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4 months out from transitioning out of the ARMY.

Hey everybody!

So I've been sitting in a class learning about networking to find jobs and how the best way for people to attain jobs is to talk to total strangers and get known! I figured i'd go out on a limb and ask you all for some advice, help, suggestions, contacts, whatever helps me get from where I am now to where I need to be in about 5 months and how incredible is it to be able to connect with people through The Daily Paul.

Here is my situation,

I'm in the process of transitioning out of the military and am serving out my last few months of active duty, I stop working in February but my contract actually ends on April 6th, 2013. I've been building my resume and network base and am currently in the IT field. I have 4 years of satellite communications operator/ maintainer experience specializing in special operations systems. I am detail oriented, have great work ethic, hold safety in high regard, highly motivated, physically fit, creative and energetic.

I am open to all opportunities so more the merrier!!

What are the opportunities that you might know?

Who do you know that I could get in contact with?

Do you have any advice, maybe personal experience from being in the same situation? What did you do, what might I not know that I need to know?

Anything from you would help. Thank you so much in advance for any information you all send my way, I am truly grateful.

Liberty and Love,

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Dish Network pays

about $30/hr according to the guy I met who just tranferred from WA to SC for that company.


Get an engineering degree if you have the apptitude.

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My advice is to take advantage of the GI Bill. Get with a counselor at a college you'd like to atend and see if you can get in by the fall semester. They are usually good at working with vets. The GI Bill pays BAH so it will support you while you study. Enjoy the college life, and make sure to pick a good major like computer science. Then aggressively pursue paid internships in the summers. If you get a couple internships under your belt by graduation you will have a solid resume, with military experience, internships and a degree. The internships will allow you to network and you'll have good shot at a high-paying job by the time you graduate. If you stay in the Guard or Reserves while you are in school, they will pay tuition assistance on top of your GI Bill and you'll get drill pay for you one weekend a month. My two cents.

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Almost forgot! I live in

Almost forgot! I live in Washington.