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In the wake of the movie "Lincoln," there are facts not in the movie

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this should be talked about more.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

ambivalent about Lincoln--

don't regard him anymore--

may have been evil; may not have been--

I haven't been able to sort it out--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'll bet this quote never

I'll bet this quote never made it into the movie!

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Abraham Lincoln

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

for this reason (above and below) alone . . .

I can't respect Lincoln--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Lincoln loved slavery

The Corwin Amendment was an attempt to enshrine slavery into the Constitution by prohibiting any further attempts to abolish slavery.

Abraham Lincoln, in his first inaugural address, said of the Corwin Amendment:

I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution — which amendment, however, I have not seen — has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service....[H]olding such a provision to now be implied constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.

Oh, good grief. He did not

Oh, good grief. He did not love slavery, he did not like it and wanted it to be done away with. But he didn't want a war to do it, and he was willing to provide the slave states additional insurances that it would be protected.

The Jesuit Connection to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The Jesuit Connection to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln - by Kenneth M. Hoeck Nov.'99
(The complete histroy of this document is located here!

As most Americans know, Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and the 16th President of the United States (term 1861-1865). He was born in Hardin County, Kentucky and grew up in Indiana. In 1830 his family moved to Illinois, and in 1837, Abe began practicing law in Springfield. His upright moral character had earned him the nickname "Honest Abe." Abraham, an avid reader of the Scriptures who often cited Biblical passages, held no denominational alliances and developed a keen awareness of the dangers posed by the Catholic Church and its dreaded Jesuit Order.

Most Americans do not know about the Jesuit connection to the Lincoln assassination. People who were close to Lincoln, including Samuel Morse (inventor of the telegraph) and several American Ambassadors, knew of the Jesuit hatred toward him and warned him ever increasingly right up to the point of his murder. This article has been written to recover the truth of history which has been omitted and obscured from the public view by the American government, the Catholic influenced writers of history, and even publicly supressed by Lincoln himself, for reasons we will later see.

May all realize that a leopard does not change its spots...and this Romish predator just waits in the grasses for the prey to come unsuspectingly along. You may not see the danger now and when you finally is too late. The modern Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order are outwardly very docile and seemingly benevolent. They have lured society into a deep sleep. As the writers of our history books and as teachers in our schools, they have all but erased the jaded, yea wicked, past which is a testimony to their true character. It is our hope that this publication will wake some from their learned ignorance of the truth.

Much of the quoted testimony against the Jesuit order that we will present here is from Charles Chiniquy, a catholic priest, who befriended Lincoln and warned him of the Jesuit plot to take his life. We will quote heavily from Chiniquy's book entitled "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome" (available as a free download in text format by clicking here). Chiniquy gives us a reason why he wrote his book exposing the wicked deeds of the Catholic Church, a reason which should be even more pertinent to us today:

"Because modern Protestants have not only forgotten what Rome was, what she is, and what she will for ever be; the most irreconcilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ; but they consider her almost as a branch of the church whose corner stone is Christ."~ Chas. Chiniquy- Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

We echo this truth to all Protestants (if one can still rightly call them that since they really do not protest anything anymore), and to the ear of the deceived modern Catholic as well; who may not know of the true and wicked history behind the church at Rome. Many people had left Europe to escape the clutches of the Roman Church, coming to America to obtain truly free religious liberty by which to enjoy their Christian worship. This article is intended neither to "bash" Catholic laypeople nor to breed contempt or hate of any one person or group. It is strictly to inform and warn of a past historical happening involving the Jesuit Order.

We will never forget that our forefathers, the first inhabitants of the American land, were compelled to leave their native country, to come to bury themselves in unknown and far-distant wildernesses to escape your [Jesuit] tyranny and cruelty. ~Jesuitism Unvailed (Americans Warned About Jesuitism) by Claude Pirat; 1851 AD

"If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the Catholic clergy." - Lafayette.

M. Fylop-Miller, former President of the John Adams Union, wrote to Jefferson in 1816: "I am not happy about the rebirth of the Jesuits. Swarms of them will present themselves under more disguises ever taken by even a chief of the Bohemians, as printers, writers, publishers, school teachers, etc. If ever an association of people deserved eternal damnation, on this earth and in hell it is this Society of Loyola. "

Jefferson's reply: "Like you, I object to the Jesuit's reestablishment which makes light give way to darkness."

The Secret Treaty of Verona

The beginning of the nineteenth century was a time of change for the papacy of Rome. Pius VII was Pope (from 1800-23) and had issued a condemnation of bible societies as 'a most abominable invention that destroyed the very foundations of religion.' This new era of liberty and republics had diminished much of the papal power, but had nowhere near paralyzed them. They strongly hated these freedoms and continually were they set on destroying them and on regaining their former absolute power as in the time of the Inquisitions. The United States -and its President - were obstacles that had to be dealt with.

On our quest for the truth we must begin at the Treaty of Verona. The death of President Lincoln was the culmination of but one step in the attempt to carry out the Secret Treaty of Verona, of October, 1822, a pact entered into by the "high contracting parties" [Kings of Prussia, Russia, Austria, and behind the scenes, Pope Pius VII, the king of the Papal States] of the former Congress of Vienna, Austria, which had held its sessions secret, covering the whole year of 1814-15.~ The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The Secret Treaty of Verona referred to its contractors as the "Holy Alliance". The treaty was dedicated to the eradication of Europe's representative governments and the re-establishment of absolute monarchies. It also purposed to suppress the media (the press) and to use religion to "keep the nations in the state of passive obedience". The document, signed on September 26th,1822, also expressed " their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant co-operation in their views of submitting the nations."

In the Congressional Record of April 25th, 1916, U.S. Senator Robert L. Owen was questioned by members of Congress as to what the meaning of this Secret Treaty truly was. The record shows his reply to include the following statements. "This Holy Alliance having put a Bourbon prince upon the throne of France by force, then used France to supress the condition of Spain, immediately afterwards, and by this very treaty gave her a subsidy of 20,000,000 francs anually to enable her to wage war upon the people of Spain and prevent their exercise of any measure of the right of self-government. The Holy Alliance immediately did the same thing in Italy, by sending Austrian troops to Italy;...." "The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic supression of the press in Europe, by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all ideas of popular rights, and by the complete supression of popular government. The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain, and in Italy, had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American Colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South America under the successful example of the United States."

It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the European monarchies that President Monroe stated to Congress that the United States would regard it as an act of hostility if the Holy Alliance; or any European power, attempted to establish control of any American republic or to acquire any territorial rights. Maybe you will remember this decree from school, as this was known as the Monroe Doctrine. As you well know, the Catholic Church laughs in the face of that decree and became a major landholder in the U.S.A. As the Vatican brought these political powers together for the Treaty of Verona they also had other things going on. "Simultaneously with the calling of Congress of Vienna in 1814, Pope Pius VIIth restored the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) which had been abolished by Pope Clement IVth, July 21, 1773, on the grounds that it was immoral, dangerous and was a menace to the very life of the papacy. "~ The Supressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
It is interesting to notate that this Pope Clement IV, who had banned the Jesuits, was promptly poisoned for his act. The re-activation of the Jesuits was carried further through the next Pope, Leo XII (papacy from 1823-29). The Jesuit Oath

The execution of the treaty's plans was placed under the watchful eye of the Jesuits. The equality of all men taught by Christ has always been hated and feared by the Jesuits despite all their protestations of supporting Christianity. The plans laid by these men are very long range and quite detailed and have but one goal.

