Four Titanics and One Iceberg - Ron Paul?

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Yeah, it's a little "biased"...

That's probably true, and it's important to note which media sources are too against or too "for" RP. Not that they don't help... they're good models of what the msm might be doing down the road. Still, it looks like msnbc, wsj and others are not far behind... so maybe usadaily is just a few steps ahead of the curve!

Nice Article, But...

This is great and all, but USA Daily is about as unbiased a source as FMNN or Gambling 911. I'd like to see more articles like this in high-volume periodicals.

Titanics! Heh heh heh

Great article!

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Jane you are too with all your efforts.



USA Daily article.

Good article, thanks for the link!

I think after the next national debate you will really see RP's support take off. This article is very telling.

More folks are hearing about Paul, but in negative context. Like he's the wacko that wants to___________(fill in the blank). He is misunderstood by many, but his day is coming!

Now we need a good comic

Now we need a good comic illustration to go with that!

wow great article

thats a huge uplift for our campaign! we need to win new hampshire big time! we can do this! new hampshire loves ron paul! i love it!

Don't you just love New Hampshire?

"New Hampshire loves Ron Paul"... I just got home from our Ron Paul meetup meeting tonight where we talked about this very topic. We all had nothing but praise and admiration for New Hampshire's support of Ron Paul this weekend.