamacare tax.


Here's the thinking of one small business owner:
Here is what I am doing for the rest of the year -- working with every manager in my company so that as of January 1, 2013, none of our employees are working more than 28 hours a week. I think most readers know the reason -- we have got to get our company under 50 full time employees or else I am facing a bill from Obamacare in 2014 that will be several times larger than my annual profit. I love my workers. They make me a success. But most of my competitors are small businesses that are exempt from the Obamacare hammer. To compete, I must make sure my company is exempt as well. This means that our 400+ full time employees will have to be less than 50 in 2013, so that when the Feds look at me at the start of 2014, I am exempt. We will have more employees working fewer hours, with more training costs, but the Obamacare bill looks like about $800,000 a year for us, at least, and I am pretty sure the cost of more training will be less than that.

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If one wants to make a sound investment

(that is of course if the "money" doesn't stop working) invest in temp agencies, they are a gunna be a boomin! lol <=== that is no joke

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