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Pete Townshend: "I'm a bit of a neocon."


Now, before you shriek in horror, consider that Townsend has a very wry sense of humor. His anti-political lyrics would suggest he's otherwise. Not sure what to make of this. Any meaningful thoughts?

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"[Pete Townshend] won't get fooled again!"

He knows what's going on, like Bob Marley knew, and like Bob Dylan knows.

He's a neocon,

I watched a doc about The Who a couple of months ago and was surprised to learn he is a neocon. He didn't say he was in that film but the views he expressed were most certainly neocon. He thinks America should police the world.

Personally, I don't think he's wry- I think he's just an asshole. I like The Who but as a person I think Pete Townshend's a turd. Remember awhile back he got busted buying some child porn off the internet?
Sorry, that's as meaningful as I get when it comes to this guy :-).

Fair enough

I know that he supported Gulf War II, then had second thoughts. Too bad. His lyrics are usually anti-tyranny.