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Homeschoolers Worldwide Join Forces

Experts and leaders who spoke to The New American said the home education situation around the world was mixed. “Germany and Sweden are certainly the worst among the worst,” said senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Roger Kiska, adding that certain formerly communist Eastern European governments are also trying to restrict home education to varying degrees.

“The good news is that we are fighting these cases — we have too many cases where children are being taken from their parents, parents are being put in prison, for no reason whatsoever,” the Vienna-based attorney added in an interview with TNA, saying concerned Americans could pray, donate, or write letters to officials on behalf of persecuted victims. “It’s really just a matter of time; we just have to keep on fighting.”

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I was at the GHEC

it went well, but not as many leaders as we hoped. It is hard to have a liberty minded student (although not impossible) who for 12 years spends most of his or her time in a state run institution. Although not everyone can homeschool, everyone should look for ways out of the public system as quickly as possible if you have children. As Hitler said, we don't need you, I have your kids.

homeschool = Parents in control

We saw a dangerous, sex addicted, cultural in public schools as early as the second grade. We didn't want our daughters turned into sex objects. So shaking in my boots, my husband was calm and cool, we ventured into homeschooling our eldest daughter was in fifth grade. More than ten years later... we have a story. The best part is that my attitude in the ability to raise my children had risen so much after the first year we adopted to boys, 5 and 7, now young men.

One of the few things to love about California

One of the few things to love about living in California is the freedom to homeschool in relative peace. It's a little surprising that the out of control government here doesn't stick its nose in our business much (assuming we don't take their money through charter schools), but they really don't.

Good, responsible parenting (of which homeschooling is a vital

part) would nearly fix the drug problems, pornography problems, and rising communism in America. please parents...

Christians should not be warmongers!