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Consensus Rand Paul 2016?

So I know many where disappointed when Rand Endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I myself was... but in the grand scheme of things, was it to gain credibility by the Republican party? As we all know how badly and cheated we where as Ron Paul supporters during the republican primary.. Physically abused, mocked, ridiculed.. I just want to say what if he didn't endorse mitt romney? Would we be ignored by the right wing media, and even the liberal media once again, would the voice of our supporters try to be silenced once again? I honestly believe so. I think he made a hard decision and sure he could have chosen to not endorse, but it would have made is run just as hard as to win as the last times.. I cant complain to much besides that fact. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, but in the eyes of many he's electable, likable, and not as ''radical'' has his father... But, i can tell you Rand images his fathers message better than anyone we do have to run, to return this country to the future we seek. A free america, once again. With Rand Paul as president, i think i could wake up free of chest pains in the morning.. And our message would be able to spread that much more, and i believe we now have the numbers to win an election. Rand Paul 2016 has my vote and support! Does he have your's?

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We are still ignored.

I am just airing out my thoughts, please bare with me.

I am not on board with Rand yet, if at all. I don't know.

He has baggage. He endorsed romney, which to me is game playing and I oppose. He voted sanctions against Iran. He supported amendment to ndaa which opposes the Constitution (it left out Americans abroad, it left out non-U.S. human beings). Libertarians, democrats, who saw the light with Ron will never support Rand.

To me it is like choosing between Ron Paul and gj. Ron has said, why support something if it's for the wrong reason.

I think people are prematurely excited and propping Rand because he is Rons son and holds the same last name.

Ron speaks and endorses highly but many do not listen. Leaving Ron out of the equation, thinking for ourselves, many do not look at voting records which will reveal who is true r3VOLution, Liberty, Freedom.

We can not afford to compromise or have regrets. The momentum has peaked but can still grow stronger. Ron will be speaking at campuses, drawing the younger generation.

My heart knows who to support, but he will need the support of others. I hope that eyes open and logic prevails, or 2016 will be wasted.

Establishment doesn't care one bit about us, Ron or Rand. They will use and toss away what they no longer have use for. It is up to us to ensure that our candidate has immense r3VOLution backing. imo, and I could be wrong, Rand is not it.

As noted below, Tom Davis, I can definitely get on board with. The same goes for Justin Amash, who I am strongly promoting.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I agree!

I would support Tom Davis for president over Rand. I just don't think he would run. I think he will be running for senate.. And great comment, thank you. Tom Davis 2014!

First things First

Tom Davis for U.S. Senate 2014


I wish he would run for president as well, but i dont think so, i think he wants to replace Graham.. And THANK GOD for that! Lol Tom Davis 2014!!



We need to stop focusing on something that is far away, start with local and state level and national positions first.

And if we need someone to run for president to add energy to the movement, there's no one better than Ron Paul to be honest.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.


Local/state is absolutely imperative.

Keep in mind that it takes 4 years to run for office. Establishment is already working.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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That is one politician whose campaign I definitely plan to donate to.