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Why is the favored term of abuse by Dems for GOP "teabagger" and not "neocon"?

Ordinary Dems are obsessed with "teabaggers" as a figure of hate, when it is quite clear there are no teabaggers in positions of influence in the GOP.

The Dems never call the GOP "neocons".
Why not?

Presumably it is a result of gains made in 2010 with a Tea Party message.

But the Tea Party has been infiltrated by neocons and otherwise subsumed into the GOP Establishment.
Groups like Freedomworks have been infiltrated by the likes of Dick Armey - will anybody better replace him?
Michele Bachmann is pure neocon, but Freedomworks invited her to speak at their pre Tampa rally.

The left wing media use teabagger any chance they get. Heck they even tried to put that label on Paul Ryan who has voted for $10tn of the debt and wanted to run sky high military spending whilst running massive deficits.

Boehner is another reckless spending RINO.

The left wing media avoid the word neocon like the plague.
They can see that Obama/Clinton/Biden etc. are neocons too.

The vast majority of Independents hate neocons. 69% of voters in the last poll want to be out of Afghanistan right now.
So that is about 10% of Independents being for continuing the war and about 90% against it.

We should try and redress the balance and use the word neocon as much and whenever we can.

Get it back into the public consciousness.

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Great Observation

I suppose when a neocon is in power, they can lament neocons. When an imperial democrat is in charge, they must re-frame their insults lest they appear like hypocrites.

How about all the MSM's

How about all the MSM's talking points?

Why does every commentator say the same thing, or use the same little catch phrase in a seemingly coordinated manner.

Why does Rush/Hannity/Beck/Levin say the same things and dwell on the same topics in a seemingly coordinated way?

why does the msm seem scripted? how is it coordinated?

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that particular term has a totally alternative meaning also - that I will not mention here. But you'll find in if you look. It's quite disgusting, and I think that they use it for this reason as well.

Think: Santorum (similar situation)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Liberals call neoconservatives "moderates."

They admire them as long as they are working with progressives.

Don't care.... But, I agree.

I agree in many ways, but I don't think people care or will even understand. The sheeple think a Neoconservative is a "new" conservative, not the true meaning of "false" conservative.

The reason the media doesn't teach the sheep to use the term "Neocon" is because both parties have been taken over by their philosophy. I've heard a radio host in my area claim to be a Neoconservative - but he has no idea what it means.

The Neocons are not just people who want us to kill Afghans, those are Democrats as well. The Neocons are Trotskyite Communists and they want a single world bank, a world military, etc...

As far at the Teabaggers, there are dozens upon dozens of Teocons in the GOP establishment. Your claim that they don't exist is ridiculous.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Because the "tea" word

is a double entendre that has an element of perversion to it - like a double slam.

I HATE the word and find it sophomoric and really hitting below the belt. But, then again, isn't that normal for politics?

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I like the word, Thanks to

I like the word, Thanks to the progressive stupidization of the every day american over the course of 100 years they don't even realize that the teabagger is the power position in that perversion. When they call me a teabagger I always say "so? You're the one with the open mouth." that usually closes it.

Mimicking the media they

Mimicking the media they follow.

Good point.