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Consensus Rand Paul 2016?

So I know many where disappointed when Rand Endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I myself was... but in the grand scheme of things, was it to gain credibility by the Republican party? As we all know how badly and cheated we where as Ron Paul supporters during the republican primary.. Physically abused, mocked, ridiculed.. I just want to say what if he didn't endorse mitt romney? Would we be ignored by the right wing media, and even the liberal media once again, would the voice of our supporters try to be silenced once again? I honestly believe so. I think he made a hard decision and sure he could have chosen to not endorse, but it would have made is run just as hard as to win as the last times.. I cant complain to much besides that fact. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, but in the eyes of many he's electable, likable, and not as ''radical'' has his father... But, i can tell you Rand images his fathers message better than anyone we do have to run, to return this country to the future we seek. A free america, once again. With Rand Paul as president, i think i could wake up free of chest pains in the morning.. And our message would be able to spread that much more, and i believe we now have the numbers to win an election. Rand Paul 2016 has my vote and support! Does he have your's?

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I'm for Rand, I see him

I'm for Rand, I see him hitting the political field like a general. He's used the filibuster like a machete in that senate jungle and forced many a liberal lilly out of hiding in the "conservative GOP" underbrush. He picks his battles and lets the unwinnable ones go. His job from the get go is to get the GOP to show their britches and he's been doing a fairly good job of it. Now they have to answer to their constituencies why flag burning deviants get our hard earned cash. Why they vote to get Americans assassinated or permajailed on stalinesque flimsy intel or hearsay.

He's got the right idea for a doer. Pragmatism is for implementation Idealism is for indoctrination. Ron took care of the Idealism. Now its time to roll up the sleeves and get pragmatic, what will stick what will get through a dirty rotten legislature what has legs. Rand's got the right approach, lets see how far he gets.

How far he gets? You do

How far he gets? You do know, don't you, that only this week he voted for Iran sanctions and the NDAA?



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No. Judging Rand by his actions, yes. (good and bad)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

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No offense Janice...

It's voting records that count - not paraphernalia.

I am not ruling Rand completely out, but he has much to make amends with. Much.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

True, but those who would

True, but those who would like to see Rand run in 2016 need to get the word out as early and as often as possible. Just something as simple as a bumper sticker will help cement Rand in the minds of Americans. I meet too many people who have never heard of Ron Paul. I don't want to see that happen with a potential 2016 run of Rand. That's the purpose of me mentioning the "paraphernalia."

It wasn't about Rand being just like his father. He does have much to make amends for, but I still think he's worth voting for because he's more like his father than most anyone in politics and is more respected by the GOP which will help get him the much needed mainstream attention.

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Ahh, I get it.

You never responded, so you must have already made your decision to back Rand all the way.

I hope that Rand works out. Meantime, I will do whatever I can to promote ALL Liberty folks. I feel that we can't afford to lose a single one, so I want as many people as possible to know who the true Liberty-Conservatives are.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Then to be fair,

Paraphernalia needed for Justin Amash and Tom Davis. They are without any question Liberty, and people should know.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

All depends.

If Dr. Ron Paul gives him an endorsement, then I will vote for Rand.

there are somethings

i disagree with ron paul on. endorsing his son would be understandable but it would not influence my no vote.

Regardless of how you feel about Rand

He is the only candidate from our neck of the woods with any kind of credible shot at the presidency. If not Rand in 2016 you are looking at 2020. No one else is ready or in position at this point in time. GJ is DOA. Ron will not run again. Amash is not ready yet. Napolitano no. Woods no. Rockwell, ha. Tom Davis. No. Jesse Ventura HECK NO. So if you're planning on playing presidential politics in 2016 (NOW.Its happening RIGHT NOW) Rand is the only one currently suited up and position to play ball. He's the only game in town. Like it or lump it.

For those who wish to lump it, take your venom out on the real problems, not the ones doing mostly good. Leave Rand alone and fight for liberty in your own way. Rand has enough opposition as it is. He doesnt need any more from supposed friends of liberty. Don't like Rand? No need to feel it's your duty bad mouth and drag him down at every opportunity. Unless you have someone better ready and in position to replace him with you're not helping. Get someone better ready for 2020 and in the mean time leave Rand be. If he's pissing off McCain and Graham and Reid and company, more power to him. At least someone is.

it's about spreading the message

& all the folks you say no to are and have been tirelessly doing just that. you can have your dirty little game of rigged, politics ..
i'm for growing the movement and spreading the libertarian message..


Vetting is required of ALL potential candidates. As you have stated, 'fight for Liberty in your own way', but that does NOT give you the right to attempt to suppress discussion.

Pissing off mccain, graham and reid has no effect either way, they will continue with their nwo agenda. What DOES have effect is waking the masses to Liberty and apply pressure on their elected officials.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What suppression? Did you misread me?

Discussion is good. Vetting is good. Proposing solutions, good candidates and game plans are good. Criticism even sharp criticism can be very constructive. He is not his Father. We get it. I believe that fact has been well established. But it is he a bad man? Does he not still represent many of our values and positions? No I don't hold him in the same regard as his father, but the man is doing good up there.
We need more like him and even more like his father up there. I don't see the point in shooting one of our own in the foot just because he's not the best he could be. Discussion and criticism is one thing but
it seems like any time Rand's name is brought up the anti-rand choir feels the need to chime in and beat Rand to a pulp. Great grand wonderful. That accomplishes so much. Our only liberty advocate in the senate as flawed as he might be, let's take him down a few pegs. That'll teach him.

I'm not saying anyone needs to do backflips for Rand. I certainly don't. I'm just saying tone the rhetoric down or at least direct it towards those causing the problems in DC and around the world. Or should we just shout him down now and make him come home because he isnt a perfect libertarian and thought he could play the politician game and get things done? Some here I would imagine would say yes. That's fine I respect their stand on principle. What I meant by everyone will fight for liberty in their own way is that we won't always see eye on things but that doesnt mean I'm going to try to sabotage your efforts and viciously criticize you. You do your thing I'll do mine. Our efforts will all intertwine and connect at times and push this movement forward. I don't see the point in trying to drag any of us down a vicious manner. I'm just sick of all the venom and personal attacks that Rand is some kind of evil traitor neocon back stabbing apple seed being swallowed by a bird and being carried far from the tree, Paul in name only, untrustworthy principless rat fink scoundrel. That's just absurd. Has he made some poor decisions? yes? Have some of his decisions been misunderstood and actually put him in a great position to spread the message and bring lost conservatives and even liberals over to our side at least on some issues? YES! Is he crying in the wilderness in the senate and using his filibuster power to exhaustion to the point where they are now threatening to revoke that long standing instrument of blocking unjust legislation? YES! I don't know how anyone can lightly brush over the one man war he's waging in the senate on behalf and in hope of preserving at least some shred of of liberty we have left.

Rand is not perfect. In fact he sucks on some issues but dang it I'm glad he's there. I'm glad at least someone is there. I don't care if anyone doesnt like him and wishes to express why, that's fine. I just can't stand the constant petty slandering and down vote brigading that that goes on when he's mentioned. I'm still out on whether he'll have my support or vote in 2016 but I still hope the best for him and applaud his good fights. He may not be able to stop what he's up against but he is sure exposing the heck out of it. It's up to the people to see and put an end to it. It's up to us to make sure the people see and know what's going on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HQaI9...

I've been able to open a lot of people's eyes with Rand clips recently that I wasnt able to open with Ron clips. Rand is a different instrument and will reach a different audience. We have most of the Ron People now that we can find. Time to stop preaching to the choir and reach out to an even wider audience. Rand may be good for that. Use him well.

I did not misread you.

Rand is not a bad man. I like Rand. But yes, some of his record bothers me greatly.

He is propping himself up for presidency, just as others are. I personally feel that many are overly excited and believe that just because he is Ron's son, he is the answer.

I remember all too well being in the trenches. In that midst, all around me, anyonebutobama, because he was republican and not democrat. I did not yield then and I will not yield now.

If by 2016 Rand does prove himself Liberty, Freedom, I will certainly look at him. He has a tremendous amount of work to do. I wish him luck.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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He is no magical, energizing message spreader

Unlike his dear dad, Rand is no magical, energizing message spreader. A campaign wouldn't be as effective in changing minds and jazzing the college kids.

Would there be much point in winning if few regular folk or even a few other legislators hasn't changed any of their ideas? I'm not sure.

With a minimized message-spreading aspect of a campaign, I don't think I'd have the appetite to send much money.

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... And you're getting this

... And you're getting this from what? He hasn't had the opportunity to run a national campaign yet, so we have no idea how he'd do. As for his crowds, I'd say they are pretty fucking healthy given his current position... I doubt any other senator could match him.

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Just My Personal opinion

I've probably watched Rand speak on video about 100 times and I read his first book. I think he is swell, but I don't see the same caliber of message-bearer as the elder.

His dad has like 30 years more practice, reputation, etc.

If Ron decides to participate massively in Rand's campaign, then I will probably send money.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Yet his dad barely got any

Yet his dad barely got any support in the scheme of things, and Rand already has a clear higher standing in the Republican ranks to potentially pull the support of the sheep, which frankly overrules anything Ron may have done in terms of drawing crowds, because that does not get you elected.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson > Rand Paul. Nuff said.

Rand has done too many questionable things to gain my support. He's got a long road ahead of himself to win me over.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Gary Johnson did a fair

Gary Johnson did a fair amount of questionable things too. He was the best choice, so I voted for him.

2016 candidates have not even announced themselves yet, including Rand. It's far too early to throw myself wholeheartedly behind a candidate.

But I can tell you this. If the candidates look anything like they have for the last 40 years, Rand based on his record today will be by far the best candidate on the ballot for liberty.

The obvious choice. Those who

The obvious choice. Those who talk negative about this man have their own agenda and it isn't about actual liberty or freedom.

To doubt Rand is to doubt the Paul family. So far what I've seen is that the whole family is on board with the message.


i remember carol paul herself saying that father and son are two different individuals, with different ideas
and that has become more and more obvious to anyone paying attention.


I agree that there are a lot of people who are thinking illogically or have an agenda besides liberty with regard to Rand.

But your insinuation that no one should question his actions because he is a Paul is downright absurd and dumbfounding. How could you be so completely ignorant to Paul's own message?

This is just BS. I mean, you

This is just BS. I mean, you say if we question actions against liberty that we are against liberty.

Come on. Think a little at least!

I mean, who else?

Those of us who want a real shot at winning have thrown our support behind Rand long ago.

Those who want to pour their hard earnings into a campaign destined to fail in our current political system have thrown their support behind the likes of Ben Swann and Justin Amash.