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In the wake of the movie "Lincoln," there are facts not in the movie

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The Union Army, in specific,

The Union Army, in specific, the Sherman March to the sea and through South Carolina, should have been restrained. There were many excesses, like killing civilians, rapes and burning of public buildings and private homes.

The problem I see with this argument is people get on here and say dumb stuff, like the South wasn't fighting for slavery, when it was the top thing most of the southern states seceeded for. It makes our movement look silly.

I believe a total history of Lincoln should be taught, including his many racist comments. But we shouldn't do what the Lincoln did no wrong crowd does and not acknowledge he had an evolving opinion and favored voting rights for some African-Americans before his death and other things, which he didn't favor back then in some of the comments shown in the video.

I don't like biased history, rather it be this video or the Lincoln did no wrong crowd.

Do you find something in or

Do you find something in or about the video inaccurate?

Yes, Jim DeMint's comments in

Yes, Jim DeMint's comments in the video were taken out of context. He was commenting about Dr. Paul's libertarian philosphy and talking about how the republican party needs to be more receptible to it, not Dr. Paul's view on the Civil War and Lincoln.

As for the rest of the video, it is clearly an anti-Lincoln propaganda piece which tells one side of the story. People rightfully criticize the pro-Lincoln propaganda that sweeps under the rug his many racist comments before and during part of the war and the abuse of civil liberties, but those type of people now pull off the same thing.



powerful Lincoln video, big BUMP


Yes, Lincoln was horible

The video is great, yet hard to watch. The music with the sad imagery makes it very powerful.