"It will be well for the reader to understand that the church of Rome with its sixteen centuries of intrigue, plans fifty or a hundred years ahead. The ultimate goal is to throw the lever of time back by restoring the Pope as the "universal arbiter" from whom all the rulers of the earth must receive their authority to rule, as during the Dark Ages."~ The Supressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The treaty was clearly a political extention of the Jesuits own motives involving the obliteration of all Protestant governments. We can better understand the Jesuit motives in this regard if we take a glimpse at an excerpt of their Oath.

<<"I, __________________________ now, in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael the Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that the holiness the Pope is Christ's Viceregent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed. Therefore, to the utmost of my power I shall and will defend this doctrine of his Holiness' right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran of German, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the now pretended authority and churches of England and Scotland, and branches of the same now established in Ireland and on the Continent of America and elsewhere; and all adherents in regard that they be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestants or Liberals, or obedience to any of the laws, magistrates or officers.

I do further declare that the doctrine of the churches of England and Scotland, of the Calvinists, Huguenots and others of the name Protestants or Liberals to be damnable and they themselves damned who will not forsake the same.

I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other Kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants of Liberals' doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise.>> End of Excerpt

The oath of a Catholic Priest( By John Lyons, ex-catholic priest in a tract circulated in Glenside, Pa.)

"I do declare from my heart, without mental reservation. that the Pope is Christ's vicar-general and is the true and only head of the Universal Church throughout the world, and that by virtue of the Keys of binding and loosing given to his Holiness by Jesus Christ, he has power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred Confirmation, and that they may safely be destroyed. Therefore, to the utmost of my power, I will defend this doctrine and his Holiness, rights and customs against all usurpers of the Protestant authority whatsoever, especially against the now pretended authority of the Church of England and all adherents, in regard that they may be usurped and heretical, opposing the Sacred Mother, the Church of Rome.

I do renounce and disown any alliegance as due to any Protestant king, prince, or state, or obedience to any of their inferior officers. I do further declare the doctrine of the Church of England, of the Calvinist, Huguenots, and other Protestants, to be damnable and those to be damned who will not forsake the same.

I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise, all or any of his Holiness' agents, in any place wherever I shall be, and to do my utmost to extirpate the Protestant doctrine and to destroy all their pretended power, regal or otherwise. I do further promise and declare that, notwithstanding, I may be permitted by dispensation to assume any heretical religion for the propagation of the Mother Church's interest, to keep secret and private all her agents' counsels as they entrust to me, and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing, or circumstances whatsoever, but to execute all which shall be proposed given in charge, discovered unto me by you my most Reverend Lord and Bishop."

John Wilkes Booth-Act One

At this time, we introduce you to John Booth, a popular theatre actor, who was not born a Roman Catholic but by 1860 had began to convert to that religion. In 1860, he was initiated into the Knights of the Golden Circle, a catholic lay organization. The Knights of the Golden Circle "were committed to the preservation of slavery in the lands bordering the Caribbean Sea--the so-called 'Golden Circle.' The seal of the Knights featured a cross similar to the maltese cross used by the old Knights of Malta." A book, published in 1866, called The Great Conspiracy tells us of this and quotes the following excerpts of a letter from the hand of J.W. Booth to an unknown person, quite possibly a Jesuit ally (whose return letters were only signed "Veritas" which is "Truth" in Latin ... the language of the Jesuit priests.)

Lincoln's Defense of Charles Chiniquy

The next significant series of events involve a Roman Catholic priest by the name of Charles Chiniquy. Now while it is true that such Jesuit priests play both sides, this particular man seemed, by his actions, to be a man of integrity. Chiniquy consistently roused the ire of his bishop and even of the Vatican itself by speaking out whenever church actions conflicted with the Bible.

In one such exchange, Mr. Chiniquy had called the Bishop of Chicago a usurper for improper use of church power to take the property of Catholics. Bishop O'Regan of Chicago raged "You are half a Protestant! Your words smell of Protestantism! The Gospel! the Gospel! that is your great tower of strength against the laws and regulations of our holy church! If you think, Mr. Chiniquy, that you will frighten me with your big words of the Gospel, you will soon see your mistake, at your own expense. I will make you remember that it is the Church you must obey, and it is through your bishop that the church rules you!"

"My lord," Chiniquy answered, "I want to obey the church. Yes! but it is a church founded on the Gospel; a church that respects and follows the Gospel, that I want to obey!"

It was after this episode that the bishop's agents brought around trumped up charges to frame Chiniquy. The case appeared before the Criminal Court of Kankakee (Illinois) in November 1855. Chiniquy won this round in a series of legal battles with the powers of the Bishop of Chicago. The lawyer for the prosecution was Peter Spink, who appealed the case to the Court of Urbana, in Champaign County.

The heavy-hearted Chiniquy began to leave the court building when a stranger approached him and said: "I have followed your suit from the beginning. It is more formidable than you suspect. Your prosecutor, Spink, is only an instrument in the hands of the bishop. The real prosecutor is the land shark who is at the head of the diocese, and who is destroying our holy religion by his private and public scandals. As you are the only one among his priests who dares to resist him, he is determined to get rid of you: he will spend all his treasures and use the almost irresistible influence of his position to crush you. The misfortune for you is that, when you fight a bishop, you fight all the bishops of the world. They will unite all their wealth and influence to Bishop O'Regan's to silence you, though they hate and despise him. There was no danger of any verdict against you in this part of Illinois, where you are too well known for the perjured witnesses they have brought to influence your judges. But when you are among strangers, mind what I tell you: the false oaths of your enemies may be accepted as gospel truths by the jury, and then, though innocent, you are lost. Though your two lawyers are expert men, you will want something better at Urbana. Try to secure the services of Abraham Lincoln, of Springfield. If that man defends you, you will surely come out victorious from that deadly conflict!"....."Abraham Lincoln is the best lawyer and the most honest man we have in Illinois."~ Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

After hearing this Chiniquy asked his two lawyers about this "Lincoln" and if he should seek his representation at the court in Urbana. They both answered: "Oh! if you can secure the services of Abraham Lincoln, by all means do it. We know him well; he is one of the best lawyers, and one of the most honest men we have in our State." The priest sent an immediate telegraph to Lincoln asking to procure his services and within twenty minutes he had received the telegraphed answer:

"Yes, I will defend your honour and your life at the next May term at Urbana.- "Abraham Lincoln."
n an ironic twist, a few minutes after Lincoln had sent his reply, Spink attempted to telegraph to Lincoln, asking his services at the next May term of the Court, at Urbana on the diocese side. Of course, the honorable Mr. Lincoln had already pledged his services.

Chiniquy Meets Lincoln

At Urbana, in Champaign County, on the 19th of May, 1856, Chiniquy met Abraham Lincoln for the first time and had this to say in recall of their meeting: It was then that I met Mr. Abraham Lincoln for the first time. He was a giant in stature; but I found him still more a giant in the noble qualities of his mind and heart. It was impossible to converse five minutes with him without loving him. There was such an expression of kindness and honesty in that face, and such an attractive magnetism in the man, that after a few moments' conversation one felt as tied to him by all noblest affections of the heart. When pressing my hand, he told me: "You were mistaken when you telegraphed that you were unknown to me. I know you, by reputation, as the stern opponent of the tyranny of your bishop, and the fearless protector of your countrymen in Illinois; I have heard much of you from two priests; and, last night, your lawyers, Messrs. Osgood and Paddock have acquainted me with the fact that your bishop is employing some of his tools to get rid of you. I hope it will be an easy thing to defeat his projects, and protect you against his machinations."

He then asked me how I had been induced to desire his services. I answered by giving him the story of that unknown friend who had advised me to have Mr. Abraham Lincoln for one of my lawyers, for the reason that "he was the best lawyer and the most honest man in Illinois." He smiled at my answer with that inimitable and unique smile, which we may call the "Lincoln smile," and replied: "That unknown friend would surely have been more correct had he told you that Abraham Lincoln was the ugliest lawyer of the country!" and he laughed outright.~ Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

Lincoln, in his eloquent manner, had thoroughly disarmed the testimonies of 10 false witnesses and that of two lying Catholic priests (named Lebel and Carthuval). The eleven Protestants on the jury voted unanimously "Not Guilty" but the single Catholic on that jury voted against Chiniquy. The court discharged the jury for not being able to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt ( the lone catholic had cast that shadow). Chiniquy was held prisoner for five months until the next court date of the 19th of October, 1856.

On the 20th of October, 1856 the Rev. Lebel was the first called to testify as a character witness against Chiniquy. His testimony lasted nearly an hour. He began by declaring that "Chiniquy was one of the bilest men of the day--that every kind of bad rumours were constantly circulating against him." He proceeded to tell of these numerous rumors and declared he could substantiate one as true. "Mr. Chiniquy," he perjured, "had attempted to do the most infamous things with my own sister, Madame Bossey. She herself has told me the whole story under oath, and she would be here to unmask the wicked man to-day before the world, if she were not forced to silence at home from a severe illness."

Lincoln, lawyer for the defense, supplied a strong cross-examination and brought in twelve respectable witnesses who swore under oath that Mr. Lebel was a drunkard and vicious man. They said that he was so publicly Chiniquy's enemy because of the many rebukes Chiniquy had given in regard to his private and public vices, that they would not believe a word of what he said, even upon his oath. And yet, the courtroom was buzzing over some of the false testimony that they still thought true. At ten p.m. the court was adjourned and told to meet again the next morning.

Chiniquy met Lincoln in his room and we will let him personally relate to us what occurred next : "My dear Mr. Chiniquy," said Mr. Lincoln, "though I hope, tomorrow, to destroy the testimony of Mr. Lebel against you, I must concede that I see great dangers ahead. There is not the least doubt in my mind that every word he has said is a sworn lie; by my fear is that the jury thinks differently. I am a pretty good judge in these matters. I feel that our jurymen think that you are guilty. There is only one way to perfectly destroy the power of a false witness--it is by another direct testimony against what he has said, or by showing from his very lips that he has perjured himself. I failed to do that last night, though I have diminished, to a great extent, the force of his testimony. Can you not prove an alibi, or can you not bring witnesses who were there in the same house that day, who would flatly and directly contradict what your remorseless enemy has said against you?"

I (Chiniquy) answered him: "How can I try to do such a thing when they have been shrewd enough not to fix the very date of the alleged crime against me?"

"You are correct, you are perfectly correct, Mr. Chiniquy," answered Mr. Lincoln, "as they have refused to precise the date, we cannot try that. I have never seen two such skillful rogues as those two priests. There is really a diabolical skill in the plan they have concocted for your destruction. It is evident that the bishop is at the bottom of the plot. You remember how I have forced Lebel to confess that he was now on the most friendly terms with the Bishop of Chicago, since he has become the chief of your accusers. Though I do not give up the hope of rescuing you from the hands of your enemies, I do not like to conceal from you that I have several reasons to fear that you will be declared guilty, and condemned to a heavy penalty, or to the penitentiary, though I am sure you are perfectly innocent. It is very probable that we will have to confront that sister of Lebel to-morrow. Her sickness is probably a feint, in order not to appear here except after the brother will have prepared the public mind in her favour. At all events, if she does not come, they will send some justice of the peace to get her sworn testimony, which will be more difficult to rebut than her own verbal declarations. That woman is evidently in the hands of the bishop and her brother priest, ready to swear anything they order her, and I know nothing so difficult as to refute such female testimonies, particularly when they are absent from the court. The only way to be sure of a favourable verdict to-morrow is, that God Almighty would take our part and show your innocence! Go to Him and pray, for He alone can save you." Mr. Lincoln was exceedingly solemn when he addressed those words to me, and they went very deep into my soul.

I have often been asked if Abraham Lincoln had any religion? But I never had any doubt about his profound confidence in God, since I heard those words falling from his lips in that hour of anxiety. I had not been able to conceal my deep distress. Burning tears were rolling on my cheeks when he was speaking, and there was on his face the expression of friendly sympathy which I shall never forget. Without being able to say a word, I left him to go to my little room. It was nearly eleven o'clock. I locked the door and fell on my knees to pray, but I was unable to say a single word. The horrible sworn calumnies thrown at my face by a priest of my own church were ringing in my ears! my honour and my good name so cruelly and for ever destroyed! all my friends and my dear people covered with an eternal confusion! and more than that, the sentence of condemnation which was probably to be hurled against me the next day in the presence of the whole country, whose eyes were upon me!~ Charles Chiniquy's Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

From eleven p.m. to three in the morning Charles Chiniquy cried out to God for help in sobbing prayer. His plight against so powerful a foe as the false witnesses, set up by the Chicago diocese, seemed so dark. He began to think that maybe God had forsaken him. At three in the morning, Chiniquy answered a knock upon his was Abraham Lincoln who exclaimed, "Cheer up, Mr. Chiniquy, I have the perjured priests in my hands. Their diabolical plot is all known, and if they do not fly away before dawn of day, they will surely be lynched. Bless the Lord, you are saved!"

The newspapers in Chicago were quick to print of Chiniquy's impending doom. The news that Chiniquy would be hung thrilled the Roman Catholics to no end. One of the papers was bought by a friend of Chiniquy named Terrien, whose wife, Narcisse, revealed that she delivered false testimony against the priest. She was quite ill and could not make the journey to Urbana but told her husband that another woman, Miss Philomene Moffat, was with her when the deed occurred. They rushed Miss Moffat to the courthouse right away and she related how Lebel had offered his sister 160 acres to perjure herself in testimony against Chiniquy. It was done!

Lebel, knowing he would be exposed, dropped the charges against Charles Chiniquy. Abraham Lincoln did not let the priests go unscathed during his closing statements. He fully and clearly set himself against the Jesuit powers when he forcefully said " As long as God gives me a heart to feel, a brain to think, or a hand to execute my will, I shall devote it against that power which has attempted to use the machinary of the courts to destroy the rights and character of an American citizen."

Oh please

The Jesuits have been a Jewish front since day one. Much like illuminate, freemasonry, Theosophy and the rest of that junk.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

The Rest of the Story

Lincoln Witnesses To Us About Popery

The President listened to my words with breathless attention. He replied; "You confirm me in the views I had taken of the letter of the Pope. Professor Morse is of the same mind with you. It is, indeed, the most perfidious act which could occur under present circumstances. You are perfectly correct when you say that it was to detach the Roman Catholics who had enrolled themselves in our armies. Since the publication of that letter, a great number of them have deserted their banners and turned traitors; very few, comparatively, have remained true to their oath of fidelity. It is, however, very lucky that one of those few, Sheridan, is worth a whole army by his ability, his patriotism and his heroic courage. It is true, also, that Meade has remained with us, and gained the bloody battle of Gettysburg. But how could he lose it, when he was surrounded by such heroes as Howard, Reynolds, Buford, Wadsworth, Cutler, Slocum, Sickes, Hancock, Barnes, ect. But it is evident that his Romanism superseded his patriotism after the battle. He let the army of Lee escape, when it was so easy to cut his retreat and force him to surrender, after having lost nearly the half of his soldiers in the last three days' carnage.

