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Christians still being told it's the Democrats doing this to us...

Does anyone know about this former Army guy Michael Connelly of the US Justice Foundation?

Ron Paul gang, we need to CALL WVCY radio in Milwaukee, like they tell us to call Washington DC.

Take a listen to today's December 3rd broadcast regarding the fiscal cliff; and then follow the Crosstalk program weekly and look for an open line to WAKE these guys up to Dr. Paul's wisdom that BOTH parties are doing this to us, they're ALL elites destroying this country - and the fact that Christians with a BIG microphone like this, and seemingly sincere hearts, can be so ignorant as to think Republicans and Boehner are good and Democrats are the Socialists and communists.

Likewise, get some Oathkeepers to vet this Michael Connelly guy....get on his blog and teach him Ron and Judge Napolitano's view of the Constitution....

Christians are still treating this tyranny with kid gloves, even though they're seeming to sound the alarm about Obama's coming communism....the Christian Republicans did this to us too over the course of Ron Paul's career in the House!!!

We need a presence on WVCY, FoxNews radio is not going to take our phone calls....

Have a listen to today's program, and maybe some others...we're way ahead of these guys, the harvest of dumbed-down Christians is at hand!!!


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And they are right.

Because their are no Republicans in politics any more. And definitely no conservatives.

The day after the election a dear Christian friend

of mine sent me an anti-Obama e-mail with the words, "Romney could have saved America but..."

After banging my head against the table, I kindly reiterated that Romney would have been no different than Obama...I am tired of hearing myself say that - it certainly falls on deaf ears.

The meme, "Anyone but Obama" did its dasterdly deed. Ugh...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Growing up, my parents listened to this show a lot.

They still do. Crosstalk usually has some pretty good guests and a lot of the listeners are Ron Paul supporters. At least, during the primary season a lot of the callers were.

I listened to the Connelly interview and I don't really know what you're talking about. He criticized Boehner fairly thoroughly for going along with the Budget Control Act of 2011, creating the supercommittee. He seemed to be just telling it like it is regarding the recent budget proposal that Geithner put forward. Where do you find them to claim Boehner is "good?" Did YOU even listen to all of today's show?

Furthermore, at least McConnell and the Republicans are laughing at the O administration's new Keynesian budget plan rather than going along with the insanity.

by contrast...

...all the alarming rhetoric that Obama is following the path of Hitler, and the Democrats are his Reichtag is a leading unbalanced exercise; basically telling the listeners that Republican leadership and K-street pro-family lobbyists and phone calls must stop this....

Well, technically...

the Democratic Party IS following in the path of national socialism just without the ethno-fascism. If thus economy collapses, I have no doubt they would try to nationalize industry in order to "save" the country and moderate Repubs would go right along with them. Why would you be against people calling their Repiblican Congressmen and Senators and demand they do what they can to stop this?

I "romantically" want...

"values-based Christian talk radio"(especially at this level, where they back up our positions with scripture and American history) to expose big-government Republicans as just as responsible for ... Like Ron Paul has said repeatedly, "I don't suspect anything will change".

This thread is meant as an invitation to CALL VCY Crosstalk daily at 2pm CENTRAL time when they have these programs in order to help bring them to our level of understanding, and shatter their paralysis that K-street lobbying groups that suck money from unsuspecting conservatives, and give to "it is the opinion of the chair that the aye's have it" Boehner!!!

Abortion, the homosexual agenda, nor wars, nor spending has STOPPED; despite the increasing popularity of these pro-family/pro-justice groups and their budgets and Judeo-Christian World Net Daily/Fox News placebo rhetoric....

I say we reach out to their camp, not the Occupy guys! It's easy to get on their program and make quick solid points, and let their listeners know they must become delegates and help move the party in the same direction we want it to go.

The physician who was recently on, talking about Obamacare(see archived shows from just last week), gave Ron Paul a shout-out 2/3rds into the program!!! Go have a listen, call in, and help buck the perpetuation of the Democrat/Republican paradigm, talk up individuals(like Justin and others getting bounced), and tell them WE ARE the future....not lobbyists, and lawyers suing a rouge government...

Im also bugged by this..

But you will not get much love here at the DP..Alot of us have tried to break through to Christians and Jew alike..The zionist media machine is very strong..Many of us have seen the old folks in America as a waste of time((Not all older people))..The movement is going after todays youth..I remember you commented on my post about having TeaParty advertising on this site...Did you take my challenge and go sign up at TeaParty Patriots??If so,frustrated yet??The Christian Right is all messed up..I think Mr Goldwater was on to something when he warned of allowing them into the republican party..If you are truely looking for GOOD Christians,may i suggest http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/
Keep fighting on..=)

I am a Christian

and I completely agree with you. The Christian right is majorly messed up and brain dead. Even many intelligent ones I know (and I'm in particular thinking of two veterinarians who go to my church) - ZOMBIES! Pro-zionist to the point where you can't even have a reasonable conversation about foreign policy. I'm really frustrated! And then to have them act like I'm anti-Semitic because I don't go along with all the garbage that Israel does... And, yes, Chuck Baldwin is great. You probably know he was Ron Paul's endorsement in the '08 election. I check in on his website frequently just to know that I'm not alone in the evangelical world.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry