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Ron Paul On NPR Radio's 'Talk of the Nation'

Listen - Ron Paul starts around 18:00, before that is Joe Lieberman!


Thanks to DPer nctotx for the link.

I am sorry if this is a double post. I am driving in my car.

I just heard the host announce. Coming up this hour.

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23 Years of Service

After 23 years of service, the interviewer closes the interview with, "Thank you for your time. You've always been... accessible to us." Are you effing kidding me? The greatest champion of liberty and Constitutional government in our lifetimes and that's the best he can do? Pathetic!

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You are completely right. Dr.

You are completely right. Dr. Paul gave a great interview and it was as if the interviewers could not wait to change the subject.

This is another example of the subtle actions that the media engage in everyday whenever Dr. Paul speaks truth. I'm sure someone on the DP has said this before, but Dr. Paul is to the media like garlic is to a vampire.

It's revolution...

Some here have said that the term "revolution" is offensive and should be dropped. Others have told me that Dr. Paul is not a good speaker/spokesman and turns people off.

I note that he continues to use the term revolution, and I think it's right on the money. It's not that there's a reason to be offended by it. It is what is needed. We just haven't accomplished it yet.

In fact, this is a good point: We haven't been very effective yet at much of anything, except getting a few people to start thinking.

My message (and I think Dr. Paul's): This is indeed a revolution which can lead to real change, but it is just starting. Don't give up.

good job

nice interview. Kucinich had a good interview on their show on Nov. 21st too. Many of you would appreciate his thoughts on our interventionist history. I think in the future it will be the ideas of the two of Kucinich and Paul that the Country will be fighting over. Libertarian vs Green.... although not necessarily under those Party names.

It starts at 11:58

Good interview...

Except for the parts where the callers talked about voting for Gary Johnson. That made me cringe. Other than that, good interview. Thank you.

Calling Liebermann a moderate is like calling

Eisenhower a Nazi. Liebermann's idea of moderation is Republicans and Dems come together to raise people's taxes, increase govt spending, invest in private industry, support GSE's, start more foreign wars, regulate the Internet, and spy on naughty Americans. As long as our population remains full of dumbed-down zombies like that caller from Sacremento who are too intellectually lazy to form a position on the issues and instead just want the elected officials to all get along, we're gonna continue to get screwed!

Well said!

Well said!

Lieberman sounds exactly like

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

That was a wonderful interview by the good doc!

He is such an amazing ambassador for the message of liberty it brings teats to my eyes!

If I were a liberal statist and happened to come across this interview.... My ears would perk up, my statist brain would malfunction... I would unwittingly ingest the red pill which would forever change my life.

This is what Ron Paul does.... He changes hearts and minds with the moral clarity of his divine message.

That's why he will always be my hero.

Thank you Dr. Paul

What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose; the right to create for
yourself the alternative of choice. Without the responsibility and exercise
of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.
-- Archibald Macleish

He is such an amazing ambassador for the message of liberty...

it brings 'teats' to my eyes!

is that really a typo?


Lieberman is saying we need

Lieberman is saying we need moderates. His reasoning is that it would be wise too if you want to take a part in the governing process.

That is code for if you want power. The problem is the politicians who are in it for the power. The point of governing is not to rule people, but to protect their citizens life, liberty, and property.

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Well said - going even further....

McCain & Co started blatantly courting [whoring themselves to] the illegals' votes well before the nails were hammered shut on Romney's chances on Election Day - it was early that afternoon! You all look up what McCain was quoted saying on the early afternoon of Election Day.

That's the new plan of the GOP - court the illegals to solidify the base. Say what?

The "plight" of the Mexican immigrants seeking jobs will be the new reason why we must end all the evil in the world. The USA must NOT let the world pee on the Mexicans! Or else!!

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Beauty. Dr. Paul gave a great

Beauty. Dr. Paul gave a great interview. It was interesting to hear him teach the interviewers (and NPR listeners) about succession. Thanks for posting!

Good Interview

Thank you, Ron Paul and those supporters who had called in.

Good stuff

NPR is usually a status quo propagator when it comes to politics.

A++ for Ron Paul

F-- for NPR and the shill talking heads.

If you need to look for a leader, look in the mirror. I do not want you to be my leader and I do not want to lead you. Sovereign.


The audio through the link got cut off at secession

Right when the talk of the peitions to sucede was brought up the audio ends - do you all get the same?


you should try again

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Ron Paul's segment starts from 17:49 / 34:46 of


Otherwise you will be with Joe Liberman for over 17 min ;-)

thank u

I've been busy all day. Heard it while driving and ran to post it. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Link Please

Bumping while we wait for link.

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Please post the link

when available.

Thank you.

Michael with an ~ael

He's the man.

on air now


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Coming up next

Coming up next

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul