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"Spreading the Wealth Around"

"Obama might throw a lot of rhetoric about fighting for the middle class.

But the reality has been the opposite. America today is all about the enrichment of big banks, financial corporations and the military-industrial complex, while the working class has rotted.

The truth of Obama’s policies (and successive administrations prior to Obama) is more concentrated wealth within the financial elites and Wall Street. Banks get bailed out. Campaign donors get stimulus money. And the middle class and future generations pay for it in taxation and the Cantillon Effect.

The Obama reinflation is a rotten bubble built on rotten foundations. Trying to reinflate the economy from a starting debt ratio of over 350% of GDP through crony corporatism and helicopter drops to the rich is an absurd notion that is doomed to abject failure.

And the growing gap between the rich and the poor is steadily beginning to resemble neofeudalism."


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My Dictionary's Definition Of Wealth, Doesn't Mention Money!

Dictionary definition: Abundance of valuable material, possessions, or resources, etc. etc.

So, in order to CREATE real wealth resources of value must be created by the development of Natural resources.

I think the founders realized this when they ratified the U.S. Constitution:

Please read Article 1 sections 8-10.