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PeopleBrowsr Given Temporary Access to Twitter’s Data

Court grants PeopleBrowsr temporary restraining order against Twitter in order to maintain full access to Twitter’s data.

Twitter has faced plenty of criticism in the past due to its relationships with partners and developers, but this is one of the first times that a partner has successfully taken action against the social media giant. PeopleBrowsr, makers of social analytics tools like Kred, has been a partner of Twitter for the past four years paying more than $1 million for unlimited access to Twitter’s data firehose. They are taking Twitter to court as they believe that Twitter is not providing an open ecosystem and are only allowing a few closely controlled partners sufficient data access to compete.

In May of 2012, Twitter reportedly told PeopleBrowsr to transition off the full Firehouse feed as they were not a strategic fit for a partnership with Twitter and their contract would end shortly thereafter. PeopleBrowsr would still be able to access a portion of the Firehose through Gnip or DataSift.

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