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What to Do If You're In Court and Find You're About to Go to Jail

Are you FED UP with the "GOVERNMENT?"

All they are is paper. They only exist on paper. Their actions towards you in almost 99% of cases come at you in the form of some type of paperwork.

This is a paper war.

We need to have a "War on Paper."

...and your mission... if you choose to accept it. Is to beat them over the head thru the mail box...

How many of you get some type of paper in the mail that you think is for you and it claims you have some obligation to do something... and you just do it?

Do you not know that you have the right to look up every word in that notice and understand what it's asking/claiming you need to do - and respond with questions if you're not clear where it is they get their authority? We start out free. You have to start out free in your mind instead of making the presumption that you're already a slave.

This is a paper war.

If YOU work for the "government" - there must be SOME piece of paper which states that and supervisor/accomplices who are complicit in the commission of your criminal act... I'll leave it there... but put it on PAPER and MAIL it - make a record! Otherwise all of these corporations think they can push you around because you don't object to their pieces of paper.

You have to start out... FREE. I give you my latest imaginary rant at the next proverbial "judge":

"The court will take notice that I am not present voluntarily.

When can I expect an answer to the correspondence I addressed to the court complete with understandable answers? Would you like a statement of fact and conclusions of law for your perusal? I'm equally fine with writing up a judgement for the clerk's signature and this court need not handle this matter again.

Which word in this correspondence here refers to me where the law is concerned?

Does the government have non-government witnesses prepared to testify as to the veracity of the claims of whoever brought me before you your honor? I would like a speedy trial. Please present my accuser immediately as well as an injured party to be questioned.

Fair enough your honor?"

"Alright... well is this just a court of thuggery? If so I would appreciate at the very least pencils, pens, envelopes, some stamps and paper - and access to the nearest law database complete with Bovier's 1914 and Black's law 5th.

"This is supposed to be a fair trial isn't that correct? Well I'll require at least the preceeding information otherwise I'll be quite satisfied with an internet connection!"

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