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Revolution Pac to form a committee to draft Judge Napolitano for 2016

Next week, Revolution PAC will announce the formation of a committee to draft Napolitano—the person Ron Paul said he would choose as his running mate—to pick up Ron Paul’s mantle and run as a Republican in 2016 for President of the United States. The Committee will launch its Draft-The-Judge Campaign with a nation-wide petition drive gathering signatures to demonstrate a groundswell of support for Judge Napolitano’s candidacy.

There is no other person in the country as respected and popular within the Liberty Movement as Andrew Napolitano, a former jurist, constitutional scholar, New York Times best-selling author and TV celebrity. There is no other person in the Movement with the gravitas and name recognition outside the Movement that Napolitano possesses or who is as capable of reaching outside the confines of the Movement to inspire and capture the hearts and minds of Americans from every corner of life. There is no other person in or out of the Liberty Movement more articulate than Napolitano to carry forward the campaign for liberty with a revolutionary spirit as Ron Paul admonishes.


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