"When Meade was to order the pursuit, after the battle, a stranger came, in haste, to the headquarters, and that stranger was a disguised Jesuit. After a ten minutes' conversation with him, Meade made such arrangements for the pursuit of the enemy, that he escaped almost untouched, with the loss of only two guns!

"You re right," continued the President, "when you say that this letter of the Pope has entirely changed the nature and the ground of the war. Before they read it, the Roman Catholics could see that I was fighting against Jeff Davis and his Southern Confederacy. But now, they must believe that it is against Christ and His "holy vicar", the Pope, that I am raising my sacrilegious hands; we have the daily proofs that their indignation, their hatred, their malice, against me, are a hundredfold intensified. New projects of assassination are detected almost every day, accompanied with such savage circumstances, that they bring to my memory the massacre of the St. Bartholomew and the Gunpowder Plot. We feel, at their investigation, that they come from the same masters in the art of murder, the Jesuits.

"The New York riots were evidently a Romish plot from beginning to end. We have the proofs in hand that they were the work of Bishop Hughes and his emissaries. No doubt can remain in the minds of the most incredulous about the bloody attempts of Rome to destroy New York, when we know the easy way it was stopped. I wrote to Bishop Hughes, telling him that the whole country would hold him responsible for it if he would not stop it at once. He then gathered the rioters around his palace, called them his 'dear friends,' invited them to go back home peacefully, and all was finished! so Jupiter of old used to raise a storm and stop it with a nod of his head!

"From the beginning of our civil war, there has been, not a secret, but a public alliance, between the Pope of Rome and Jeff Davis, and that alliance has followed the common laws of this world affairs. The greater has led the smaller, the stronger has guided the weaker. The Pope and his Jesuits have advised, supported, and directed Jeff Davis on the land, from the first gun shot at Fort Sumter, by the rabid Roman Catholic Beauregard. They are helping him on the sea by guiding and supporting the other rabid Roman Catholic pirate, Semmes, on the ocean. And they will help the rebellion when firing their last gun to shed the blood of the last soldier of Liberty, who will fall in this fratricidal war. In my interview with Bishop Hughes, I told him, 'that every stranger who had sworn allegiance to our government by becoming a United States citizen, as himself, was liable to be shot or hung as a perjured traitor and an armed spy, as the sentence of the court-martial may direct. And he will be so shot and hanged accordingly, as there will be no exchange of such prisoners'. After I had put this flea in the ears of the Romish bishop, I requested him to go and report my words to the Pope. Seeing the dangerous position of his bishops and priests when siding with the rebels, my hope was that he would advise them, for their own interests, to become loyal and true to their allegiance and help us through the remaining part of the war. But he result has been the very contrary. The Pope has thrown away the mask, and shown himself the public partisan and the protector of the rebellion, by taking Jeff Davis by the hand, and impudently recognizing the Southern States as a legitimate government.

Now, I have the proof in hand that that very Bishop Hughes, whom I had sent to Rome that he might induce the Pope to urge the Roman Catholics of the North at least, to be true to their oath of allegiance, and whom I thanked publicly, when, under the impression that he had acted honestly, according to the promise he had given me, is the very man who advised the Pope to recognize the legitimacy of the Southern Republic, and put the whole weight of his tiara in the balance against us in favour of our enemies! Such is the perfidy of those Jesuits. Two cankers are biting the very entrails of the United States to-day: the Romish and the Mormon priests. Both are equally at work to form a people of the most abject, ignorant and fanatical slaves, who will recognize no other authority but their supreme pontiffs. Both are aiming at the destruction of our schools, to raise themselves upon our ruins. Both shelter themselves under our grand and holy principles of liberty of conscience, to destroy that very liberty of conscience, and bind the world before their heavy and ignominious yoke. The Mormon and the Jesuit priests are equally the uncompromising enemies of our constitution and our laws; but the more dangerous of the two is the Jesuits - the Romish priest, for he knows better now to conceal his hatred under the mask of friendship and public good: he is better trained to commit the most cruel and diabolical deeds for the glory of God. "Till lately, I was in favour of the unlimited liberty of conscience as our constitution gives it to the Roman Catholics. But now, it seems to me that, sooner or later, the people will be forced to put a restriction to that clause towards the Papists. Is it not an act of folly to give absolute liberty of conscience to a set of men who are publicly sworn to cut our throats the very day they have their opportunity for doing it? It is right to give the privilege of citizenship to men who are the sworn and public enemies of our constitution, our laws, our liberties, and our lives?

"The very moment that Popery assumed the right of life and death on a citizen of France, Spain, Germany, England, or the United States, it assumed to be the power, the government of France, Spain, England, Germany, and the United States. Those States then committed a suicidal act by allowing Popery to put a foot on their territory with the privilege of citizenship. The power of life and death is the supreme power, and two supreme powers cannot exist on the same territory without anarchy, riots, bloodshed, and civil wars without end. When Popery will give up the power of life and death which it proclaims on its own divine power, in all its theological books and canon laws, then, and then alone, it can be tolerated and can receive the privileges of citizenship in a free country.

"Is it not an absurdity to give to a man a thing which he is sworn to hate, curse, and destroy? And does not the Church of Rome hate, curse, and destroy liberty of conscience whenever she can do it safely? I am for liberty of conscience in its noblest, broadest, highest sense. But I cannot give liberty of conscience to the Pope and to his followers, the Papists, so long as they tell me, through all their councils, theologians, and canon laws, that their conscience orders them to burn my wife, strangle my children, and cut my throat when they find their opportunity! This does not seem to be understood by the people to-day. But sooner or later, the light of common sense will make it clear to every one that no liberty of conscience can be granted to men who are sworn to obey a Pope, who pretends to have the right to put to death those who differ from him religion.

"You are not the first to warn me against the dangers of assassination. My ambassadors in Italy, France, and England, as well as Professor Morse, have many times warned me against the plots of the murderers which they have detected in those different countries. But I see no other safeguard against those murderers but to be always ready to die, as Christ advises it. As we must all die sooner or later, it makes very little difference to me whether I die from a dagger plunged through the heart or from an inflammation of the lungs. Let me tell you that I have lately read a passage in the Old Testament which has made a profound, and, I hope, a salutary impression on me. Here is that passage." The President took his Bible, opened it at the third chapter of Deuteronomy, and read from the 22nd to the 28th verse:-

"Ye shall not fear them: for the Lord your God He shall fight for you. And I besought the Lord at that time, saying, O Lord God, Thou hast begun to shew Thy servant Thy greatness and Thy mighty hand; for what God is there, in heaven or in earth, that can do according to Thy works, and according to Thy might! I pray Thee, let me go over, and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain, and Lebanon. But the Lord was wroth with me for your sakes, and would not hear me: and the Lord said unto me, Let it suffice thee: speak no more unto Me of this matter. Get thee up into the top of Pisgah, and lift up thine eyes westward, and northward, and southward, and eastward, and behold it with thine eyes: for thou shalt not go over this Jordan."

After the President had read these words with great solemnity, he added: "My dear Father Chiniquy, let me tell you that I have read these strange and beautiful verses several times these last five or six weeks. The more I read them, the more it seems to me that God has written them for me as well as for Moses. Has He not taken me from my poor log cabin by the hand, as He did of Moses in the reeds of the Nile, to put me at the head of the greatest and the most blessed of modern nations, just as He put that prophet at the head of the most blessed nation of ancient times? Has not God granted me a privilege which was not granted to any living man, when I broke the fetters of 4,000,000 of men and made them free? Has not our God given me the most glorious victories over our enemies? Are not the armies of the Confederacy so reduced to a handful of men when compared to what they were two years ago, that the day is fast approaching when they will have to surrender?

"Now, I see the end of this terrible conflict, with the same joy of Moses, when, at the end of his trying forty years in the wilderness; and I pray my God to grant me to see the days of peace, and untold prosperity, which will follow this cruel war, as Moses asked God to see the other side of Jordan and enter the Promised Land. But do you know that I hear in my soul, as the voice of God, giving me the rebuke which was given to Moses?

"Yes! every time that my soul goes to God to ask the favour of seeing the other side of Jordan, and eating the fruits of that peace, after which I am longing with such an unspeakable desire, do you know that there is a still, but solemn voice, which tells me that I will see those things, only from a long distance, and that I will be among the dead, when the nation which God granted me to lead through those awful trials, will cross the Jordan, and dwell in that Land of Promise, where peace, industry, happiness, and liberty, will make every one happy; and why so? Because He has already given me favours which He never gave, I dare say, to any man, in these latter days.

"Why did God Almighty refuse to Moses the favour of crossing the Jordan, and entering the Promised Land? It was on account of his own nations's sins! That law of divine retribution and justice, by which one must suffer for another, is surely a terrible mystery. But it is a fact which no man who has any intelligence and knowledge can deny. Moses, who knew that law, though he probably did not understand it better than we do, calmly says to his people, 'God was wroth with me for your sakes.'

"But though we do not understand that mysterious and terrible law, we find it written in letters of tears and blood wherever we go. We do not read a single page of history, without finding undeniable traces of its existence. "Where is the mother who has not shed tears and suffered real tortures, for her children's sake? "Who is the good king, the worthy emperor, the gifted chieftain, who have not suffered unspeakable mental agonies, or even death, for their people's sake? "Is not our Christian religion the highest expression of the wisdom, mercy, and love of God! But what is Christianity if not the very incarnation of that eternal law of divine justice in our humanity?

"When I look on Moses, alone, silently dying on the Mount Pisgah, I see that law, in one of its most sublime human manifestations, and I am filled with admiration and awe. "But when I consider that law of justice, and expiation in the death of the Just, the divine Son of Mary, on the mountain of Calvary, I remain mute in my adoration. The spectacle of that crucified one which is before my eyes, is more than sublime, it is divine! Moses died for his people's sake, but Christ died for the whole world's sake! Both died to fulfill the same eternal law of the divine justice, though in a different measure.

"Now would it not be the greatest of honours and privileges bestowed upon me, if God, in His infinite love, mercy and wisdom, would put me between His faithful servant, Moses, and His eternal Son, Jesus, that I might die as they did, for my nation's sake!

"My God alone knows what I have already suffered for my dear country's sake. But my fear is that the justice of God is not yet paid. When I look upon the rivers of tears and blood drawn by the lashes of the merciless masters from the veins of the very heart of those millions of defenseless slaves, these two hundred years. When I remember the agonies, the cries, the unspeakable tortures of those unfortunate people, at which I have, to some extent, connived with so many others, a part of my life, I feel that we are still far from the complete expiation. For the judgments of God are true and righteous.

"It seems to me that the Lord wants, to-day, as He wanted in the days of Moses, another victim - a victim which he has himself chosen, anointed and prepared for the sacrifice, by raising it above the rest of His people. I cannot conceal from you that my impression is that I am that victim. So many plots have already been made against my life, that it is a real miracle that they have all failed, when we consider that the great majority of them were in the hands of skillful Roman Catholic murderers, evidently trained by Jesuits. But can we expect that God will make a perpetual miracle to save my life? I believe not. The Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood, that Henry IV. said that it was impossible to escape them, and he became their victim, though he did all that could be done to protect himself. My escape from their hands, since the letter of the Pope to Jeff Davis has sharpened a million of daggers to pierce my breast, would be more than a miracle.

"But just as the Lord heard no murmur from the lips of Moses when He told him that he had to die, before crossing the Jordan, for the sins of his people; so I hope and pray that He will hear no murmur from me when I fall for my nations's sake. "The only two favours I ask of the Lord are, first, that I may die for the sacred cause in which I am engaged, and when I am the standard bearer of the rights and liberties of my country. "The second favour I ask of God is, that my dear son, Robert, when I am gone, will be one of those who lift us that flag of Liberty which will cover my tomb, and carry it with honour and fidelity, to the end of his life, as his father did, surrounded by the millions who will be called with him to fight and die for the defense and honour of our country."

Never had I heard such sublime words: Never had I seen a human face so solemn and so prophet-like as the face of the President, when uttering these things. Every sentence had come to me as a hymn from heaven, reverberated by the echoes of the mountains of Pisgah and Calvary. I was beside myself. Bathed in tears, I tried to say something, but I could not utter a word.

Every time I met President Lincoln I wondered how such elevation of thought and such childish simplicity could be found in the same man. After my interviews with him many times, I said to myself: "How can this rail-splitter have so easily raised himself to the highest range of human thought and philosophy?"

The secret of this was, that Lincoln had spent a great part of his life at the school of Christ, and that he meditated his sublime teachings to an extent unsuspected by the world. I found in him the most perfect type of Christianity I ever met. Professedly, he was neither a strict Presbyterian, nor a Baptist, nor a Methodist; but he was the embodiment of all which is more perfect and Christian in them. His religion was the very essence of what God wants in man. It was from Christ Himself he had learned to love God and his neighbour, as it was from Christ he had learned the dignity and the value of man. "Ye are all brethren, the children of God," was his great motto.

It was from the Gospel that he had learned his principles of equality, fraternity, and liberty, as it was from the Gospel he had learned that sublime, childish simplicity which, alone, and for ever, won the admiration and affection of all those who approached him. ~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

More than once I felt as if I [Chiniquy] were in the presence of an old prophet, when listening to his views about the future destinies of the United States. In one of my last interviews with him, I was filled with an admiration which it would be difficult to express, when I heard the following views and predictions:

"It is with the Southern leaders of this civil war as with the big and small wheels of our railroad cars. Those who ignore the laws of mechanics are apt to think that the large, strong, and noisy wheels they see are the motive power, but they are mistaken. The real motive power is not seen; it is noiseless and well concealed in the dark, behind its iron walls. The motive power are the few well-concealed pails of water heated into steam, which is itself directed by the noiseless, small but unerring engineer's finger.

"The common people see and hear the big, noisy wheels of the Southern Confederacy's cars; they call they Jeff Davis, Lee, Toombs, Beauregard, Semmes, ect., and they honestly think that they are the motive power, the first cause of our troubles. But this is a mistake. The true motive power is secreted behind the thick walls of the Vatican, the colleges and schools of the Jesuits, the convents of the nuns, and the confessional boxes of Rome.

"There is a fact which is too much ignored by the American people, and with which I am acquainted only since I became President; it is that the best, the leading families of the South have received their education in great part, if not in whole, from the Jesuits and the nuns. Hence those degrading principles of slavery, pride, cruelty, which are as a second nature among so many of those people. Hence that strange want of fair play, humanity; that implacable hatred against the ideas of equality and liberty as we find them in the Gospel of Christ. You do not ignore that the first settlers of Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, South California and Missouri were Roman Catholics, and that their first teachers were Jesuits. It is true that those states have been conquered or bought by us since. But Rome had put the deadly virus of her anti-social and anti-Christian maxims into the veins of the people before they became American citizens. Unfortunately, the Jesuits and the nuns have in great part remained the teachers of those people since. They have continued in a silent, but most efficacious way, to spread their hatred against our institutions, our laws, our schools, our rights and our liberties in such a way that this terrible conflict became unavoidable between the North and the South. As I told you before, it is to Popery that we owe this terrible civil war.

"I would have laughed at the man who would have told me that before I became the President. But Professor Morse has opened my eyes on that subject. And now I see that mystery; I understand that engineering of hell which, though not seen or even suspected by the country, is putting in motion the large, heavy, and noisy wheels of the state cars of the Southern Confederacy. Our people is not yet ready to learn and believe those things, and perhaps it is not the proper time to initiate them to those dark mysteries of hell; it would throw oil on a fire which is already sufficiently destructive.

"You are almost the only one with whom I speak freely on that subject. But sooner or later the nation will know the real origin of those rivers of blood and tears, which are spreading desolation and death everywhere. And then those who have caused those desolations and disasters will be called to give an account of them.

"I do not pretend to be a prophet. But though not a prophet, I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome. It is filled with tears of blood. It will rise and increase till its flanks will be torn by a flash of lightning, followed by a fearful peal of thunder. Then a cyclone, such as the world has never seen, will pass over this country, spreading ruin and desolation from north to south. After it is over, there will be long days of peace and prosperity: for Popery, with its Jesuits and merciless Inquisition, will have been for ever swept away from our country. Neither I nor you, but our children, will see those things."~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

In some ways, Abraham Lincoln was a man after God's own heart. He knew of the evils of Popery and the wicked Jesuits but he withheld this information from the public to prevent further death from an escalated war. He also foresaw the wickedness of Rome becoming a terrible problem in the latter days.

"Undoubtedly it is the intention of the Pope to possess this country. In this intention he is aided by the Jesuits, and all the Catholic prelates and priests."*Brownson's Review, May, 1864.

John Wilkes Booth-Act Two

In March of the year 1865, Booth became an official Roman Catholic, receiving the unholy sacraments directly from Archbishop Spaulding of Baltimore. Now the timing was right for the dirty deed. Lincoln was accused, through Jesuit intrigue, to be a heretical leader, a man deserving of death. Three weeks after outwardly becoming a Roman Catholic Booth was ready to fulfill those orders.
"I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ"~Excerpt from The Jesuit Oath

"If the Holy Church so requires, let us sacrifice our own opinions, our knowledge, our intelligence, the splendid dreams of our imagination and the sublime attainments of human understanding."****Pope Gregory XVI., Encyclical, August 15th, 1832.

This lack of will or mental vacuity opens up a person, beyond demonic influence, to actual demon possession.~Truth On The Web Ministries

Lincoln's Last Days

On the 6th of April, 1865, President Lincoln was invited by General Grant to enter the captured capital of the South, Richmond. The beaten armies of Lee were forced to lay down their arms and their banners at the feet of the generals of Lincoln. After five long bloody years the war was finally over .... eight days later, the great Christian President would be shot dead by the arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

John Wilkes Booth-Act Three: The Final Scene

On the 14th of April, 1865, the President of the United States and his wife attended a performance of the humorous 'Our American Cousin'. Nothing but a tool of the Jesuits, the assassin, Booth, murdered Lincoln in Ford's Theatre, at ten o'clock p.m. during the second scene of the third act of the play. The newspapers of the time qouted Booth as uttering the latin phrase "sic temper tyrannis"["Thus always to tyrants" ... which is the Virginia State Motto ... and a fulfillment of the Jesuit Oath]. Booth lept to the stage and broke his leg (fibula) upon impact. He left town on horseback followed by another co-conspirator, David Herold.

The chase went on for nearly two weeks until calvalry officers caught up with Booth outside Port Royal. He was holed up in the barn/storagehouse of the Garrett Farm. After setting the barn afire, one of the soldiers fired a single shot to Booth's head. Booth expired in great agony on the 26th of April, twelve days after the commission of his crime.

The Conspiracy Unfurls

At the precise same time as Booth's murderous assault on Lincoln, a co-conspirator named Lewis Payne, a son of a Protestant minister, had brutally attacked Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Seward, wounding him badly. General Grant and Vice President Andy Johnson were also said to be marked for death at the exact same time.

On the evening of the 13th, a man appeared at Secretary Stanton's house where General Grant was that evening, had asked to have both General Grant and Secretary Stanton pointed out to him which was done. He did not speak to either of them, and lingered in the hall watching them and sat down on a step of the front steps until he was driven away. Grant's would-be-attacker, Irish-Catholic Michael O'Laughlin, could not accomplish his task because Grant had changed his plans at the last moment due to an ill family member. Earlier in the evening of the 14th, Booth had called at the Kirkwood House, where Vice-President Johnson was stopping, and left a card on which was written: "Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth." ( Due to this, it is not known if the Johnson attempt was just a ruse to cover up any possibility of his being implicated in the conspiracy.) Johnson's appointed assassin, professed Catholic George Atzerodt, said he became frightened and stayed home rather than perpetrate the dastardly deed. Later, among other testimony, Atzerodt's confession would expose the conspiracy further.

Payne Azerodt Herold

Payne Atzerodt Herold

A small red book, which was actually an 1864 appointment book kept as a diary, was found on the body of John Wilkes Booth on April 26, 1865. The day before he died John Wilkes Booth had written in his daily memoirs: "I can never repent, though we hated to kill. Our country owed all her troubles to him (Lincoln), and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment." Compare this with John 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
"...For six months we had worked to capture, but our cause being almost lost, something decisive and great must be done. But its failure was owing to others, who did not strike for their country with a heart. I struck boldly, and not as the papers say. I walked with a firm step through a thousand of his friends, was stopped, but pushed on. A colonel was at his side. I shouted Sic semper before I fired. In jumping broke my leg. I passed all his pickets, rode sixty miles that night with the bone of my leg tearing the flesh at every jump. I can never repent it, though we hated to kill. Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment.... "~ J.W. Booth, in his daily memoirs, April 1865

Charles Chiniquy had later cried out to an unlistening public: "And, after twenty years of constant and most difficult researches, I came fearlessly to-day before the American people, to say and prove that the President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by the priests and the Jesuits of Rome." ~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

The Conspirators

We still have historical proof in the book of the testimonies given in the trial published by Ben Pitman, and in the two volumes of the trial of John Surratt, in 1867. By the documentation of the trials, we have the legal (and irrefutable) proof that the plot of the assassins of Lincoln was fostered in the house of Mary Surratt, No. 561, H. Street, Washington City, D.C. The sworn testimonies show that this house was the common rendezvous of the priests of Washington. Several priests confessed that they were going there although could not recall how often. This house sometimes held over ten priests at a time. One of them, less on his guard, swore that he seldom passed before that house without entering; and he said he never passed less than once a week. The devoted Roman Catholic (ex-Protestant and Jesuit professor of Gonzaga College ), Louis J. Weichman, and local priests Father Wiget and Father Lahiman admit that they were living with Mrs. Surratt in the same house!

