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Movie Studios Ask Google to Censor Their Own Films, Facebook and Wikipedia

Torrent Freak: In what is by far the greatest DMCA mess we’ve ever witnessed, several major movie studios have seemingly asked Google to take down legitimate copies of their own films. Through an agent the studios further requested the search engine to remove their official Facebook pages and Wikipedia entries, as well as movie reviews in prominent newspapers. Has the world gone mad or…?

Ever since Google announced that it would publish the DMCA requests it receives as part of their transparency report, the number of notices being sent have shot through the roof.

While the majority of the requests are legitimate there are also occasional mistakes, often caused by automated filters. To some degree this is understandable, but the examples we present today are so off the chart that the people responsible should really reconsider their jobs.

Early November a few dozen DMCA notices were sent on behalf of several major movie studios. While this is nothing new by itself, the number of mistakes in these notices are stunning. We will discuss a few of them below.


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