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I have suggested this a couple of times.

In case you have missed it, I will repeat:

Gun sales are through the roof. Where else will you find thousands of gun-toting Republicans in one single place, than gun shows.

Print and distribute at gun shows. It beats door to door, costly ads and blogs that few people read.

You can do this sitting in a chair. I know, because this is what I have been doing :-)

Some of the gun shows have a Campaign for Liberty table, some do not. It doesn't matter either way as long as you have something to hand out.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Great Idea ProudAmerican

I like it,and will use it =)
I was also thinking the VFW

Awesome, I will do the same.

VFW, prepare for r3VOLution!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ill rest fine at night when

The entire Rothchild family, along with their associates all hang on live international TV

How about these

1. Do you know what a party central committee is?
2. Do you know who the committee members are that represent you in your district?
3. Have you heard of Ron Paul?
4. Do you know what the Federal Reserve Bank is, how it works?

Good ones..

I like it Granger..My idea is to post the signs on anything that glue and paper will stick to((No private property)).Im not sure how to explain it..But have you ever seen construction sites with those temporary wooden walls..People will come along and Paste paper advertisments for movies, bands and such..You know what I mean??I was thinking of making flier type 2'x2' or whatever signs and pasteing them everywhere..If we could get groups of 10 or more in several states((Or all 50 states))we could cover some good ground..The Paul crowd used the meetup groups with good success..We could use them for this in our own areas..What do you think..Im willing to work with others in my area of So Cal..

TY, however;

It's private property, with permission, where you want to plant signs. When you have permission on private property, you get some protection for those signs.. My first rEVOLution banner stayed up for 4 1/2 months because the sheriff gave me permission to plant the banner on the crossroads of HWYs 1 and 20.

I ask permission to plant all signs, and some signs I gave to people who said they would plant them, still have them up. We still have a Ron Paul billboard up in Ukiah.

Also, when you ask permission from a land owner or property manager, you are taking the opportunity to educate someone in your community that has some resources.. you might find they have the resources and interest to help you with obtaining better material than paper.

All this said, to be honest, I think there are a few places to promote Ron Paul's message to consider, usually there is space to be purchased inexpensively in a Church programs, event sponsersips, and computer ads"..

I also think, part of the problem we have, because of MSM programming, when people see issues "on the street", it does not so much educate them as make them reject the message, because "on the street", is "protest", and people fear protesting government they are dependent on. So this is why I think it's time we moved off the street and began promoting the message in a more established way.


I think it's a great idea - my new question to friends is

Do you know what fractional reserve banking is? Not a single person has known, so far. Then I show them Foster Gamble's youtube video which is short and easy to understand - people are shocked. It would be nice to have a nicely designed brochure for distribution by groups.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix




this would help. But what we really need is a media network than can rival the MSM.

Step A before looking into step B

This would help,end it there...We do not need a MSM network...Main stream is CORRUPTION..We need and want grassroots,freemarket ideas and PEOPLE POWER!!!


the overwelming majority of people still get most of their news from the MSM...both on the left and the right.

Fortunately Im trying to change that =)

I could use all positive help and ideas..Wet blankets are for kids that pee there beds..=)

Downvoting people and calling them "wet blankets"

isn't really helping you here.

Also, it's "their", not "there."



True, sad to say.

Every time I start to wake people up, they go watch/read MSM news and it undoes everything. One step forward, two steps backwards.