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Royal Family Releases Kate Middleton Ultrasound Image

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David Icke

may have been right. LOL

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It have horns.

I knew this wasn't real from the title

It's simply inconceivable that the royal famly would do an ultrasound of their unborn heir.

Ultrasounds are harmful to fetuses. And the royls are known for their deep love for children and all unborn life.

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The Onion is satire

I think everyone else knew that.

Ah thanks Onion. I was

Ah thanks Onion. I was expecting the ultra-sound to have a baby holding a wad of money or some other royal paraphernalia but this will do.

Southern Agrarian

The media induced Smokescreen is getting

thicker by the minute.
What's REALLY going on?

9 month long smokescreen

Iran is probably shaking in their boots right about now. The US has 9 months to do whatever it wants around the world while the media is focused on some girl in Great Britain...