The method of operation reeks heavily of Jesuitism. - Read the history of the assassination of Admiral Coligny, Henry III. and Henry IV., and William the Taciturn, by the hired assassins of the Jesuits; compare them with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and you will find that one resembles the others exactly. You will also understand that they all come from the same source, Rome! In all those murders, you will find that the murderers, selected and trained by the Jesuits, were of the most exalted Roman Catholic piety, living in the company of priests, going to confess very often, receiving the communion the day before, if not the very day of the murder. You will see in all those horrible deeds of hell, prepared behind the dark walls of the holy inquisition, that the assassins were considering themselves as the chosen instruments of God, to save the nations by striking its tyrant; that they firmly believed that there was no sin in killing the enemy of the people of the holy church, and of the infallible Pope!~ ~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

A letter was found in Lincoln's files and used as a court exhibit. It showed that other attempts were made upon Lincoln's life by this conspiracy group and that the Jesuit methods were to be employed. The letter was dropped by Booth in a train car, and sent by an eyewitness to the President who wrote upon it 'Assassination" and filed it away on November 17th 1864. It read as follows:
Dear Louis (Weichman):

The time has come at last that we have all so, wished for, and upon you everything depends. As it was decided before you left, we were to cast lots, we accordingly did so, and you are to be the Charlotte Corday of the Nineteenth Century. When you remember the fearful solemn vow that was taken by us, you will feel there is no drawback. Abe must die, and now. You can choose your weapons, the cup, the knife, the bullet. The cup failed us once and might again. Johnson, who will give this has been like an enraged demon since the meeting, because it has not fallen to him to rid the world of a monster.......You know where to find your friends. Your disguises are so perfect and complete that without noone knew your face no police telegraphic despatch would catch you. The English gentleman Harcourt, must not act hastily. Remember, he has ten days. Strike for your home; strike for your country; bide your time, but strike sure. Get introduced, congratulate him; listen to his stories (not many more will the brute tell to earthly friends;) do anything but fail, and meet us at the appointed place within the fortnight. You will probably hear from me in Washington. Sanders is doing us no good in Canada. '

Chas. Selby (co-conspirator)



...I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus....

The letter not only reeks of the Jesuit Oath it actually admits that they tried to poison Abe once before! And it just so happens that conspirator Davy Herold was a drug clerk - proficient in the modern sorcery of pharmacy poisons. Booth also intended to use the knife (poniard) during Lincoln's second inauguration and was present but did not follow through ... he finally succeeeded with the .44 caliber leaden bullet.

Further Evidence of Religious Undertones

"I mention, as an exceptional and remarkable fact, that every conspirator, in custody, is by education a Catholic." U.S. General Baker-patriot

Some circumstantial evidence: After spending many years in a Catholic prep school and two years in a Jesuit college, John Surrat studied to be in the Roman priesthood for three years at a Jesuit monastery. After the assassanation he was confirmed to be in the military service of the Pope in Rome, which was led by the General of the Jesuits or the so-called Black Pope( at that time Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli). Weichmann was a Jesuit professor. Herold graduated from the Jesuit college at Georgetown. Samuel Mudd, the doctor who splinted Booth's broken leg was a Catholic who met Booth at a Mass. The conspirators were all part of or connected to The Knights of the Golden Circle. When he was shot, John Wilkes Booth was wearing a Catholic medallion which said in the Latin language of the priests "Agnus Dei", meaning Lamb of God, which signified the "sacrifice", the shedding of blood, which he would offer the Pope and the Catholic citizens in America. It is interesting to note that, upon Lincoln's death, numerous letters of condolence were sent to the U.S. Government from every civilized nation in the world ... except the Papal States of Rome and the Pope.
Here is an excerpt of a court affidavit of one Henri De Sainte Marie who taught at the Jesuit Gorganza College with Weichmann : " I was acquainted with Louis J. Weichman and John H. Surratt .... After some conversation we spoke of ... the assassination of President Lincoln, and these were his (Surratt's) words: 'Damn Yankees, they have killed my mother; but I have done them as much harm as I could. We have killed Lincoln, the nigger's friend. had it not been for me and that coward Weichmann, my mother would be living yet. It was fear that made him speak.' ... He says he can get money in Rome anytime. I believe he is protected by the clergy and that the murder is the result of a deep laid plot, not only against the life of President Lincoln but against the existence of the republic, as we are aware that priesthood and royalty are and always have been opposed to liberty. that such men as Surratt, Booth, Weichmann and others of their own accord planned and executed the infernal plot which resulted in the death of President Lincoln is impossible. There are others behind the curtain who have pulled the strings to make these scoundrels act..."

In 1897 Thomas M. Harris, a member of the 1865 military commission, wrote a book entitled Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln detailing the played down role of the Vatican in this murder. The great, the fatal mistake of the American Government in the prosecution of the assassins of Abraham Lincoln was to constantly keep out of sight the religious element of that terrible drama. Nothing would have been more easy, then, than to find out the complicity of the priests, who were not only coming every week and every day, but who were even living in that den of murderers. But this was carefully avoided from the beginning to the end of the trial.

Let our prime witness, Charles Chiniquy, back this up: "When, not long after the execution of the murderers, I [Chiniquy] went, incognito, to Washington to begin my investigation about its true and real authors, I was not a little surprised to see that not a single one of the Government men to whom I addressed myself, would consent to have any talk with me on that matter, except after I had given my word of honour that I would never mention their names in connection with the result of my investigation. I saw, with a profound distress, that the influence of Rome was almost supreme in Washington. I could not find a single statesman who would dare to face that nefarious influence and fight it down"

Several of the government men in whom I [Chiniquy] had more confidence, told me: "We had not the least doubt that the Jesuits were at the bottom of that great iniquity; we even feared, sometimes, that this would come out so clearly before the military tribunal, that there would be no possibility of keeping it out of the public sight. This was not through cowardice, as you think, but through a wisdom which you ought to approve, if you cannot admire it. Had we been in days of peace, we know that with a little more pressure on the witnesses, many priests would have been compromised; for Mrs. Surratt's house was their common rendezvous; it is more than probable that several of them might have been hung. But the civil war was hardly over. The Confederacy, though broken down, was still living in millions of hearts; murderers and formidable elements of discord were still seen everywhere, to which the hanging or exiling of those priests would have given a new life. Riots after riots would have accompanied and followed their execution. We thought we had had enough of blood, fires, devastations and bad feelings. We were all longing after days of peace: the country was in need of them. We concluded that the best interests of humanity was to punish only those who were publicly and visibly guilty; that the verdict might receive the approbation of all, without creating any new bad feelings. Allow us also tell you that this policy was that of our late President. For you know it well, there was nothing which that good and great man feared so much as to arm the Protestants against the Catholics, and the Catholics against the Protestants." ~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

I feel safe in stating that nowhere else can be found in one book the connected presentation of the story leading up to the death of Abraham Lincoln, which was instigated by the "Black" pope, the General of the Jesuit Order, camouflaged by the "White" pope, Pius IXth, aided and abetted and financed by other "Divine Righters" of Europe, and finally consummated by the Roman Hierarchy and their paid agents in this country and French Canada on "Good Friday" night, April 14th, 1865, at Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C.... I am convinced that if this knowledge can be given adequate distribution and placed in possession of the boys and girls of the public elementary schools, for whom it is especially designed to reach, that the wicked boast of the Jesuits and their lay agents, the Knights of Columbus, to MAKE AMERICA CATHOLIC" can never be accomplished. ~Burke McCarty - in his introduction to The Supressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

That is our story, our re-establishment of history ... before it was disguised by underhanded jesuitical powers. The reason for this goes beyond setting the record straight. This should serve to warn people that the Papal forces and motives did not end with the last Inquistition. Although the Catholic church has taken a seemingly demure stance and a quiet peaceful appearance (at least publicly) it does not mean that their goals have changed.

The Banksters hated Lincoln

Also the international bankers, the Rothchild's,(interacting very closely with the vatican) wanted Abraham Lincoln killed because of his monetary policies. Lincoln needed money to finance the Civil War and he was offered loans at high interest rates by bankers in Europe led by the Rothschilds. The Rothschild's have funded many a war since - the bankers are the only winners in such wars. Rather than accept the loans, Lincoln found other means to fund the war effort- even creating U.S. greenbacks. (More importantly, the British bankers opposed Lincoln's protectionist policies. Some Englishmen in the 1860's believed that "British free trade, industrial monopoly and human slavery travel together." Lincoln's policies after the Civil War would have destroyed the Rothschilds' commodity speculations. After the war, Lincoln planned a mild Reconstruction policy which would have enabled a resumption of agriculture production. The Rothschilds were betting the other way on high prices caused by a tough Reconstruction policy toward the South. The goal was to weaken the United States so the Rothschilds, with the leadership of the American Illuminati, could takeover its economy.

Lincoln was a racist when the

Lincoln was a racist when the Civil War started and didn't care at all about the blacks. The whole reason he started the war was to bring the Confederate states back into the Union. Lincoln had a deep passion for keeping the Union together, and those principles led him to war to bring them back. Those views are largely inspired from Andrew Jackson, who Lincoln looked up to. Jackson sparred all the time with John Calhoun during his political career to keep the South from secession.

With that said, Lincoln's racial views changed vastly during the Civil War. In the beginning Lincoln wanted the South to come back and they could keep their slaves, he just wanted his country back together. But he had an epiphany so to speak, and went from not caring about freeing the slaves to making it a goal of the war.

There's a lot of lies out there about the whole situation. But Lincoln didn't die a racist but the Civil War wasn't STARTED to free the slaves but it ENDED as a war to free the slaves. There ya go.

You may have something there

I believe there is a quote from Lincoln somewhere about meeting Frederick Douglas - a highly educated and free African-American. (I have a book with a couple of his speeches, pretty powerful). He may have indeed changed as the war went on.

And, while I am sometimes torn about Lincoln I disagree with some here that the war "was not fought over slavery".

A better way to say it:
"The South fought the Civil War over slavery, the North fought the Civil War for centralized power, slavery or not".

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

"The South fought the Civil

"The South fought the Civil War over slavery" -Mohusk

The Minnesota State Delegation fought for Ron Paul's nomination to legalize marijuana. Right?

Was there mention of slavery at Fort Sumpter?

Robert E. Lee was offered the Northern command. Did he choose to defend the South instead because he wished to prolong the institution of slavery?

Here's a paragraph from the Ron Paul of Lincoln's day, John Acton, that he wrote to Lee in 1866...
"Without presuming to decide the purely legal question, on which it seems evident to me from Madison's and Hamilton's papers that the Fathers of the Constitution were not agreed, I saw in State Rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy. The institutions of your Republic have not exercised on the old world the salutary and liberating influence which ought to have belonged to them, by reason of those defects and abuses of principle which the Confederate Constitution was expressly and wisely calculated to remedy. I believed that the example of that great Reform would have blessed all the races of mankind by establishing true freedom purged of the native dangers and disorders of Republics. Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization; and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo."

Here's a bit of Lee's reply...
"Who then is responsible for the war? Although the South would have preferred any honorable compromise to the fratricidal war which has taken place, she now accepts in good faith its constitutional results, and receives without reserve the amendment which has already been made to the constitution for the extinction of slavery. That is an event that has been long sought, though in a different way, and by none has it been more earnestly desired than by citizens of Virginia."

Great comment

Very well put! Thank you

Another book

you might be interested in is The secret relationship between blacks and Jews.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

A quote for ABE...

"My God alone knows what I have already suffered for my dear country's sake. But my fear is that the justice of God is not yet paid. When I look upon the rivers of tears and blood drawn by the lashes of the merciless masters from the veins of the very heart of those millions of defenseless slaves, these two hundred years. When I remember the agonies, the cries, the unspeakable tortures of those unfortunate people, at which I have, to some extent, connived with so many others, a part of my life, I feel that we are still far from the complete expiation. For the judgments of God are true and righteous.

I'm A Black Dude...btw

Lincoln Proclaims Liberty Throughout The Land

Many of those who approached Abraham Lincoln felt that there was a prophetic spirit in him, and that he was continually walking and acting with the thought of God in his mind, and only in view to do His will and work for His glory. Speaking of the slaves, he said one day before the members of his cabinet: "I have not decided against a proclamation of liberty to the slaves, but I hold the matter under advisement. And I can assure you that the subject is on my mind, by day and by night, more than any other. Whatever shall appear to be God's will, I will do."

A few days before that proclamation, he said, before several of his counselors: "I made a solemn vow before God that if General Lee was driven back from Pennsylvania, I would crown the result by the declaration of freedom to the slaves." ~Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- Chas. Chiniquy

Emancipation Proclamation - for some?

I read that the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to slaves not under Lincoln's control: in other words, he freed his enemies slaves, only.

Of course, most countries freed all their slaves without killing so many people.

What do you think?

It should be noted

It should be noted that "Emancipation" as a concept in no way originated with, or applies only, to the slaves of the US Civil War era. It was around a long time before slavery was an issue in the US.

Thanks for sharing....Great

Thanks for sharing....Great video
One can only wonder how talk show hosts get their jobs with so little background information and stunned shock at someone who does have knowledge ie Bill Maher

A terrible video. Let's start

A terrible video. Let's start with taking DeMint's comment about Dr. Paul out of context. He was not talking about Paul's opinion about Lincoln or the Civil War, he was talking about the general freedom philosphy of Dr. Paul.

The South seceeded for two reasons. Slavery and unfair trade practices, in specific the protective tariff for northern manufacturing that were unequally kept in the north.

It's a non-starter to try and argue for the South, because its stance on slavery was counter to natural law and everything this country is supposed to stand for. This makes our cause look stupid. It was a good thing the South was defeated.

Now, I do believe some points can be scored in the Lincoln crackdown on civil liberties debate.

In the end, there is plenty NOW to debate about rather than digging up a 160-year old item that folks really aren't educated much about. Heck, most Americans think the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, when it was the 13th amendment, as the Lincoln movie did sum up pretty well.

I think the argument boiled

I think the argument boiled down as to how Lincoln resolved that civil war was the answer to the South seceding for whatever reasons. Ron Paul made it very clear on many occasions that Lincoln could have bought the slaves for their freedom....a much less costlier option than a 4 year bloody war if you choose to think that slavery was the issue for the war. I don't think our young people realize the cold hard reality of war else they would never sign up for it...let alone allow themselves to be mercenaries as UN forces.

But this does nothing for us.

But this does nothing for us. It's an academic argument about an issue that is dead and over with. When people come on here who are looking into Dr. Paul and see this crap, some go away because it looks like we are Neo-Confederates.

Sorry to disagree but I think

Sorry to disagree but I think the issue is not "dead and over with". The impact of the civil war on the south, migration and fate of freed slaves in America, the destruction of an agrarian economy leaving vast devastation in its wake has left its mark on those states still trying to recover and find its place in Lincoln's new order.


So we shouldn't educate and talk about the facts cause it might make us look bad? Learning the truth about history is important so we don't repeat it. Many people think Ron Paul is crazy, but that doesn't stop him from speaking the truth. Truth is truth, and facts are facts, we shouldn't avoid it cause it might make us look bad.

There is plenty to argue

There is plenty to argue about NOW without going 150 years back to argue about issues that, frankly, most Americans don't know much about. Now if you want to link NDAA with radical reconstruction or put a timeline on loss of liberty and include Lincoln's abuses, that is a more useful construct.

Getting on this site with a one-sided hack video and some of the posts I've seen on here in the past that the South wasn't fighting for slavery makes us look dumb and to some as Neo-Confederates.


Ya, it was a good thing that Lincoln invaded the South and killed thousands of civilians and southern soldiers. Ya, civil liberties was Lincolns only problem. I think you need to read a little more on Lincoln before you make outrages comments.