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Consensus Rand Paul 2016?

So I know many where disappointed when Rand Endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I myself was... but in the grand scheme of things, was it to gain credibility by the Republican party? As we all know how badly and cheated we where as Ron Paul supporters during the republican primary.. Physically abused, mocked, ridiculed.. I just want to say what if he didn't endorse mitt romney? Would we be ignored by the right wing media, and even the liberal media once again, would the voice of our supporters try to be silenced once again? I honestly believe so. I think he made a hard decision and sure he could have chosen to not endorse, but it would have made is run just as hard as to win as the last times.. I cant complain to much besides that fact. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, but in the eyes of many he's electable, likable, and not as ''radical'' has his father... But, i can tell you Rand images his fathers message better than anyone we do have to run, to return this country to the future we seek. A free america, once again. With Rand Paul as president, i think i could wake up free of chest pains in the morning.. And our message would be able to spread that much more, and i believe we now have the numbers to win an election. Rand Paul 2016 has my vote and support! Does he have your's?

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Republican elites "like" him

Republican elites "like" him because he is their useful idiot. Never in a million years, however, would they actually support him for the presidency. He's not reliable enough from their standpoint.

yeah well, push come to shove and democrat will vote for the

democrat nominee especially if they are Hillary or the like. Even if Rand panders to them (losing republican votes in the process) democrats will in large never vote republican....ever.

So unless they wake the freak up and realize that they need to look at the person and not the party, they'll get what they've always gotten. Dems are riding high right now. They wuv Oblahblah. They see no reason to compromise at this point. In their eyes they can't lose.

Fine. But republicans are fractured right now and licking their wounds. They are more open to alternate candidates. They are more open to try a different approach.

So in short, pandering to dems is a lost cause. They either support Rand on freedom, ending wars, legalizing pot and hemp, and auditing the Federal Reserve or they will NEVER support him.

end of story

I have more evidence that I care to have.

I live in a heavily dominated democrat area bordering 2 states. I actively campaign and speak with many people.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Its true that Rand went

Its true that Rand went all-in on being a libertarian that wins in Red States. Ron is built to win nationally, the trouble is getting out of the primary.

Ventura 2012

Proud you hit the nail on the head.

when it comes to support from progressive/Democratic support for Rand Paul. I can verify with you that he will get no support from the progressive side of this movement.

Rand is nowhere near qualified to become president and hear are the reasons why.I supported Rand for his Senate run because I thought you would be like his father and have since been very disappointed I gave him that support.

1. Rand is supposed to be a physical conservative and a civil libertarian. But when he got into the Senate he did become a physical conservative but has completely abandoned civil liberties.

2. Rand has supported NDAA,HR 357{which gives the government the right to arrest anyone that protests a politician} and has supported sanctions against Iran.while opposing GMO labeling.

3. Rand abandoned his father and threw his support to Mitt Romney.{ And I don't care what anyone has to says this was a betrayel.}

4 Rand lacks a sense of judgment because he was sure that Mitt would win.

5 Rand is the first to make sure that government austerity will come first through with extreme cuts from entitlements like Social, Security, Medicare .Medicaid.and continue the Republicans war against the poor.

6 All the while making compromises with the neocons from the right for military expansion and sanctions against Iran.

7.Rand has forgotten about auditing the Fed much less getting rid of it. His first priority is to balance the budget and he will make sure to do it, like all good Republicans off the backs of the poor.

8.Rand has no foreign-policy experience whatsoever this is a sure loser if he goes up against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As a progressive/Democrat as far as Rand goes Count me out.

As far as I'm concerned and I'm not really sure but the Republicans only have one man that could really beat the Democratic Party. And I know he's probably not very popular around here but that one man would be one man that Democrats and progressives could possibly support as a Republican.

That one man would be Gen. Colin Powell he is the only chance the Republican party has to win in 2016.

Anybody who...

Anybody who thought Romney would win should be put to sleep. How stupid can a person be to think that Romney could win?

All eight of your comments

All eight of your comments are blatant, outright lies. It's no wonder you call yourself a "Democrat, progressive."

Rand voted NO on NDAA

Senate vote not recorded for HR347. I understand that it passed through the offices, but Rand may not have been present.

I will not discredit Rand, he is a good guy and we need him.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I have not considered Powell. I remember respecting him, but do not know all of his positions. I will never speak for Ron, but I am not so sure that he would ever endorse him.

Ron speaks and writes of Justin quite often. I feel that once Ron hits the campuses, and Justin completes another term, he could be a force to be reckoned with. Justin won a second term in a heavily democrat area. If he holds to his principles, along with his voting record, I can see r3VOLution rallies behind this fine, young gentleman. Mid to older age Democrats, Libertarians, will see Ron Paul in him, and he will certainly take the youth vote, which is what we need.

As I have said, I have been passing out flyers by the reams promoting Justin, the responses from people have been warm and positive. He has not announced a run and maybe he won't, but I am sure that if enough people make it known that they will back him, he would take the run.

I have been combing other potentials. Few have fit the bill. Justin may not come to fruition in 2016. Then again, he may. My heart keeps telling me to continue with him, so I must follow this course.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Hmmm are talking about Justin as in

Justin Amish?

Powell is not an ideologue.

Which probably wouldn't be very attractive to a principled libertarian.However, he would probably be able to work with Democrats and bring integrity back to the Republican Party in some way or another.

