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Village Demands Access to Rentals (Without Permission or Search Warrant)

This was a segment on the local evening news today. Just another example of our constitutional rights being dwindled away.

Here is a link to the story:


Look for the video on the left side of the page under Top News Videos titled " Landlord must get rental permit in North Bend".

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Looks like the video is gone...

no longer listed under videos, searched the site with no luck. Maybe that's a good sign?

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Fight Back

The city tried this with my 2 rentals in Westminster, CO. Bureaucrats visited my properties and sent me letters demanding access to make sure they were up to city "standards". My properties are in excellent shape, well maintained, and always rented.

My response was to ignore them and in my case, this worked just fine. The letters got increasingly demanding and my response got increasingly silent. Eventually, they give up.

Don't Buy Real Estate Without Checking First

My county did the same, here in CA. I went to the website they set up about the long list of infractions they would penalize landlords for (including the tenant's belongings in the back yard and many other private property rights). The site appeared untended, and sure enough, they had abandoned the idea of enforcing it (due to threats, I would guess), and just haven't gotten around to repealing it.

I guess that's one way to save face.

They wanted to charge $180 fee to have every rental unit inspected. I promptly decided not to rent mine out. It's just asking for trouble to let code enforcement onto ones' property. It cost my neighbor several thousand dollars prior to their dropping the idea.

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One more example of why

One more example of why people need to get involved locally :/

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This is totally criminal behaviour by the local council imo.

This should be front page and spread all over. This is one of the most repulsive things I have ever witnessed in the municipal arena.

Those council people should be sued individually and so should the municipality.

I am glad the landlords/tennants are fighting this.

Keep us posted,

ps. I understand Cincy is not one of the most desireable places to live but this still is totally unnacceptable. They should move across the river into Kentucky. It is most likely cheaper there.

I know a bit because whenever I went to Cincy, I always stayed in the hotel in Covington :)


I went through this in

I went through this in Manassas Park, VA. I made it very clear to my landlord that only he would be allowed to enter my home as outlined in the rental contract. I informed him that if anyone else attempted to enter my home without a search warrant, they would be resisted and if necessary, with force. Never heard another word about it. These bumpkin little towns will walk right over you if you let them!