You know he did warn Darth Vader and Junior not to invade Iraq. They did anyway. So you can trust him with foreign-policy and he would work well with Democrats. He would be the only one that could win in 2016. That's why the Republicans would never support him because the Republicans always lose always always.

The Republican party will go its way with the Whigs. They are their own self-fulfilling prophecy. More than anything the Republicans have always been there own worst enemies.

Senator Tom Davis?

Senator Tom Davis?

Senator Tom Davis?

Absolutely. Now you are on the right track :-)

But don't take my word for it. Keep your own eyes on both of their records.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Plus senators are more likely

Plus senators are more likely to become POTUS before congressmen.

Even amongst the cheating,

Ron Paul held his own. I don't recall him being a Senator.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What I was saying was that

What I was saying was that Senator Tom Davis has more of a chance at being POTUS because he is a Senator. Justin Amash is a Jr. congressmen plus still very young. Tom Davis would be a viable candidate for sure. However, Ron will only be 80 years young...I would support him again. ; )

egapele's picture

But he was a father.


Rand Paul, Rubio, Christie,

Rand Paul, Rubio, Christie, Jeb Bush, Santorum, Huckabee, Ryan?

It's not even 2013 yet and we can already see who the candidates will be in 2016.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


We need Judge Andrew Napolitano! He is a close friend of Ron and never wavers. Let Rand be VP... A Napolitano/Rand ticket is a winner!


I don't see that we have any

I don't see that we have any choice. This country is in Zero Hour. I'm supporting him.

We have to end these wars and the torture/police state/spying. No one else will even come close.

Ventura 2012


No, Rand is the stooge the big government group is dangling before the Liberty caucus hoping we will take the bate and not promote a REAL Republican.

NO, no, a billion times no. If Rand were to come out and publicly apologize for endorsing Romney, I might change my mind. Until that happens, forget about Rand and work to find a REAL Republican to run in 2016.

my two cents

I am cool on Rand but have not given up on him. It is not just that he endorsed Romney, it is how he did it and the fact that he actively campaigned for the guy. Plus the Iran sanctions plus the sort of not protective NDAA amendment. And as pro-lifer, I note his personhood bill but some politicians do that sort of thing because they know it wont pass but they can up their ratings with the pro-life organization. He is on probation.


if you focus on Rand 2016, they win

Focus on the present, rather than some dim hope in the future. Focus on the marketplace of ideas, rather than politics. Focus on improving yourself, rather than on improving Rand's chances.

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

I want 10+ Years

I'm not interested in getting behind anyone who cant show 10+ years of solid support for liberty. There are people out there who have publicly verifiable liberty credentials such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, and I would gladly jump behind any one of them (after I have a chance to look over their record)

All of these "born again" liberty candidates are wonderful as congresspeople, and senators, and state representatives, etc. But, for president, I want someone with experience, and a verifiable, long term commitment to liberty (not just lip service).

Rand may be a great guy, he might even some day have my support. But not until after 10+ years of voting history for me to review.

Gary Johnson is the name

that came up twice in the excellent posted NPR interview with Ron Paul, once in discussion, and another time from an excellent caller. In my opinion he's still the top dog. He even calls himself a Ron Paul revolutionary, ex-gov of two terms. I know he isn't perfect, but nobody is. He's sure a lot more exciting than Rand.

But in a two party system,

But in a two party system, the LP will lose. I'm a libertarian at heart and would love for the LP to be a force but its not going to happon...yet.

i didn't say anything about winning. the game is rigged but

the focus should be on on principles, spreading the libertarian message. the youth like johnson. i'm for growing the movement, not compromising with soulless politicians who cheat, lie and steal.

Well stated.

Very well stated.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Why is it so important to everyone...

to achieve a "consensus"? It's NEVER going to happen. Besides, it's an unworthy goal.

So many people here are so concerned with this consensus that they completely ignore the very principles they espouse in order to shut out a fellow liberty lover! This is getting ridiculous. You guys are TEARING THIS MOVEMENT APART.

It is ok to debate candidates, of course! But so many are taking hardline positions, and being belittling and insulting to others for taking a different position. ALL OF US support liberty candidates! All of the people who so many of you like to dump on are benefitting the movement.

The reason this movement is most likely going to die is because even though we talk about liberty -- the right to believe what you want to believe and do what you want to do -- most of you don't actually believe in it. Your beliefs are in a minority, but if you were in a majority you would do the same things the establishment has done to get where they are. You shit on other peoples' beliefs and you are unwilling to have decent conversation. You make decisions and get set in your ways and refuse to shift your viewpoint. You have no idea what liberty means.

(and this isn't directed at the OP, whose post has been largely ignored except for the title, especially the bits about how bad it is to be mocked and ignored)

Rand is NOT the solution....

I have seen Rand vote for sanctions on Iran at least twice now and I have heard him talk against sanctions on Iran?????

He has voted to give Israel a blank check for funding their military and voted to train their military??????

That should tell you why he endorsed Romney? He's a flip flopper just like Mitt who wants to get along so he can go places!

He's DEFINATELY not a man of principal like his father and is only a Paul by name. He can't be trusted.

You don't think his neocon buddies aren't watching these bloggs?????
He's not fooling anyone but those who think he has our interests at heart.....